My Beauteous Goddess of Nirvana 😘❤💋

A Goddess that sits before me,
She doesn’t need to be draped in the choicest of ornaments to look divine,
Scantily dressed, the fabric runs in thin threads, leaving nothing to imagination,
I undo her necklaces and piece by piece, discard her amulets,
With invigorating receptivity, she taunts me to touch her more,
To kiss her everywhere.

I squeeze her breasts,
Not for lust,
But out of devotion,
So soft and tender,
It’s incomparable to everything else,
She makes me worship her,
Converts me to her staunch follower,
The flower that she is,
She blooms just for me,
A nectar that seeps from between her thighs,
The finest of wines that gets you tipsy in the first sip.

I fall in her delicate arms,
She pulls me in closer and holds me next to her chest,
With eyes closed and snuggling into her,
Not for foreplay,
I just want to see what it feels like,
To be accepted by the most decorated deity,
To seek sanctuary in the gates of heaven.

The sweat that drips off of her lascivious body,
I bathe in the water of her drenched hair,
Even her impurities are an oasis,
Mixing bodily fluids, she makes me clean,
Not to make love,
But to purify myself,
To cleanse my soul in her surreal presence.

With water that’s more pure than Ganga,
She caresses me with her milky fingers,
Letting me into her sacred forest,
Giving me respite by casting her beguiling shadow over me,
I’m so attuned to her needs,
Just the slightest of touches from her transports me to the highest Elysiums.

PS – To My Goddess, My Aaradhya, My Everything, My Love, My Soulmate, My Luscious Lioness, My Master, My Owner, My Heavenly Queen.



I was scared that this day would come

When me sitting on a tree is nothing
But an invitation for my tears

That trees would only shade the light in me

And the oceans would drown me with my thoughts

That sea breeze would be toxic for me

And silence won’t give me peace anymore

But now that this day has come

My tears do not only fall to the ground

They water my feet and I grow
More connected…

To myself… to nature…

It opened my eyes and I see a different perspective

I climb the trees and from there I let my troubles fall

I see the ocean as my pain and I learn how to swim

And silence… silence doesn’t silent me anymore

Thoughts keep coming, I let them be

But I don’t let them drown me
I use them to lift me up instead

And my tears…

Well, my tears remind me I am human 🙂

And with each tear that falls I become braver and stronger !

Now I’m no longer afraid to get hurt

I welcome pain as I welcome adventure

And in each adventure
I am deeply connected with nature

I feel her as she feels me

I’ve learned we’re more or less the same

He is darkness, he is light
he gets sad, he gets hurt

At times he gets weak
But it never lessens his strength

Let everyone ignore him
he doesn’t care

And when people trample him
He doesn’t trample them back

Not that he’s a coward
He just knows when to fight back

And when he’s sick
He knows how to cure himself

He knows how to pull himself up

He doesn’t need anyone to be happy
As he is happiness himself

So now I’m no longer scared of today
I’m even thankful for it

Because now I know I don’t need you

I’ll remember this day
But I won’t remember you

But what I’m more thankful of this day
Is I get to know nature and I know me


Ethereal Beauty ❤

Eyes that see beyond pretence,
Reflective pools of emotion, tender and censuring in turn.
Lips that smile to lift your spirits and
a heart that beats in time with the universe.
Arms that form a protective haven for the slumbering infant
And sometimes a steadfast hold for a
Despairing mate.
A form that is ethereal
And alluringly beyond the reach
of a greedy grasp.
Your beauty beyond compare,
A fascinating creature who brings light and mystery, solace and trepidation.
Who can fathom what forms your core?
You are a woman, the font from which life springs forth.




I were in love with your smile,

I were in love with your voice,

I were in love with your body,

I were in love with your laugh,

I were in love with your eyes,

I were in love with you.


You have broken me,

You have ruined and destroyed my emotions,

You have brutally raped my dreams,

You have given tears in my eyes.

I no longer
trust anyone,

I no longer smile,

You have erased happiness from my life.

You made me feel lonely,

You left my heart broken.

Every time you hurt me,

but I don’t angry with you.

Every time it pains,

but I don’t say a word to you.

Every time you say sorry,

I forgive you on the spot.


Every time you make a mistake,

I punish myself.
Whenever I get online.

I open up your profile..

Continuously keep staring at your pics..

Though your not there in my life..

But always be in my mind,

Heart and Wishes.

Being the only one I always miss..

You hurt me more than I deserve how can you be so cruel?

I love you more than you deserve, why I am such a fool?

The pain of love will never stop.

Love is a blind whore with mental disease and no sense of humor.

Love makes you cry, makes you hate urself sometimes..

You may get away from other people to be with the one you love..

You spent sleepless nights,

You apologize even when you know your right..

You give up your happiness to see that someone smile..

You have to face possessives of your lover..

You feel you need space in your life..



I know you don’t love me,
I know you don’t fucking care about me,
I know I’m little bit stupid, mischievous, naughty, stubborn,
But I want to tell you that
I love the feeling I get when I’m around you. I feel you everytime even when you’re not beside. I love you more than I can ever show. I love you, I love your soul. I want to be with you forever alone where everything beautiful can touch our connected souls. I want to surrender and submit my everything to you. I love to see the hidden blush in your eyes. I love your smile.I am so much addicted to you, your soul is beautiful because it’s connected to mine. You bring me close, close to your heart.I can get lost in you and never let you know how beautiful the love is between us. In the nights of thunder, where the clouds merge, the oceans meet, I want to be with you and hold you in me and never let you go anywhere. I love you. Everything dark, I just want to get lost in you, lost where my love will get hidden but it’ll bring you closer to me. But I know you’ll never accept me. I loved you. I still do. With whatever I had, With all of that I still have. And it will be forefer. I am exhausted. And sometimes I can not breathe. You are beats to my heart. You are my oxygen. You are my only. I don’t want to open the doors of my heart for anyone. You’ll live here in my heart.
Each night I put my head to my pillow I try to tell myself I’m strong because I’VE gone one more day without you. You are the reason my patents ask me who I’m texting because I’m smiling and crying so much. Everyday, I’m acting like I’m ok, but you’ll never know the truth. Sometimes the person you love just doesn’t understand how much you love them.
I look up to the sky and talk to you. What I wouldn’t give to hear you talk back. I miss everything about you.
If I had to choose between loving you and breathing. I would use my last breath to say I love you so much heartless.
You don’t know pain until you’ve given someone every ounce of your love and it still wasn’t enough..I can’t even begin to imagine the pain of losing you my life. Without pain how would you know the depth of true love ? Even the animals suffer from love, no one is free from the pains of love. The pain when you love the person who does not care about how you feel. The pain when you love the person who doesn’t love you back is like hugging a cactus, the tighter to hold on, the more it hurts, one sided love is like trying to fly with a broken wing. Nothing hurts more than realizing she meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to her.
I am still waiting for someone who’ll never come.
The pain is agonising, Pains have been part of my life, I’hv lived with them and learnt.
God is always cruel to one sided lovers including me. God will not see our pain and tears. He makes us worthless and suffer till eternity. This is our fate.


Dead 😭😢😥

I’hv been sitting in a dark room
lies in the abyss of my mind.
I’hv been so broken,
I’ve been feeling so ruthless,
I’hv started to feel numb,
I feel so hurt and broken
I’hv been all shattered, all in pieces, regaining to collect them again and again
I don’t know how to start it all over again
I feel things so deeply, I could see every minute detail unnoticed by the world
My brain is only doing what’s necessary
while I’m dead in my heart, my mind and my soul.
I’hv been torturing myself, thinking of all possibilities
killing myself with “what if”
images of you invade my mind
like a broken slideshow
your voice – melodic with blood
brings pins and needles in my chest.
Pain, pain, pain, pain
words synonymous with Love.
Heartache tethered to my legs,
an anchor under the waters
dragging me down endlessly,
down to the infinite void.
The infinite void in the dark room.
A dark room that lies
in the abyss of my mind.
I am usual
I am lost, all broken with all shattered voices of my scared soul
My soul is shattered ray, through which I strive to survive like an oxygen mask that a patient inhales
My spirits can burn ever brighter and heavier than the spark and flame
Just a little of ashes could really make it to do that
Make me burn
And dim the lights around with my flames in soul


Winsome Slave of a Beauteous Goddess ❤

She demanded me and my obedience. I gladly accepted. I am her marionette, my goddess pulls each string with utmost perfection.She frowns in disgust with my immediate response, even though she knows that I am a proud slave of her. Her cologne, a chain dragging me into her arms. That majestic beauty tormenting me to drudge to cherish her charm. I should beg her on my knees to forgive me, but I only infuriate her more. I tell her pleasingly I’ve been a bad boy and to mistress of mine with an impish look, I plead, she however does not take the bait and leaves me. I sit there on my knees, heartbroken and without her to tell me what to do or say, knowing that I am lost in the wilderness of perpetual heartache. My heart remains a slave for life with no master. Sobbing like a little boy whose mother has chastised him for the first time”