Freedom is never free. Let us salute all those who fought for our freedom and to those who fight for us day and night at the borders to keep us safe. Let us not take their sacrifices for granted and always work towards a better India.

No nation is perfect, it needs to be made perfect.This Independence Day take a pledge to contribute towards the perfection of your country.

An ode to Mother India with this original Vande Mataram song on 75th anniversary of Indian Independence. Let there be Justice,Liberty Equality and Fraternity.

I – Day is also an occasion to reaffirm commitment to work n strive for country’s betterment n for uplifting the people living in poverty or in disadvantageous conditions. Let us make an India of cheerful faces, who are all equal partners in progress.

Let’s celebrate the Idea of India, cherish her might & beauty, and take pride in her glorious 75 years of freedom.

Salutations to all freedom fighters who got us independence by sacrificing their own lives.. A special thanks to Bhagat Singh who was the first to demand “Puran Swarajya” & pranams to SubhasChandra Bose who got us the final Independence!

From the world’s oldest democracy to the world’s largest democracy: Happy Independence Day,

It’s a miracle and a great example to the world to have a thriving democracy that includes so many languages, faiths, and cultures, especially after centuries of colonial divide-and-rule. To non-democratic countries around the world: If #India can do it, what’s your excuse?

Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.’
Let’s keep the independent spirit of our nation alive as we march into the 75th year as a free country.

Freedom is one of the most expensive commodities.
No amount of money will be enough to buy freedom.
It is the result of sacrifices and struggles of many brave.
Let us reverence them today and always by fighting and defending the welfare of this country.

Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute, #FeelTheNation and be proud to be a part of a Country with thousands of different traditions.. Celebrating every Indian from all parts of India.

India wasn’t born in 1947, it was unshackled from a colonial rule. Bharat is a civilizational nation, one of the oldest living civilization. Biggest task ahead is decolonization of minds.

We have the potential, we have the intellect, we have the capability, and the world is looking up to us to show the way in many ways.

India and Indians breathe & enjoy our glorious cultural diversity. Many languages, many festivals,but a single celebration.Let India awake to the creation of a Shreshtha Bharat this Independence Day. The force of a strong, united India is Ek Bharat Sheaths Bharat.

India’s future is in the hands of this generation. Let’s strive to create a law-abiding Nation that values and respects all life in equal measure.

Wishing you all a very happy 75th Independence Day of India

Bharat Mata ki Jay

Jay Hind.

Happy 75th Independence Day Mother India 🇮🇳

Indian tradition and dharma has always adored and worshipped the Motherland as superior to all Gods and Goddesses and the Heaven.

Adoration and worship of Bharat Mata, our Janmabhoomi, Punyabhoomi, Karmabhoomi, and Moksha Bhoomi, is the hallmark of Hindu Dharma.

The Vedas and Puranas proclaim the glory and greatness of our Motherland. In Ramayana there is a sloka uttered by Sri Rama.

जननी जन्मभूमिश्- च स्वर्गादपि- गरीयसी

Janani Janma-bhoomi-scha Swargadapi Gariyasi

The meaning of the above sloka is Mother and Motherland are greater than heavens. Nothing can be holier to us than this land.

Every particle of dust, everything living or nonliving, every stock and stone, tree and rivulet of this land is holy to us.

On Independence day, I look briefly at how some of the current states came into being. Some of them I had not even heard before. This is now India looked before partition.

° The United Province eventually became Uttar Pradesh. Apparently, “uttar” was not just “north” but also was “answer.” Some early word play. But given their way, they wanted to be called Aryavartha. Failing which they wanted “Hind” or even “Hindustan.”

° The centre had to put its foot down. Ambedkar made some changes and Pant had to promise not to continue with pompous names. They still think they are India, don’t they? 🙂

° Rajasthan started as Rajputana with 22 princely states.It look 7 different stages for modern Rajasthan to emerge. The changes were initially happening on a daily basis! It all started with the United States of Matsya …

° Not be left behind, a week later, a few others got together and created Rajasthan Union. Less than a month, we had an M&A 🙂 The combined entity was called United States for Rajasthan. The United States had such an influence on naming!

° It continued to evolve rapidly. This time the big princely states agreeing to join; in particular Jaipur. Finally, in the 1956 reorganisation of states, it settled to its present confines.

° Madhya Pradesh was initially Central Province and Berar with Nagpur(!) as capital. It quickly became MP while there was a separate Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh and Bhopal. Yes, Bhopal was a separate state for some time. In 1956, Nagpur (the capital!) went to Bombay State.

° A state losing its capital is astonishing and this is what linguistic division did. For this we have to thank the Andhra but then as it turned out, they couldn’t stay in one piece. Maybe linguistic was not the right way to reorganise.

° Which brings us to Bombay State. Which was one long state, containing parts of what is now Gujarat and Karnataka. In 1956, it picked up Saurashtra and Kutch. Someone actually thought this was *one* linguistic entity!

° Bombay was meant to be a bilingual state. But it didn’t last long. In 1960, Bombay State bifurcated into Maharashtra and Gujarat. There was even an attempt to make the city of Bombay into an union territory. More than a 100 people died in all this struggle

° Down south, Madras presidency became Madras. It managed to be on both sides of the peninsula! Whenever I look at this map, I am surprised at how it encircled Mysore to reach out to Mangalore (and Calicut).

° Madras was not just bilingual but had all four big dravidian languages. In 1956 it shrunk giving up portions of itself to Andhra, Karnataka and Kerala. In 1969 it was renamed for what it was: Tamil Nadu.

° Interestingly, Andhra wanted Madras city as part of Andhra Pradesh! Why not? Given what was happening with Nagpur and Bombay etc.

° Among the 500 odd princely states, the British had 5 residencies (diplomats etc) in India; three of them were in the south. Mysore grew into a superset by taking parts of Madras and Hyderabad. And it was eventually renamed Karnataka in 1973.

° Travancore grew into Kerala. And Hyderabad split into pieces that became part of Maharashtra, Karnataka and of course Andhra Pradesh. All this in 1956.

° When Andhra split recently, it was essentially the old divide; the regions from Madras Presidency and the regions from Nizam’s Hyderabad. The old fault lines, they don’t go away … Wouldn’t Nagpur want to be a capital again?

° In the east, Assam was of course big. Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland were all carved out of Assam. Many (like Mizoram and Meghalaya) started at union territories and later became states, some as recent as 87.

° At independence, India had an hierarchy of states: Part A t D. Many states have been split, and new states have been stitched together. It is a dynamic process. It will continue.

° There is even a list of “aspiring” states. If you look at this map, you will find the old boundaries and divides. The old yearnings. They don’t go away. They fade for sometime and then they come back …

° Haryana came from splitting Punjab in 1966. Three states I haven’t spoken about are Punjab, J&K, and West Bengal. The reasons should be obvious. And then Goa, Pondicherry, and Sikkim. More recently, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand.

° The states of India will continue to evolve along with its people. It has been along journey.

Let me stop here and wish you all a very Happy 75th Independence Day!

75th Independence Day Mother India 🇮🇳

This is 75 years after Independence. This great civilization, which went through throes of various invasions and occupations, after much struggle and sacrifice, we attained our Independence 75 years ago. Many remarkable things have been done in these 75 years, but still, there are many things that we need to settle in our country. Well, our space research institutes have done phenomenal work; our business institutions have done wonderful things; our education systems have grown, infrastructure has grown, Indian people have gone all over the world and achieved many things and found success in various dimensions of life. But at the same time, some of the things that are really eating into the vitals of this nation are something that every citizen in this country should take interest in and sort them out in whichever way they can.

As India turns 75, what is the rising global power’s vision for the world?

India has the opportunity to put in place a new framework for its own security and growth, and that of developing countries around the world.

India, on the other hand has “emerged as a bridge between the many extremes of the world”, as former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh once remarked. India’s plural and composite culture, he said, was “living proof of the possibility of a confluence of civilizations”. The global 2030 development agenda, for the most part, may as well be a story of India’s domestic economic transformation and of its defence of diversity and democracy.

