Waiting is over.

I want this day to come
everytime, so I can thank God and my Parents, family, relatives, friends, well wishers, everyone everyday for bringing such a wonderful life to me.
Another Happy Year of Smiles, Happiness & Joy.

Birthday is when People make me feel like a Celebrity 😍👻😛


2020 is the first Deepavali with Sri Ram fully honored in Ayodhya. It is the first Deepavali of a new and spiritually independent Bharat that will become a light for the entire world and the future of all humanity

The darkness to be removed is that of avidya, the lack of Self-knowledge or absence of Atma-vidya. That Atma-vidya alone destroys all darkness, death and sorrow. Is the light behind and beyond your own body and mind, extending into the Infinite and Eternal.

This Deepavali let us pause, ponder, circumspect.
Maybe we can rediscover what we want as a human being & slay our inner demons & celebrate truth, hope & justice.

May Diwali take us from the darkness of spiritual ignorance to the light of Self-realization and universal consciousness.

Obliteration of Darkness is the nature of light. May the light arise in your life, to light you up and all that you touch on this festival of lights. A Dazzling Diwali to you.

Wishing you an abundance of goodness in life, Richness of soul, Peace in the mind, Happiness in your heart, Joy & Laughter on your face & May it all reflect in the sparkle of your eyes. May you have a Splendid Festival Season & an equally Fantastic New Year.

May your festive season be punctuated with revachism whose magnoliquence can only be theatropistically analysed by the use of reminiscent exacerbation.
I know your arquistic impedance might not engulf this kind of debauched pedagogy because of its repuginatious tolecentrism.

Application of above Blessings and enriched Selflessness will surely drive away all the malicious Vibrant realms of the Mind and the Brilliant Sparks of Righteousness and Humaneness devoid of all Barriers will come into Existence.


India is the land of the Divine Mother, honouring her wonderful names, forms and manifestations on all levels of existence, great and small. India as a country is revered as Bharat Mata, Mother India, through Vande Mataram, we honour the Mother.
The Mother Goddess is Bhumi Devi, Mother Earth. Yet she is also infinite space, boundless time and the highest bliss. Above all she is Shakti, power and motivation, especially Chit Shakti, the power of consciousness that is the Self of all beings.
In India, the Goddess is the Universal Mother, Jagadamba, Jaganmata. She has the power to create, sustain and dissolve the entire universe, to put the soul under the bondage of maya or release it into the Supreme Brahman beyond all limitations.
Every male deity or deva has his female counterpart or Devi, Saraswati and Brahma, Lakshmi and Vishnu, Shiva-Shakti, Sita-Ram, Radha-Krishna, without whose grace he cannot function.

Mother Goddess Durga is depicted as riding on a lion or a tiger. A tiger symbolizes unlimited power. Durga riding a tiger indicates that She possesses unlimited power and uses it to protect virtue and destroy evil. The lion is a symbol of uncontrolled animalistic tendencies (such as anger, arrogance, selfishness, greed, jealousy, desire to harm others etc.) and Her sitting on it reminds us to control these qualities, so that we are not controlled by them.
She is usually shown wearing a red sari. The color red symbolizes action and the red clothes signify that She is destroying evil and protecting mankind from pain and suffering.
Thus, Goddess Durga symbolizes the Divine forces (positive energy) that is used against the negative forces of evil and wickedness. She represents pure energy (positive), known as divine light or jyoti that is the embodiment of feminine and creative energy.
This month we must pray to Maa Durga, the Universal Mother, asking Her to use Her destructive power to remove the vices within us (anger, selfish desires, greed, ego and undue attachments), imperfections and faults; and purify us to become a receptacle of her Divine Shakti—Anandamayi Shakti.
There are several mantras for Goddess Durga, but the most simple and easy mantra to remember is “Om Sri Durgaya Namah.” It is believed that by chanting this mantra regularly the Divine Mother will remove the physical, mental and worldly problems in life and shower us with her unlimited blessings.

No country in the world demonstrates such enduring reverence for the Great Mother Goddess, as does India. The Goddess is celebrated in every form, aspect and quality, through music, art, ritual, mantra and meditation. She is honoured in women, the Earth, nature and the transcendent beyond all expression. Her worship is full of splendour, delight, mystery and wonder.
The Goddess is Shakti, meaning power, the resort of all transformative energy and cataclysmic force that mere human logic cannot comprehend. She possesses martial and regal forms that all must bow down before in awe. During the Navaratri – India’s famous autumn festival of the Goddess – she is worshipped as Durga, the supreme Shakti, holding all majesty, wisdom and grace.
Durga is the Mother of the universe from who comes forth the creation, sustenance and dissolution of all beings and all worlds. She is Chit-Shakti, the power of consciousness, out of which the cosmos coalesces as matter, life and mind.
India as a sublime culture and profound civilisation is the gift of Ma Durga. Durga is the Goddess who personifies India as a whole and its incredible vitality, from her presence in village shrines to her representation of the highest yogic spirituality. Bharat mata is Durga with her imperious lion. She was the image behind India’s independence movement, which worked through her inspiration, such as Sri Aurobindo so eloquently lauded.

Mother Goddess Durga is first honoured in the famous Vedic Durga Sukta, composed of Vedic verses to Agni going back to the most ancient Rigveda.
Mother Goddess Durga arises from Agni, the universal principle of fire and light, as its force of purification. Durga holds the radiant colours of Agni as its most powerful flame. She is the cosmic form of Agni as the Sun/Surya, which is why she rides the lion. She dwells like the Sun, as the Atman in the hearts of all beings.
Durga shines brilliantly with the power of tapas, which is the Yoga Shakti, the ascending yogic force. Tapas is focused concentration that generates the heat necessary to transform the mind. It is the inward turning of awareness that draws the light of perception within us, dispelling the darkness of our subconscious nature. Mother Goddess Durga wields the power of tapas like a lightning bolt to remove all wrong thoughts, fears and attachments. To understand and honour Durga we must introduce tapas into our own lives, rigorously developing our power of discernment for introspection and self-inquiry.
Durga as a term means a fortress or a citadel where we retire for protection. Ma Durga as our spiritual mother is our ultimate refuge from the many hostilities of the outer world. Yet the term Durga also means going beyond difficulty, with the ultimate difficulty being death itself. Ma Durga takes as a ship across the sea. In this regard Durga, like Agni, is the power of the Divine Word, Pranava or OM that delivers us from the darkness of Maya to the eternal truth of the Supreme Brahman.

Mother Goddess Durga is the ultimate iconic form, present in every expression, movement and mood, natural and supernatural.

Worship of the Goddess

There is no other country in the world with so many distinctive temples to the Goddess or so many colourful festivals dedicated to her celebration as India. There are innumerable forms of the Goddess as the nine Durgas, ten Mahavidyas, eight Lakshmis and 64 Yoginis.
She is not only the underlying unity of all existence; she has personal aspects at every place in nature and for each creature. She is your mother and the mother of all, present in every process of life, starting with our every breath.
The Devi is auspicious Lakshmi, regal Durga, fierce Chandi, artistic Saraswati, and blissful Lalita. She is not just the mother but also the girl child, consort, warrior princess, queen, high priestess, and supreme yogini. She embraces the whole of life and all the roles of the womanhood from the home to society to the entire cosmos.
The Goddess is lauded through every possible image, sculpture, chant, dance, mantra, and ritual. There is no restriction as to how we can approach her, except to do so with love and respect. She is the ultimate iconic form, present in every expression, movement and mood, natural and supernatural.

The Divine Mother in various religions of the world

Divine feminine qualities are recognised by different religions in various ways. Christianity has the Madonna and her beautiful paintings. But in Christian theology, the Madonna is not the Divine Mother and does not have the power to create or dissolve the universe. She is the mother of Jesus, helps you by virtue of her son, and is rarely depicted without him.
Islam and Judaism have feminine terms for the Divine, particularly as wisdom and compassion, but the Divine is primarily called Father. They allow no images of the Goddess, and have not always been tolerant of her worship.
Worship of World Mother was more common in ancient times and remains so in native traditions. Pagan images of the Goddess from the ancient world are abundant, intricate and sublime. Indigenous people revere Mother Earth as a sacred presence in all that they do. The Mother Goddess remains an essential part of our global spiritual heritage that India has best preserved for the benefit of all humanity.

Honouring the Mother of the Universe

The Universal Mother is specially honoured as Durga, who takes us across all difficulties, during the famous autumn festival of Navratras, which celebrates her splendour and delight. It ends with her decisive defeat over all the intractable powers of darkness on Vijay Dashami, the tenth day of victory. This joyous autumn festival remains the largest and most important event in the global worship of the Divine Mother today.
Yet the Goddess is not a deity apart from ourselves. She dwells within us as the Yoga Shakti, the inner power of boundless awareness that guides us to the realisation of our true Self beyond birth and death.
In this age of aggression, intolerance and terrorism, let us look to the Mother of the Universe, however we may wish to approach her, as the basis of lasting world peace and happiness.
Seeing the Divine Mother everywhere leaves no room for hatred or duplicity anywhere. The unity of the universe rests upon the Universal Mother, who takes the shape of all creatures and resides within them as their inmost feeling and knowing.

Durga’s protective force

Durga means she who takes us beyond all difficulties. She is the divine energy that protects the soul from duality, adversity and opposition, known and unknown. As Durga-Tara she delivers us across the turbulent ocean of ignorance to the radiant other shore beyond all darkness. She carries us over all dangers like a ship across the sea, as Vedic chants poetically reverberate.
Durga arises from agni, our inner flame of immortal life, awakening our motivation to reach the highest bliss. She is born from the power of tapas, the wholehearted concentration of our aspiration to immutable truth. She is the spiritual fire on Earth who removes all impurities for the soul to shine. Her lion indicates her ruling solar force that illumines all existence.
Durga grants us the transformative knowledge that takes us to a higher level of existence beyond all that we have previously thought possible. She is the Yoga Shakti dwelling in the heart that opens us up to the clear light of self-realisation, the revelation of our true divine nature that stands above all time, space and karma. The Kundalini Shakti arises and works within us through Durga’s force.

