“Dear MOM, you grew me from a seed, You’d sacrifice your meal so I could feed, you gave me air so that I could breathe, The person I turn to in times of need. How on earth can I thank you? For all the selfless things that you do, Not giving up on me, seeing this through, