Moon Amour ❤

Oh, what a sight.
You wearing only the moonlight.
You wore it just right.
Voluptuous curves flowing in the night,
Like a gentle breeze.
Through the trees.
Cascading in rapturous silverlight.

The gods personified desire.
Dressed you in silver fire.
Created you to inspire.
Setting hearts afire.
With the moonlit.
Your only attire.

Glistening dew on your skin.
Like the stars in the sky.
Dance at the shiver of you quiver.

I beg for your touch.
For my soul needs a crutch.
Please come and kiss my sin.
And let us start again.

But even the gods fell short.
In capturing your essence.
The moon turned away,
Blinded by your luminescence.
Who was this entity so lucid and free?
It was you, the creation of beauty, and lover of me.


You are my Life ❤

You’re the reason

I feel alive here

The moment you’re apart,

The beat of the heart stops

All that runs my mind is you

I need to hold you here in my arms

For today and forever

I wish I could explain you the feeling I get,

When you’re beside me

The moment I listen to the beat of your heart trembling, I feel the rhythm in your heart

When I look into your eyes,

And your blush, I fall all the more

I swear to the stars running in the sky, I cannot see you apart

You’re the special someone to me

You are a part of my soul

You are too good, too pure, too full of life.

You’re here and I can feel you.

You’re in me.

I promise I’ll wake up every day with that same feelings and love

I’m really hoping that you are the one meant for me.

I’m really hoping that it will be me and you at the end of this journey.

I don’t know I deserve you or not.

The moon fell in love with the sun knowing that she’ll never love him back.

I have loved you all my life; it has just taken me this long to find you.

You came at the right timing.

Everything just suddenly fall in its perfect places.

You’re the one that lights up my world.

You make my nights and dawn.

I’ll be here truly loving you and worshipping you. I’ll love you till my last breath.

I cannot share you. I cannot share you with the skies that come between us

I need you like the eyes need the balls, I need you like the dark needs the black, I need you like the blood needs the red, I need you like the nerves need the veins, I need you like the depth needs the core, I need you like the skin needs the bone

From the serenity of the loneliness in the night, from the moment that sets my life apart, we’ve recognised each other’s souls, our souls for eternity

There’s nothing more beautiful to me than the beautiful fragrance of your breath

I already am touched with the truth that it’s the beat of your heart that sets me alive

The place I step is nothing to me without the touch of your immortal existence. My heart stops beating the moment yours apart from mine. When the rhythm of our hearts feel each other and the souls meet, there’s no heaven in the world apart.

We shall meet when the setting sun and rising moon appear together in the sky.
The sky will change colour, and all will be bathed in an orange glow.
Winds of desire will blow, And thundering clouds will fill the skies.
Dry leaves will murmur and untimely rains will wash the earth.
There will be no shackles of religion or relationships to tear us apart.
All that will remain will be the fire of love in our hearts.
On that day
We will become one for eternity.

I want you. All of you. Your flows. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want you and only you.

You are by far the most amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, ravishing, sexy, loving, kind and compassionate woman in the world.

I destroyed and ruined myself because of you.

I wish I could live without you. I’ll try.

You know, I love you. I’ll always make myself available for you, even though the distances.

It does not matter how the future gonna be, but I’m never gonna stop loving you.

I’ll wait for you till the day I can forget you or till the day you realize you cannot forget me.

PS – To My Love, My Goddess, My Soulmate, My Everything.


A Letter to My Dear Precious Goddess ❤

My Dear Precious Goddess,
From my night to your morning,
I’m writing in return to your lethal mail
The motion of which is like a garden snail
Crawling and hiding, crawling and hiding
Like a shadowy door with mystery sliding

I have been touching your written words

Those are like a collection of morning dews
In a box of emotion that embrace the sky,
Covering the distance of the ocean

I enjoy my timelessness through your words:
Counting the unforgettable, measuring the unspoken.
And the embrace of this obscurity is certainly tighter
Than the lessening grip of my heart
Bringing salt water to my eyes

My own heart now loves missing its beats
The flame of feeling inhales the heats
I breathe your name, exhaling my pain
On your shirt I wish could be a blood stain
As a proof of my heart, it would stay deep red
My heart is writing here, not my head

You are the mark on my liquid heart
where love begins with the beginning’s start
You are the desire of the ablaze fires
the only truth from ten-thousand-liars
You know,
I feel I can let myself enter through a ravine
All alone to be stuck there forever
Only if you stay with me in my mind
I feel I can spend this lifetime in a dark bunker
With only your thoughts surrounding me

Not sure if this is called ‘Love’
But this must be something more,
Where feelings of purity transcend.
And look at the words you’ve sent!
They are staring at me like a feeble harbinger
As my soul touches them through my eyes
Yet my mind exerts not to miss you so much

As I understand,
I am possessed by you beyond exorcism
Your light shines through my heart’s prism
I feel you here, I feel you there;
The vibes of your heart reaching everywhere
I look at the stars and envy them;
As I feel they stare back at you from another sky
I’ve created a milky way through my mind
To feel you closer as I close my eyes

I tumble into my bed
And start staring at the ceiling
For I still can count the stars there
Such is the impact of the marked feelings
Rising and falling deep down inside me

I hear sea sound from your distant shore
However that sound interlaces
With the tunes of your heart
However, my toe draws the lines
In the sand toward the waves of your unknown path
No tide can stop yearning for yours words
I’m drowning, drowning in the blue depths
Where the dawn – briefer than a twinkle
And your presence –longer than a life span
Keep breathing my affections, beloved

Crimson fate will perish soon -you’ll see
In the twilight’s dusky red
For the night is here out and about
And your treasured words beyond doubt-
Under the pillow of my bed

I thank you for the legacy of your soul’s caress
Through your letters for which I wait
(Like a mother bird who awaits the return
Of its young’s father to the nest)
Now your words are touching my bare skin
Denuding my heart

And the flesh wrapped around my lonesome existence
Is now responding to every single alphabet
That you care to send me
As a guide to my aching thoughts

But please, let your heart’s spring sing along
With one hundred birds from your nearby park
Where I fancy I’m sitting beside you
Holding you…
A wordless me…

Let the shower of rain from your soul reign over my heart
Let the light of my eyes rest upon a tuneful start
From the drizzle of your mind’s poetic appearance.


I met a beauty today ❤

I met a beauty today
A masterpice of God
so to speak, in other words
She was not walking like us
She was like flying on ground
I don’t know how to describe her
How to start, from where?
She was carrying all features
And colors of mother nature
Her face was a budding rose
She was so charming from head to toes
Her eyes were painted by oceans
Her looks were piercing and seductress
Her nose was dainty and neat
Her cheeks were flushed in heat
Her lips were like sunk in a red ink
She had a cute dimple on her cheek
Which was the world’s sweetest thing
Her bosoms were so plump and erect
She had a waist slender and sleek
She was Just like a flawless sculpture
Which is carved and shaped
By the most skilled architect
Her smile was promising
Her voice was so soft
As if it was like velvet
But at the same time wry
I had the feeling that way
I do not know why
Her eyes, her looks were inviting
Her cynic voice, her mocking words were discouraging
I do not know what to do, where to go
I am so undecided, confused so


Her Beauty Beyond Words ❤

For her, men would die
Wrapped in an aromatic aura
her essence was that of roses
Like the countless setting suns
I drowned in the waves of her tresses
Her dark attire makes her porcelain features glow as I bathe and bask in her presence
The moon even looks like
a blemish on her perfect milky white skin
in this bewitching hour she has stolen my heart
like a thief in the night
she is altogether a woman of strength and prowess.
Resigned am I and attracted
to her fatalistic seduction
Lips red and full
succulent like ripe berries
She holds sway over my every thought
for her I could
for her… I would live


To Your Captivating Beauty ❤

O my Luscious Goddess, the very Venetian dazzling damsel,
In your matchless Beauty, you, undoubtedly, supersede all and excel!
Even a million Mona Lisas wouldn’t match your deepshine lustre,
For, your are the brightest Star in Beauty’s luminous cluster!

As the shiny, seductive and capturing rays of the Full Moon,
Turn the calm and tranquil waves wild, delirious and swollen,
So do you, my Love, with your enchanting and seductive croon,
Madden me, as did to millions, the ravishing beauty of Angelina Jolie!

As the eager and boundless bosom of the Sea calls a river to mingle with,
As a brimming river gets restless, a lively rivulet, to flirt with,
As the eager wings of Victory long to hug it’s performers best,

As the meticulous birds, with much toil, build their secure nests,
As the hilarious honey-bees suck Nectar from blossoms in merry hastes,
So do I yearn to clasp you tight, and slumber on your undefiled chest!

As the rapt rain drops fall to kiss the restive soil, and lie blissfully on her breast,
So am I restless to clasp you tight, and extract eternal ecstasy, and rest!
Just as the waves wobble the sweet aroma of hygienic frankincense!
It shines as the serene and silvery Full Moon,
To soothe the beholders like a beautiful, blissful boon!

Yes, your enticing youthful eyes are past any mundane prize;
Their fair share, with their gloating and glittering glare,
And their silent symphony seem surpassing and rare;
For, they are, like Portia’s, sculpted to satiate and mesmerize!

Yes, your crisp, cascading hair dares to cate and heal many hidden wounds,
Your nose, a lovely silky and milky Rose, assuages all sorrows!
Your peace pouring Pupils sweetened life’s imminent morrows,
Thus, ends the gloom of your Groom as your beauty abounds!

Yes, you dominate the domain of glittering grace,
The rest are miles away in the bewitching Beauty’s race!
You replicate mesmerizing Beauty’s irrefutable definition,
While your counterparts are merely your shadowed simulation!

Oh! To your captivating Beauty, the gaping, gasping eyes get glued,
Whosoever terms “You are smply beautiful.” Is biased and rude!
But, I perceive, and call you a sprightly and spellbinding ‘Fair Rose’,
For, out of your galvanizing glance, a soothing vernal breeze blows!



Lucidity is a nymph ❤

She smelled of wild roses
Wrapped in an aura of lotus.
Life swam in the nectar pools
Of her restlessly vibrant eyes.
No place for fools
To wander without sacrifice.

A thousand dawns slept
Upon her glowing face.
Countless setting suns drowned
In the waves of her grace.

She was the pearl of frothen sea;
The water rose that rest upon me.
She was my lustrous beacon afar.
My shining morning star.

She touched the restless sea
And it rose in wild ecstasy.
The waves hugging her luscious form
With their longing weight.
The sea foaming in an ecstatic storm;
Never did they hesitate.

The sky raged with jealousy
Over the luck of the sea.
The heavens whined a storm
Over her glorious form.

She was the dream of a dream.
Curves flowing in an astral stream.
She was my lustrous beacon afar.
My shining morning star.