Durga’s sword

Durga’s sword is the source of all dharmic ruling power at spiritual and mundane levels. She commands the celestial army and its earthly counterparts struggling for truth and justice in society. Shivaji Maharaj of the Marathas and Guru Gobind Singh of the Sikhs, among many other great leaders of India, received her sword and ruled by its support. Arjuna went to Durga for her blessings prior to consulting Sri Krishna on the battlefield. Sri Krishna affirmed to him Durga’s message of fearless resolve in the face of adharma.
Yet we cannot in our mere human nature wield Durga’s sword. We must draw out the Shiva consciousness within us to do so. We must surrender to her and let her direct us, taking the role of her devotees. All weapons, whether material or spiritual, should first be consecrated to Ma Durga, so that we use them wisely, without any pride or pity in their application.
As Mahishasura Mardini, Durga slays Mahishasura, the personification of ignorance, darkness and tamas. Vijaya Dashami is her glorious tenth day of victory, after displaying her nine magnificent forms, ending with Siddhidatri, her highest blessing aspect who grants all boons and accomplishments. This nine day dynamic display of Shakti takes us to a new vision and unlimited horizon on the culminating tenth day.


Shiva gave his Trishul

Vishnu his Chakra

Varuna a conch

Agni a spear

Marut a powerful bow

Indra gave her the Vajra

Surya gave his rays

Yama a sword Samudra a necklace

Vishwakarma gave her a Farsa

Himvat gave her a lion

And thus Devi (Goddess) Durga was created


1. Mother Goddess Durga – The Daughter of the Mountain and Joy of the World

2. Mother Goddess Durga – Destroys the Danavas and the Daityas and Nourishes the Three Worlds

3. Mother Goddess Durga – Destroyer of the Demons Madhu and Kaitabha

4. Mother Goddess Durga – Destroyer of the Demons Chanda and Munda

5. Mother Goddess Durga – Made Lord Shiva the Messenger against Shumbha and Nisumbha

6. Mother Goddess Durga – Pardons the Enemy Heroes when their Wives take Refuge

7. Mother Goddess Durga – Destroyer of the Demons Dhumralocana, Raktabija and Shumbha Nishumbha

8. Mother Goddess Durga – Destroys the Chaturanga of the Enemy

9. Mother Goddess Durga – Whose Battle expresses as Celestial Dance

10. Mother Goddess Durga – Occupies Half of the Body of Lord Shiva

11. Mother Goddess Durga – Union of Beautiful Mind and Charming Appearance

12. Mother Goddess Durga – Accompanied by Army of Jasmine-Like Girls against excellent Fighters

13. Mother Goddess Durga – From Whom Emerges all Arts, Beauty and Power

14. Mother Goddess Durga – Whose Forehead is Stainless and Pure like a Lotus Petal

15. Mother Goddess Durga – Whose Voice is Sweeter than Flute and Cuckoo

16. Mother Goddess Durga – On Whose Radiant Toe-Nails Prostate the Devas and the Asuras

17. Mother Goddess Durga – Who is Pleased with Devotional Contemplation of both: like Suratha as well as Samadhi

18. Mother Goddess Durga – An Abode of Devi MahalakShmi

19. Mother Goddess Durga – An Abode of Devi Mahasaraswati

20. Mother Goddess Durga – Whose Pure Moon-Like Face Subdues our Impurities

21. Mother Goddess Durga – Who Shower Grace on Devotees in the same manner as Arrows on Enemies.

॥ दुर्गास्तुती देवीमाहात्म्यकथसाररूपा ॥

॥ दुर्गास्तुती देवीमाहात्म्यकथसाररूपा ॥
.. Durga Stutih Essence of Devi Mahatmya Katha

Being pleased by the praises sung by Brahma who was troubled by the asuras Madhu and Kaitabha at the end of a kalpa, She, the supreme Devi, supporter of the worlds, emerged out of MahaVishnu’s eyes, who was in mystic slumber. Deluded by Mahamaya, the evil asuras, Madhu and Kaitabha, were then slayed by MahaVishnu. Let Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

When Mahishasura was creating havoc in all the three worlds, the devas got together and requested Brahma, Siva and Vishnu for help. Then Goddess Durga was created and weapons were given by them. Let Goddess Durga, whose battle attire is accompanied by the loud cries of the devas, become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

The sighs heaved by the Goddess turned into battallions and with them she killed the army of asuras. Then She killed ChikShura, the general of the asura army. Her lion jumped on Chamara, another able member of the asuras and killed him in a battle. Within moments She also destroyed the enemies udagra, karAla, bAShkala, biDAla and others. Let Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

When Mahisha who shook the entire world approached the Devi, She destroyed him. But, he then took the form of a lion, then came in the form of man, elephant and back to his original form. She then attacked him with her foot and cut him up with Her sword. Let Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

᳚You are the personification of the power of the entire host of devas, auspicious one, mAya – the consort of the parabrahman, brave one, in a battle You are the form of LakShmi, Sarasvati and other manifestations, yet, immediately like a lightning, You grace people due to compassion, protect us with trident and other weapons᳚. Thus when the devas praised You, You gave them boons. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

