“Riddle of a Hue”

I am a crow lover
In the night I hover
Sometimes ‘Jet’- my first name
I’m a hue of fame
The colour of the dark
Into her eyes I spark
The day I swallow
I am the hollow
I am the deep
I’m a creepy creep
I’m the owl’s heaven
I rest on a raven
I can fall
I can crawl
Into the old woman’s lap
I love to take a nap
embracing her cat’s skin
I’m the thick; I’m the thin
I’m a hater of ‘green’
I’m a colourless screen
I’m the canvas of stars
I’m the curer of scars
I’m precious on ‘rose’
I sniff with coloured nose
I feed on Asian Hair
I’m the electricity’s scare!!
I lick the Mercedes-Benz
Loved by Ladies and Gents
I worship the mean
I kiss the ‘Gothic Teen’
On her lips and eyes
And when a liar lies
I flee with the flies
I’m a hue; I’m a hue
Of the hat of a jew
I live in a funeral suit
I shine on the boot
I engulf the light
As the dead becomes white
The sun I fight
You hold me tight
When life has gone
Dusk dims the dawn
Whenever nights you lack
You just call me- BLACK!


Shrouded voices,
Whispered lies-
Bend the spoon
and paint the skies,
Whiskey bent-
Not heaven bound,
Hidden moments
Never found…
Spin and sleep,
Then drift and
Nothing ever
what it seems-
Sliding back,
Or moving in-
Grand illusions
Sin to win…
Flaming footprints
‘cross this realm,
Sinking swiftly-
Slinging spells,
Deadman in the
Voices whisper
Thru his
A meeting with
A memory,
She was the
But now she’s
Nobody seems to
Hear his cries
Tainted skies…
Seasons far
‘tho storms are
A lake of
Blazing Angel
Form as swiftly,
Then erupt-
Drinking from