For the first time since the end of the Second World War, a nation state that is wary of hegemonic tendencies and identifies itself with the equitable governance of the global commons is in a position to shape the international order. India is home to one-sixth of the global population and has sustained a unique democratic ethos and a foreign policy that is defined not only by national interest but also by solidarity with the developing world.

As a leading power, India must look beyond raw indexes of economic, political and military might, and craft a consensus that is consistent with its ancient and historic view of the world.


6 YEARS ❤️😘😍🙊🙈👻😉

6 YEARS 👩‍❤️‍👨♥️😍🙊🔥😘

Dear All,
I am very happy to inform all of you that I am completing 6 years my sixth anniversary, with almost 300 blog posts with 1670 followers on this most awesome platform.

My story with wordpress is one of respectful reciprocation, warm human amity, fruitful cultural and intellectual exchange, endearing buoyancy, passionate literary embellishment and endowment, let alone friendship furtherance and beefing up!

I am posting like this after ages, I know.
I have toiled like anything for poetry blog of mine. I have written god knows n number of poetries by now.

Thank you for your immense love, blessings and support.
I shall appreciate you all always. You all have made my writing journey exciting, thrilling and memorable for me.

I cheekily offer my blood and toiling at your feet dear readers for embracing my scribes without any perspicasity.
At times, certain hypotheses may not have generated adequately for all formats of the cerebellum. The world is after all, made up of different catagories that languish every so often.
But whether it intersected with all cadgetry or not, my efforts each came from deep within the veins that desired to leave each reader nothing but genuinely mazed.
And you the readers provided that manifesto with obfuscation which I have embraced and will continue to embrace.

Application of above blessings and enriched selflessness will surely drive away all the malicious vibrant realms of the mind. The brilliant sparks of righteousness and humanity devoid of all barriers will come into existence.


Looking into her eyes
Her eyes her eyes
I drown in her deep pools of blue that shine brighter than a thousand suns
Blinding me by her immense radiance
Immediately my living hell turns into paradise
The fire in her eyes full of a sought after passion by all mankind
Here I am caught in her mesmerizing glance
An everlasting glance
Everything vanishes except for this divine apparition
That imprisons me and frees me at the same time
The sight of her beauty
Stirring passions juices
A taste of eternity
My heart thumping rapidly in my chest

Every cell in my body dances with pleasure

This Goddess that walked into my life
Her eyes her eyes
They were on fire and yet soft is her gaze
Sets my body ablaze
I knew in an instant I would allow her to burn all my desires
Melting away my yesterdays and tomorrow’s
Except my desire for this, this tall slender elegant sexual Goddess
standing before me
This divine feminine
I would bow to I would honor
For eternity
I was under her spell
She could tell
Her full lucious lips moist like the morning dew
Temptingly partially apart

I wanted to place my mouth upon

The sight of her luscious
curvaceous breasts peering out from her ravaging low cut elegant red velvet dress
Weakens my entire body
And yet I never felt so alive
By this stunning beauty
This Goddess of Heaven
Sent from Heaven itself
Her well defined waist I wanted to hold
To pull her close
To feel her against me
To touch her
Everything vanished except my desire to caress this delicate
creature with the inner strength of a raging lion
I wanted her more than I’ve wanted anyone more than anything
The love she awakened in me
I would embrace forever

Our lips meet

Softly softly
Full on
My love for this Goddess deeper than an ocean
I wanted to make her mine
An impossible dream
However, I still dreamed
Our love stripped us bare
Standing in our nakedness
We wanted to share
In an intimacy so rare
Pleasuring each other
In nights candle light
Swimming in loves sweetness
A union of infinite delight.