Praised by the devas who were suffering because of their defeat at the hands of the arrogant shumbha and nishumbha, a gentle form emerged out of pArvati at the slopes of Himalayas. Sportingly She attracted all the three worlds and was seen by chaNDa and muNDa. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

Being informed by chaNDa of the Devi’s beautiful form, shumbha became desirous of attaining her and immediately sent a messenger. She sent him back with the message that only the one who defeats her in a battle can become her husband. Enraged by her answer, shumbha sent dhUmralochana, who wanted to fight. Devi destroyed dhUmralochana along with his army. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

When chaNDa and muNDa came with their forces, She created kAli from her forehead. kAli then destroyed the army and its weapons and then killed chaNDa and muNDa. Later when Shumba’s army approached, kAli expressed her anger by roaring aloud. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

Then shivadUtI (one who sent Siva as messenger) – her own power was created from combining the powers of all the devas of the brahmANDa. Then She was called to battle by the asuras who were incited by the words of shiva (lord with the moon on his head) who was sent by Her. She became delighted on seeing the army being attacked by the angry mothers – the manifestations of the devas’ powers. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

The devas next saw the asura raktabIja, who came to the battlefield and who created fear by filling earth with warriors (of his kind) who sprung from his blood that oozed out of him when he was struck by the shaktis. Then as and when Devi attacked raktabIja, kAli drank his blood and ultimately he perished. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

Next was the terrible battle with shumbha and nishumbha. nishumba who fought with an axe and arrows was struck unconscious by Devi with a sword. Then with the trident She struck shumbha who was fighting ferociously with ‘shakti’ – indra’s weapon and with arrows. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

Again, nishumbha sent forth many chakras at the Devi which She broke. She broke his gada with Her sword and then tore his chest with Her trident. Another form of his came from his chest and was immediately killed by Devi with her sword. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

When the different shaktis and Her lion were fighting the asuras, shumbha accused the devi of depending on another’s strenth. So She merged all other manifestations into Herself and fought for a long with shumba who fought with many kinds of weapons (shastra) and astras (arrows released after invoking a mantra). Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

Shumba’s weapons were destroyed and he was hit by Devi with her palm. An angry shumbha took Her to the sky and fought fiercely. Devi then decided that She had fought enough and killed him with Her trident and made the earth free of distress. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

Remover of the miseries of those who are distressed, Bestower of auspicious things, be pleased. nArAyaNi, You are the entire world. brahmANi, the first being, protect us from fear with Your weapons like trident and others and kill all diseases. O Giver of everything, give us boons.᳚ Thus She was praised by the devas. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

Whenever I am remembered, I will again kill the host of asuras. Always and everywhere I will protect those who are involved in the stories describing My greatness. And I will give everything that they wish for.᳚ So saying She disappeared. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

Hearing the greatness of Devi as related by the RiShi sumedhas, king suratha performed tapas on the mountain sahyAdri for three years and got a vision of the Goddess. She gave his kingdom back to suratha and and the boon that he will be born to Lord sUrya and his wife savarNA and will be known as sAvarNi and become the next manu. She also gave the boon of self-realisation to the vaishya. Let that Goddess Durga become a fort for me to stop the terrible army of kRitAnta, the god of death.

By reading the seventeen verses of ᳚shrIdurgAsrutI᳚ daily, man is freed from fear of death, leaves behind difficulties, gets all that he wishes for and attains liberty. And in that state of liberation, due to the grace of the Goddess, he enjoys in its entirety the fruit that arises out of reading the greatness of Goddess girijA. इति दुर्गास्तुतिः समाप्ता With this, the hymn durgAstutiH concludes.

श्रीदुर्गा चालीसा  Shri Durga Chalisa 😊🙏🏻

I bow to you O Goddess Durga, the bestower of all happiness! I bow to you O Goddess Amba! Who ends all miseries.

The radiance of your light is limitless and pervading and all the three realms (Earth, Heaven and the Nether World) are enlightened by thee.

Your Visage is like the moon and mouth very huge. Your eyes are bedight with a red glow with the frightening frown.

O Mother! Your view is enchanting, the very sight of which ensures welfare of the devout.

All the powers of the world repose in thee and it is you who provide food and money for the world’s survival.

Like the feeding mother Annapurna you nurture the whole universe and you are the one who appear like the timeless Bala Sundari (young girl of extreme beauty).

At the time of Dissolution it is you, O Mother, who destroys everything. You are the beloved consort of Lord Shiva, Gauri (Parvathi)

Lord Shiva and all yogis always chant your praise, Brahma, Vishnu and all other Gods ever meditate on you.

You also appear in the form of Goddess Saraswati to grant wisdom to the sages and thus ensure their welfare.

O Mother Amba, it was you who appeared in the form of Narismha, sundering the pillar.

Thus, you saved Prahlaad and Hiranyakashyap also went to Heaven as he was killed by your hands.

In the form of Goddess Lakshmi, O Mother, you appear in this world and repose by the side of Shree-Narayan.

Dwelling on the Sea of milk, O Goddess,with Lord Vishnu, please fulfil my desires.

O Bhavani, the famous goddess of Hingalaja is no one else but you yourself. Illimitable is your glory, defying description.

You are yourself Matangi and Dhoomavati Mata. It is you who appear as Bhuvenshwari and Bagalamukhi Devi to bestow happiness to all.

