How can i hold my tear,
Since you broke my heart at once
I have tried many time to hold my tear
Rather this pain force me to fall
How long you will keep me in tragic sad
Nor i cannot resist the pain i endure
I have aske the passersby what is tear
Some answered with a smile on their face
Many they don’t answer me what say
I walked many miles to hide my pain
It was really an emotional flow of teardrop
No matter how painful is this pain
I had to resist since there’s no one to hold
I peeped through window of broken heart
Thought i can give away the pain i had
There’s no body to see my pain which i have
Only my heart knows what is really a pain
I know i have scar in my heart’s wound
Wound are grown bigger more than before
No matter how big is my pain i get through
I am only the one i had to bear it always
How can i adjust my tear not to fall apart
There’s no place to hide my tear anymore
Let me cry through my broken heart
Let me shed tear until my eyes bleed in blood.

PS – To My Love


42 thoughts on “TEARS OF AGONY AFTER BROKEN UP πŸ’” 😭πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜“πŸ˜”

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