My Moon Goddess: The Mirage of Heaven ❤😍😘

How beautifully deceitful is the moon?
Alluring us & bringing with tales of eternal romance in one moment
Only to break our hearts in the next moment
Shining a light to make my lover’s breasts more attractive,
Only to take them away! Such contradictory tales that warm & anger the soul:

The Moon of my life.
The Moon came to the night’s celebration dressed as a bride
I don’t know if beauty is absolute or relative but a goddess I love is always the most beautiful woman in the entire universe. Power of my goddess lies in her gentle touch, her breath, her smile, her essence, her whole femininity.
A lotus is beautiful even if it is in the midst of muck; the blemish on the moon, despite its darkness, only highlights the moon’s lustre; her simple bark attire only enhances the loveliness of this maiden.Indeed, what will not serve as a decoration for something that is intrinsically beautiful?

The moon
Bringing me in the arms
Of a newlywed bride
Just a bit wavy
Drops of Ganga
dripping from the hair
Binding vermilion shining
like saffron
With a mix of a blush
that is unique to her cheeks

The moon
Bringing forth salacious vampires
Bloodthirsty for her flesh
Swelling pale necks with milk-white teeth up & down
Ready to “pounce”
To spice up lush
Like rose-colored flesh

The moon
Showering such hypnotic moonlight
That all famish is gone
No matter how lavish the meal
Shunned by the stomach
Imprisoned in the refrigerator
Next to the dark chocolate
Blushing like the reddest cherry

The moon
Lying under the dirty covers
Null at its best
In between the virgin destinies of soft palms
Fallen deep in depths
Not unlike the nightly dose
Of the blue tablet

The moon
Reminding me of the isolation
Producing roar-like screams
The naked walls…one more ugly reminder
Full of anguish
Pouring out en masse
Now in the form
of tears of blood
The increment of those found
In a newborn baby

The moon
Bringing forth the darkness of agony
Waterfall tears to drench the sand
Taking the ever restless turns
Rolling in the eternal screams of anxiety
Breaking piece by piece

The moon
Now also targeting
The depressed angel
Soaring in isolation with a broken wing
Barely hanging on
Burned by with the fire of torment as shiny as golden beans
Left to rot…who can comprehend such pain
But a jackfruit robbed of its taste?

This is the moon & its moonlight
Putting illusions of romance in the fairytales
To destroy the realities of our hearts…forever!


Most Beauteous Bride 😍👰❤️😘💕♥️💖💝

MY DEAR SISTER’S WEDDING 😘😍😇😉🥳🤩👻🙈🙊👩‍❤️‍👩


{Consecration of orison on this espousal of this union}


My dearest sister…you’re not just my sister.
You’re a piece of my heart. You’re the fragments of my life which is filled with the warmest memories of you without which I would be incomplete.
Sometimes we played, we frolicked, we were partners in crime.
Sometimes we argued, we fought, we pulled each other’s ears.
Yet through all the good & bad, our bond grew stronger & stronger.

How is it that even the most joyous moments put our hearts in quandaries?

Today, the little girl who was playing in the house has become a woman raring to make her own home…away from this one, away from your loved ones.
For which I want to bless you from the deepest emotions of my soul.
I want to wish that the bud you are blossoed after your wedding into a century-old garden.

I am happy for you. I am happy for your new family that is blessed to have your pious presence.

Yet within this smile, within this heart that is dancing in jubilation, because you found your life partner,
There’s a tear hidden somewhere.
Who will laugh with me now in my greatest joys?
Who will caress me in my saddest lows?
Who will be caring enough to pull my ear and embrace me simultaneously?
Where will I find another piece of my heart that I can argue with, fight with, be friendly with and love all within a blink of an eye?

I started out by saying you’re not just my sister. I end this message with by saying today, I’m not just your brother.
I’m a whirlwind of emotions
I laugh, I sing, I dance out of genuine joy.
I sulk, I frown, I cry at the thought of being away from you.
Yet just like our childhood, I hope our bond remains as strong as ever,
Through our souls, through our spirits, through our hearts…which nothing can ever break.

My Beauteous Goddess of Nirvana 😘❤💋

A Goddess that sits before me,
She doesn’t need to be draped in the choicest of ornaments to look divine,
Scantily dressed, the fabric runs in thin threads, leaving nothing to imagination,
I undo her necklaces and piece by piece, discard her amulets,
With invigorating receptivity, she taunts me to touch her more,
To kiss her everywhere.

I squeeze her breasts,
Not for lust,
But out of devotion,
So soft and tender,
It’s incomparable to everything else,
She makes me worship her,
Converts me to her staunch follower,
The flower that she is,
She blooms just for me,
A nectar that seeps from between her thighs,
The finest of wines that gets you tipsy in the first sip.

I fall in her delicate arms,
She pulls me in closer and holds me next to her chest,
With eyes closed and snuggling into her,
Not for foreplay,
I just want to see what it feels like,
To be accepted by the most decorated deity,
To seek sanctuary in the gates of heaven.

The sweat that drips off of her lascivious body,
I bathe in the water of her drenched hair,
Even her impurities are an oasis,
Mixing bodily fluids, she makes me clean,
Not to make love,
But to purify myself,
To cleanse my soul in her surreal presence.

With water that’s more pure than Ganga,
She caresses me with her milky fingers,
Letting me into her sacred forest,
Giving me respite by casting her beguiling shadow over me,
I’m so attuned to her needs,
Just the slightest of touches from her transports me to the highest Elysiums.

Happy Parsurama Jayanti (The Appearance Day of Lord Parsurama)

Today is Lord Parasurama Jayanti

So, some shlokas about Him from bhagavatam :


yam āhur vāsudevāṁśaṁ
haihayānāṁ kulāntakam
triḥ-sapta-kṛtvo ya imāṁ
cakre niḥkṣatriyāṁ mahīm

(Learned scholars accept this Parasurama as the celebrated incarnation of Vasudeva who annihilated the dynasty of Kartavirya. Parasurama killed all the ksatriyas on earth twenty-one times)


dṛptaṁ kṣatraṁ bhuvo bhāram
abrahmaṇyam anīnaśat
rajas-tamo-vṛtam ahan
phalguny api kṛte ‘ṁhasi

(When the royal dynasty, being excessively proud because of the material modes of passion and ignorance, became irreligious and ceased to care for the laws enacted by the brahmanas,
Parasurama killed them. Although their offense was not very severe, he killed them to lessen the burden of the world)


atha rājani niryāte
rāma āśrama āgataḥ
śrutvā tat tasya daurātmyaṁ
cukrodhāhir ivāhataḥ

(Thereafter, Kartaviryarjuna having left with the kamadhenu, Parasurama returned to the ashrama. When Parasurama, the youngest son of Jamadagni, heard about Kartaviryarjuna’s nefarious deed, he became as angry as a trampled snake)


ghoram ādāya paraśuṁ
satūṇaṁ varma kārmukam
anvadhāvata durmarṣo
mṛgendra iva yūthapam

(Taking up his fierce chopper, his shield, his bow and a quiver of arrows, Lord Parasurama, exceedingly angry, chased Kartaviryarjuna just as a lion chases an elephant)


tam āpatantaṁ bhṛgu-varyam ojasā
dhanur-dharaṁ bāṇa-paraśvadhāyudham
aiṇeya-carmāmbaram arka-dhāmabhir
yutaṁ jaṭābhir dadṛśe purīṁ viśan

(As King Kartavuryarjuna entered Mahismati Puri, he saw Lord Parasurama, the best of the Bhrgu dynasty, coming after him, holding a chopper, shield, bow and arrows. Lord Parasurama was covered with a black deerskin, and his matted locks of hair appeared like the sunshine)


acodayad dhasti-rathāśva-pattibhir
akṣauhiṇīḥ sapta-daśātibhīṣaṇās
tā rāma eko bhagavān asūdayat

(Upon seeing Parasurama, Kartaviryarjuna immediately feared him and sent many elephants, chariots, horses and infantry soldiers equipped with clubs, swords, arrows, rstis, sataghnis, saktis, and many similar weapons to fight against him.
Kartaviryarjuna sent seventeen full aksauhinis of soldiers to check Parasurama. But Lord Parasurama alone killed all of them)


kṣamayā rocate lakṣmīr
brāhmī saurī yathā prabhā
kṣamiṇām āśu bhagavāṁs
tuṣyate harir īśvaraḥ