It is you, who redeem the world, appearing in the form of Shree Bhairavi, Tradevi and Chhinamasta Devi, and end its sorrows.

Reposing Gracefully upon your vehicle of Lion. O Goddess Bhavani, youa re welcomed by the brave Langur (Lord Hanuman).

When you appear in the form of Goddess Kali with sword in one hand and a cupel in the other, even time flees in panic.

Beholding you well-armed, with a Trident in your hand, the enemy’s heart aches with the sting of fear.

You also repose in the form of the Devi at Nagarkot in Kangara. Thus all the three realms shudder in the might of your glory.

You slayed the demons like Shumbhu and Nishumbhu and masacred the thousand forms of the dreaded demon Raktabeeja.

When the earth was severtly distressed bearing the load of the sins of the arrogant Mahishasur.

You assumed the dreadful form of Goddess Kali and massacred him along with his army.

Thus whenever the noble saints were distressed, it is you O Mother, who came to their rescue.

All the realms including the Amarpuri (divine realm) remain sorrowless and happy by your grace, O Goddess!

It is the symbol of your glory that is burning brightly at Shree Jwala ji. All men and women ever worship you, O Mother!

He who sings your glory with devotion of love and sincerity remains beyond the reach of grief and poverty.

He who meditates upon your form with concentration goes beyond the cycle of births and deaths.

All the Yogis, Gods and Sages openly declare that without your favour one can’t establish communication with God.

Shankaracharya had performed once a special penance caled Acharaj and by the virtue of which he had subdued his anger and desire.

He ever worshipped Lord Shankar and never for a moment concentrated his mind on you.

Since he did not realise your immense glory, his all powers waned and the repented hitherto.

Then, he sought refuge in you, chanted your glory and sang ‘victory, victory, victory’ to Thee O Jagdamba Bhavani.

Then, O Primal Goddesses Jagdamba ji, you were propitiated and in no time you bestowed him with his lost powers.

O Mother! Severe affictions distress me and no one except Your Honoured Self can provide relief. Please end my afflictions.

Hopes and longings ever borture me. All sort of passions and lust torment my beart ever.

Destroy my enemies, O Queen, I remember you singlemindedly, O Bhavani.

O merciful Mother! Show me your favour and make me feel happy by bestowing me with all sorts of riches and powers.

O Mother! May I be the receptacle of your grace as long as I live, ever recounting the feats of your glory to all.

This, way he who ever sings this Durga Chalisa shall ever enjoy all sorts of pleasures and shall attain the highest state in the end. Deeming ‘Devidas’ to have sought your shelter, O Mother of the world, Bhavani, grant me your favour!

॥ भगवतीपद्यपुष्पांजलीस्तोत्रान्तर्गतं महिषासुरमर्दिनिस्तोत्रम् ॥ ..

॥ भगवतीपद्यपुष्पांजलीस्तोत्रान्तर्गतं महिषासुरमर्दिनिस्तोत्रम् ॥

O daughter of the mountain, who makes the whole earth happy, who makes the whole universe rejoice, praised by Nandin . dwelling on the peak of the great Vindhya mountain, glittering widely, praised by those desirous of victory . O Goddess, wife of the blue necked Siva, One who has many families, One who has done a lot, . be victorious, be victorious, O destroyer of the demon mahisa, with beautiful braids of hair, daughter of the mountain Himalaya ..

O bestower of boons on Gods, One who assails those hard to control, who tolerates those with ugly faces (?), one engrossed in rejoicing . One who nourishes the three worlds, One who pleases sankara, One who removes sins, One who engrosses in sound of Om (?) . One who is angry with the progeny of Danu (demon), One who is angry with the sons of Diti (also demon), One who destroys those with evil intoxication of pride, daughter of the ocean ..

O mother of the world, my mother, One who loves to dwell in a forest of Kadamba trees, One who keeps on smiling . One who is on her own dwelling on the tall peak of the Himalaya, the greatest among the mountains . One who is very sweet, One who has the treasure of demons Madhu and Kaitabha, destroyer of the demon Kaitabha, engaged in dancing ..

O One who split the heads (of demons) into hundreds of pieces and One who cut the trunks of great battle elephants . whose great lion is skilled in terrifying valor in tearing apart the temples of enemy elephants . One who has cut down into pieces the heads of enemy chieftains with the strength of her own arms ..

O One who holds the invincible and undiminishing striking force which arose on the occasion of killing the enemies who were hard to subdue on the battlefield . who made Pramatha, the great attendant of Shiva, a leader in subtle thinking, her commander (?) . who decided to destroy the messenger of demons who were sinful, with evil intentions, thoughts and mind ..

O One who gives protection to the great heroic husbands of the enemy wives who have come seeking refuge . One who holds in her hands a spotless spear pointed towards the head of the opponent who is causing a great pain for all the three worlds . One who is like the blazing hot sun, aroused by the power of resounding noise of the drums of Gods ..

O One who has blown aside hundreds of streams of smoke coming from demons with smoking eyes merely with her own roaring . who is like a vine of blood-drops grown from the dried blood drops in battle . One who delights in the company of auspicious Shiva, Shumbha, Nishumbha, and the spirits who were fed during the great battle..

One who decks herself with dancing ornaments on throbbing limbs at the moment of the battle, making her bow ready . who killed the huge enemy soldiers with a shining sword and with (arrows from) a quiver which has golden brown spots . who made the battleground with fourfold army into a stage with a colorful drama with screaming little soldiers ..

O you who take delight in the dancing of heavenly damsels made excellent by the acting out of tatatheyi-tatheyi-tatha/tathA! O you who are full of laughter, amorous gestures and hulAsa (meaning uncertain, but probably something along the lines of abandon)! O you who possess immeasurable love for afflicted persons bowing before you (i.e., seeking refuge in you)! O you who rejoice in the sustained/deep sound, dhimikaTa-dhikkaTa-dhikaTadhimi, of the mRdaGga drum! O vanquisher of the demon MahiSa! O one bearing attractive knotted hair! O daughter of the mountain! Victory to you!

Be victorious! be victorious! whose victory should be sung, praised by the whole universe ready to sing the praise extolling her victory . who attracted the attention of shiva by twinkling of bells making various sounds of dancing . who delights in beautiful singing and in dance-drama presented by a leading dancer acting out the role of an actress with half of his body ..

O One who has a flowerlike complexion attractive to the good heart of the goodhearted people . (meaning of this part is unclear, the last word seems to mean ᳚surrounded by the face of the moon᳚ ) (meaning of this compound is not clear)

Salutations to the Divine Mother who is accompanied in the great battle against excellent wrestlers (fighters), by girls who appear tender like jasmine who are fighting against the enemies. whose accompaniments are composed of girls from the bheel tribe who are tender like creepers of village jasmineand buzz like swarms of bees (or crickets). On whose face plays a smile created By joy which appears like dawn shining forth with red colour and blossoming the excellent buds. Victory to you, the destroyer of the demon Mahishasura, who has beautiful locks of hair and who is the daughter of the mountain. (translator unknown)

Who is in charge of huge royal elephants in fury whose rut is streaming down their temples incessantly . princess, the daughter of the ocean, who has the beauty of the moon, the ornament of all the three worlds . princess of cupid who enchants the minds desirous of ladies with beautiful teeth ..

Whose spotless forehead is enhanced by the beautiful complexion, pure and delicate like that of lotus petals . whose flock of swans is moving sportingly with steps which are the marks of all beautiful arts . whose bees from the bakula trees meet on the tops of lotus flowers which are crowded with (their own) bees ..

Whose sweet cooing sounds made with the flute held in her own hands have put to shame the Kokila bird and who has sweet thoughts . who is in colorful mountain groves pleasantly resounding with the assembled mountain folks . whose playbround is filled with good qualities of the flocks of the great tribal women who are manifestations of her own qualities ..

Who has set aside the brilliance of the moon with the colorful rays coming from the yellow silk she is wearing on her waist . whose toe-nails shine like the moon because of the rays emanating form the crest jewels of the bowing gods and demons . whose breasts outshine the temples of wild elephants and the high peaks of the golden mountains ..

Who has set aside the brilliance of the moon with the colorful rays coming from the yellow silk she is wearing on her waist . whose toe-nails shine like the moon because of the rays emanating form the crest jewels of the bowing gods and demons . whose breasts outshine the temples of wild elephants and the high peaks of the golden mountains ..

O benevolent goddess accompanied by Shiva, if someone daily cherishes your lotuslike feet . (contd. from prev line) then, O lotus dwelling LakShmi, how will he not become wealthy? . O auspicious Goddess, is there anything that I would not have, if I earnestly believe that your feet are the highest goal to be achieved? ..

If someone bathes you, the playground of virtues, with shining golden waters of the ocean . will he not experience in heaven the happiness (equal to that of Indra) embracing the full bosom of Sachi? . O Goddess worshipped by the speech of Gods, I take refuge in your feet, which are also the abode of Shiva ..

He who sufficiently dedicates himself to your entire moonlike face, which is as bright as a host of spotless moons . will he be turned away (in heaven) by the moon-faced beauties of the city of Indra? . (the text of this line is unclear)

O Uma, you should be kindly disposed toward me because of your virtue of compassion toward the meek . (meaning unclear) . you may choose to do (with me) whatever is appropriate, she removes the great pain (of her devotees). .

Nine Embodiments of the Deity (Nav Durga)

The famous ‘Durga Saptshati’, which in itself consists of a part of the holy Markandeya Purana, depicts nine embodiments of the deity, called Nav Durga. These are nominated as follows :

1) Shailputri

2) Brahmacharini

3) Chandraghanta

4) Kushmanda

5) Skandmata

6) Katyayani

7) Kaalratri

8) Mahagauri

9) Sidhidatri

The above classification stands for the nine different characters and aspects of the Goddess (deity), those can be observed in her various incarnations, in different ages, described at many places in religious books, puranas and epics.

These classified forms of the deity, as described in the very beginning of the ‘Devi Kawach’ of Durga Saptashati, are supposed to be the main source of inspiration to devotee who looks for concentration on the virtues and metaphysical values of the performance by the goddess in various incarnations on the earth.

