My First Blog on Navratri Festival 

NAVRATRI Festival:

The word Nava, which means nine, has a holy significance in Hinduism.

Nava Durga or the nine forms of Goddess Durga is worshipped during the nine days of Navratri.

Every woman who awakens COURAGE within herself is DURGA.

Every woman who awakens TRANSFORMAT ION within herself is KALI.

Every woman who awakens DEVOTION within herself is PARVATI.

Every woman who awakens NURTURING within herself is ANNAPURNA.

And Every woman who awakens the SHIVA within herself is the SHAKTI.

Navratri (Sanskrit: नवरात्रि, literally “nine nights”), also spelled Navaratri or Navarathri, is a multi-day Hindu festival celebrated in the autumn every year. It is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. Theoretically, there are four seasonal Navratri. However, in practice, it is the post-monsoon autumn festival called Sharad Navratri that is the most observed in the honor of the divine feminine Devi (Durga). The festival is celebrated in the bright half of the Hindu calendar month Ashvin, which typically falls in the Gregorian months of September and October.

NAVRATRI means  “Celebrating The Goddess Within”

Day 1: Pratipada/Ghatasthapana

” The first day is the day of SHAILAPUTRIDEVI. Shailaputri literally means the daughter (putri) of the mountains (shaila). Variously knows as SATI BHAVANI, PARVATI or HEMAVATI, the daughter of Hemavana – the king of the Himalayas, she is the first among Navadurgas.”

 Day 2: Brahmacharini

“BRAHMACHARINI means one who practices devout austerity. She enlightenes us in the magnificent embodiment of DURGA with great powers and divine grace. She isn’t blissful and endows happiness, peace, prosperity and grace upon all devotees who worship her. Filled with bliss and happiness,  she is the way to emancipation – Moksha.”

 Day 3: Chandraghanta

“CHANDRAGHANTA worshipped for peace, tranquility and prosperity in life. She has a ‘Chandra’ or half moon in her forehead in the shape of a ‘ghanta’ or bell. She is charming, has a golden bright complexion  and rides a Lion. She has ten hands, three eyes and holds weapons in her hands. She is the apostle of bravery and possesses great strength to fight in the battle against demons.”

 Day 4: Kushmanda

“The meaning of the name ‘Ku-shm-anda- is as follows:

‘Ku’ = a little;   ‘Ushma’ = warmth;   ‘Anda’ = the cosmic egg.

So she is considered the creator of the universe. The universe was no more than a valid full of darkness, until her light spreads in all directions like rays from the Sun. Often she is depicted as having eight or ten hands. She holds weapons, glitter, rosary, etc., in her hands, and she rides a Lion.”

 Day 5: Skandamata

“Skanda Mata – the mother of Skanda or Lord Kartikeya, who was chosen by gods as their commander in chief in the war against the demons. She is accompanied by the Lord Skanda in his infant form. Devi SKANDAMATA   is a symbol of the mother-son relationship. She is also called as PADAMASANI since She is often depicted seated on a lotus flower. She is also worshiped in the form of PARVATI or MAHESHWARI or MATA GAURI.”

 Day 6: Katyayani

“The legend behind her name goes thus: Once upon a time there was a great sage called Kata, who had a son named Katya. He underwent long austerities and penance in order to receive the grace of the Mother Goddess. He wished to have a daughter in the form of a goddess. According to his wish and desire the Mother Goddess granted his request. KATYAYANI was born to Kata as an avatar of DURGA.”

 Day 7: Kaalratri

“She has a dark complexion, and a fearless posture. Her large red eyes, open red tongue, and sobre on hand violently demolish devils and monsters. She is also glorified with name ‘KALI MATA’. DEVI KAALRATRI has three round eyes, and scattered long black hair. She wears a bead that gleams like fire of electric power. DURGA manifested herself as completely destroy the dirt and demons from existence. She is revered with name KALRATRI, because she represents herself as a death of KAAL appeared like a dark night of demons.”

 Day 8: Maha Gauri

“Goddess MAHA GAURI is eighth form of DEVI DURGA and one of the graceful Goddesses among the navadurgas. Her beauty glows like gleam of white Pearl. She denotes peace and endurance. She is represented with four arms seated on a  Vrishabha (bull). Her upper left hand holds Trishul (Trident), lower right hand carries Damru (hand drum) and other two hands are in different Mudras (positions). She cleans dregs from hearts of her worshippers.”

 Day 9: Siddhidatri

“SIDDHIDATRI has supernatural healing powers. She has four arms and she is always in a blissful happy enchanting pose. She rides on the lion as her vehicle. She blesses all Gods, Saints, Yogis, Tantrics, and all devotess as a Manifestation of the Mother Goddess. She is the possessor of 26 different wishes (Siddhis) which She grants her worshipers. The legend has it that the LORD SHIVA got all those Siddhis by worshiping  MAA SHAKTI.”