(The duty of a brahmana is to culture the quality of forgiveness, which is illuminating like the sun. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari, is pleased with those who are forgiving)


jāmadagnyo ‘pi bhagavān
rāmaḥ kamala-locanaḥ
āgāminy antare rājan
vartayiṣyati vai bṛhat

(My dear King Paruksit, in the next manvantara the lotus-eyed Personality of Godhead Lord Parasurama, the son of Jamadagni, will be a great propounder of Vedic knowledge. In other words, he will be one of the seven sages)


āste ‘dyāpi mahendrādrau
nyasta-daṇḍaḥ praśānta-dhīḥ

(Lord Parasurama still lives as an brahmana in the mountainous country known as Mahendra. Completely satisfied, having given up all the weapons of a ksatriya, he is always worshiped, adored and offered prayers for his exalted character and activities by such celestial beings)


evaṁ bhṛguṣu viśvātmā
bhagavān harir īśvaraḥ
avatīrya paraṁ bhāraṁ
bhuvo ‘han bahuśo nṛpān

(In this way the supreme soul, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Lord and the supreme controller, descended as an incarnation in the Bhrgu dynasty and released the universe from the burden of undesirable kings by killing them many times)

Akshay Tritiya 😊🙏🏻

Akshay Tritiya is the day in which both Sun and Moon are exalted according to Jyotish (Astrology). Shows mutually highest state of solar and lunar, Lakshmi-Narayana and Shiva-Shakti energies. Not just a good date for material gains but for sadhana and any higher samkalpas.

Akshay Tritiya (अक्षय तृतीया) or Akha Teej an extremely fortunate and sacred Hindu festival carrying good luck to start new beginnings is said to be the day when Shri Ganesha under the guidance of Maharshi Vyas started writing Mahabharata.

As per Hindu calendar, Akshay Tritiya (अक्षय तृतीया) is celebrated on third day of bright moon (Shukla paksha) of Vaishakha / Baisakh month.
Akshay Tritiya (अक्षय तृतीया) in 2022 will be observed on, 3rd May.

This is considered to be one of the most sacred day in Hinduism, if you wish to start something new then you can do it on Akshay Tritiya.

The Sanskrit word Akshay means “eternal or everlasting”. On, this auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya, may the goddess of wealth Lakshmi and Lord Kuber bless everyone with everlasting wealth and prosperity. A very happy Akshay Tritiya to all.

Akshay Tritiya Significance :

1) Akshay Tritiya is considered the day when Treta Yuga commenced. The Treta Yuga is the 2nd Yuga and is significant for the births of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations in the form of Lord Vamana, Lord Parasurama and Lord Sri Ram.

2) It is also the birthday of Lord Parasurama (6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu)
Ved Vyas and Lord Sri Ganesha began writing the Mahabharata
This is believed to be the day when the Pandavas discovered weapons which made them victorious against the Kauravas.

3) On this day Kubera received his riches and position as custodian of wealth and riches along with Goddess Lakshmi by praying to Lord Shiva
Buying gold and gold jewellery on Akshay Tritiya signifies ever increasing good fortune.

4) Scriptures suggest the following deeds on Akshay Tritiya :
i) Yajanam propitiate the divine through fire rituals etc.
ii) Yaajanam involve in auspicious activities.
iii) Dhaanam donate to poor and needy.
iv) Pratigraham buying or accumulation of assets.

5) The holy river Ganga descended on earth on this day.

6) Adi Sankaracharya composed the Kanakadhara Stotram on this day
In Jainism Lord Rshabhanath broke His year long fast by having sugarcane juice.

7) Akshay Tritiya was the day when Vyasa started writing the history of the great Bharat war in the form of an epic Mahabharata.

8) The most sacred river of India, descended to the earth from the heaven.

9) It was on this day that Goddess Annapurna Devi was born.

10) It is on this day that poor Sudama, the best friend of Lord Krishna visits Him (Lord Krishna) to greet Him after He became the King. With nothing to offer, Sudama takes with him Poha (puffed rice) and offers it to his friend and never discusses his poverty though he intends to. On his return he finds his hut changed to a palace.