The Tale of Nine Incarnations:

In the eleventh Chapter of Durga Saptashati, the story of the nine incarnations has been recorded, which is most beneficial and sacred to all human beings. The Goddess (deity) herself utters therein:

i.e. “At times, when evil demons will overpower the good ones on the earth, I shall manifest myself to destroy the evils of the world…”

And the great goddess has always kept her words by taking birth into this like ordinary human beings to destroy the evils at different times. The tale of nine incarnations goes as follows:

Mahakali :

At the end of the Eon, when Lord Vishnu had fallen into Yogic sleep stretched out on Sheshnag and the world was nothing but one vast ocean, two dreadful demons called Madhu and Kaitabha arose from his ear wax, bent on killing Brahma. Sitting on the lotus that had grown from Lord Vishnu’s navel, Lord Brahma Prajapati saw the two fierce Asuras (Demons) appear while Janardana lay fast asleep. Single-minded in concentration and with a steadfast heart he praised the meditative sleep that lay upon Hari’s eyes in order to awaken him.

“I exalt you, blessed Sleep of Lord Vishnu of matchless splendor, mistress of the universe, mother of the world who both preserves and destroys …Armed with sword, spear, mace and discus, carrying conch, bow and arrows, bludgeon and bhusundi, you are kind, gentler than all the gentle, utterly beautiful, supreme among both high and low; you are the goddess supernal! You are the energy of every substance, no matter what, no matter where, existent or nonexistent. Who am I to praise you-you who poured forth the world. If the god who sustains and consumes the world has been mastered by Sleep, who is left here to praise you? Since Lord Vishnu, Isana and I myself have been made by you to take bodily form, how can I offer you praise. In truth, you are celebrated for your exalted glory! Now bring the lord of creation Acyuta quickly back to consciousness, so he may destroy those two dangerous demons, Madhu and Kaitabha!”

The dark goddess, thus praised by the creator, in order to arouse Lord Vishnu so that he might kill the two demons, came forth from his eyes, mouth, nostrils, arms, heart and chest, and stood before Brahma, whose origin is hidden. Released by Sleep, Janardana rose from his resting place on the ocean and saw the two evil-natured demons Madhu and Kaitabha, heroic and valorous, eyes red with rage, filled with eagerness to kill Lord Brahma. Springing up, lord Hari battled against the two of them for 5,000 years with only his bare arms for weapons…

The lord, bearing conch, discuss and mace, killed those two demons by splitting open their heads with his discus. And in this manner was born the goddess, praised by Lord Brahma himself.

The goddess was worshipped by Lord Brahma as Mahamaya and Mahakali.


The goddess, who killed the Buffalo demon Mahishasur, was known Mahalakshmi. Tormented by the Buffalo demon, the beings had lost their kingdoms and the gods were deprived of their abodes. They were all being chased by the evil souled demons, they reached lord Vishnu to seek shelter..

Bhavani (Mother Goddess Durga) 🙏🏻

A beautiful hymn written by Adi Shankaracharya and translated into English by Sri Aurobindo! The hymn is written in the praise of Bhavani (Goddess Durga) 🙂


(From a Sanskrit Hymn of Shankracharya):

Father nor mother, daughter nor son are mine,
I obey no master, served am I by none,
Learning or means I have not, wife nor kin;
My refuge thou, Bhavani, thou alone!

Charity I have not learned, Yoga nor trance,
Mantra nor hymn nor Tantra have I known,
Worship nor dedication’s covenants;
My refuge thou, Bhavani, thou alone!

Virtue is not mine nor holy pilgrimage,
Salvation or world’s joy I have never won,
Devotion I have not, Mother, no vows I pledge;
My refuge thou, Bhavani, thou alone!

Goddess Durga and Kali 🙏🏻

Goddess Durga is conferred as ‘shakti’ or ‘devi, who is believed to be the most powerful goddess of the Hindus. As ‘shakti’, she is the destroyer of evil and as ‘devi’ she is serene and symbol of life.

Mother Goddess Durga is the supreme ruler of all. She alone takes us across all death and sorrow to the highest Self-Realization that is the ultimate goal of our many births. Do not be taken in by the illusion of the world and its Asuric (Demonic) forces.

She is the fierce form of the protective mother goddess. Kali, Bhagvati, Mahagauri, Bhavani, Ambika, Lalita, Kandalini, Katyayani and Rajeswari are among her many forms. Durga is sometimes referred to as Durgatinashini, which means “the one who eliminates adversity.”

Goddess Durga is cherished also as the protector of devotees and the destroyer of evil. Thus, there are thousands of temples dedicated to Goddess Durga around the globe. If you are a devotee of the warrior goddess, bet you don’t want to miss these most fascinating Durga Temples.

Durga, the Divine Shakti is coming forth again today. She is already stirring and beginning a new manifestation, preparing the decisive moment for her revelatory action. We must make ourselves into her vessels to aid in her transformations.

I love how it is in the midst of Navratri celebration that celebrates the different avatars (incarnations) of Goddess Durga and strength of women, is the time #MeToo hits India.

Time to go all Goddess Kaali on dem suckers #MeTooIndia No other country in the world has so many distinctive temples to the Goddess or so many colourful festivals dedicated to her celebration as India. There are innumerable forms of the Goddess as the nine Durgas, ten Mahavidyas, eight Lakshmis and 64 Yoginis.

Pick up the sword in your hands and become the Goddess Durga. You yourself punish the rapists. Here the administration, government and system all are deaf and dumb. The Power brokers have established a control over it.

Goddess Durga and Kali :

Goddess Durga and Kali are a same representation of the same feminine ‘shakti’, but worshipped in a different form. Goddess Durga born to destroy the tyranny caused by mahisasura called as asuras. The assassination of Mahisasura represents the victory of good over evil. Mother Goddess Durga created the Goddess Kali from her forehead for slaying the asuras named Shimbhu and Nishumbhu.

Mother Goddess Kali became more involved in the battle to destroy the demons. And Lord Shiva threw himself under her feet to stop all the evil. The best way to worship the goddess is by chanting Chalisa and performing Aarti. To perform Durga Aarti in Hindi one ought to adorn the aarti plate with essential things diya, roli, rice, flowers, and some sweet ought to be placed in the plate and the chanting of shloka/ mantra ought to be done in the starting. However, as per Hindu ritual before performing any pooja worshipping Lord Ganesh takes an important place, people sing Shree Ganesh Aarti in Hindi before performing any pooja.

Goddess Kali is mainly associated with the destruction of evil, her image often shows her as being dark and ferocious with a garland made of demon-heads around her neck. Goddess Kali helps the devotees make a relationship of the cycle of birth and death. Maa Kali is depicted in two different forms – having four arms or ten arms. In both the forms Kali Maa is shown to be black in color, her eyes red with drunkenness and rage. She is often seen wearing a garland of human heads. The four-armed image of Goddess Kali is also shown holding a cup made of human skull, a sword, a trident (Trishul) and a severed head.
Durga is portrayed sitting on lion or tiger and standing over the conquered body of mahisasura, thus represents the fall of ego, anger, greedy and all other evils in the world. Mother Goddess Durga is worshipped in all forms, during Durga Pooja. Durga Pooja will be held on Diwali and those days’ falls on Hindu month Karthik. As, Goddess Durga is be dreaded by all, and devotees are took a lot of care for worshipping for defense against for all evils.

Significance of Navaratri

Navratri, the nine-day #Hindu festival, is a celebration of Shakti (power). The festival which has a deep religious significance is celebrated five times a year.

The pious days waiting for you to visit your own divinity. Conscious detachment and cleansing of mind, body and soul. Saadhna and Dhyaana should be ruling the hours making you potent with positivity. Navratra is “Indriyo ki Saadhna”, avoid feasting rather take falahar as prasadam. Get to know your pace, your Shakti, realise your core, visit your energies and aura and blossom like a bud swinging in fresh spring breeze!

The scientific basis behind Navratri is that there are four treatises for one year in the orbital period of the Sun, from which the two main NUll in the circular treaties falling in the months of March and September. At present, there us a high probsboly of germ attack. Physical illness often increase in seasonal treaties. Therefore, the process to be healthy at that time, keep the body pure, keep the mind clean and completely healthy, is called “Navratri”.

Our body is said to be nine doors and, the name of the life force (Jivani Shakti that resides within it) is the name of Goddess Durga. So in order to establish discipline, cleanliness, harmony in these main senses, the festival of purification of nine gates is celebrated for nine days to keep the body system functioning smoothly for the whole year. To give importance to them personally, nine days are named for the nine Durgas.

The nine day Navratri Sadhana should be accomplished with a 24 thousand Gayatri Mantra anusthan (religious practice). Gayatri is the Supreme Power, who promotes divine elements and spiritual qualities in sadhaka’s body and soul. This is the path of one’s own good. We must do this Sadhana during Navratris. Many people worship Tamasik gods and goddesses and slaughter animals. This is Tantric process. Such Tantric ways increase Tamas (darkness) in the sadhak. Though they may help in worldly achievements, no spiritual progress can be made in Tamasik atmosphere. So those who want to progress in spiritual field must only do Gayatri anusthan during Navratris.

The short Gayatri anusthan is of 24000 mantras. A sadhak can tell 27 rosary daily for 9 days and chant 24000 mantras. A rosary has 108 beads, but only 100 mantras are counted; 8 are omitted for possible wrong pronunciation or mistakes in mantra recitation. So a rosary is counted 27 times daily with Gayatri Mantra. Generally 10 to 11 rosaries can be counted in an hour. It takes almost 2 and a half hours daily in mantra recitation. If one doesn’t get enough time in the morning, one may do it in morning and evening both. One must take bath in the morning, do self purification with 5 prescribed mantras, do seven prescribed worship rituals and start mantra recitation. Finally, water be offered to the Sun God as oblation.

May my Goddess Durga empower You and your family With her nine swaroopa of name Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity, Education, Bhakti & Shakti …
May my Goddess illuminate your life with countless blessings of happiness, love and good fortune.

Application of above Blessings and enriched Selflessness will surely drive away all the malicious Vibrant realms of the Mind and the Brilliant Sparks of Righteousness and Humaneness devoid of all Barriers will come into Existence.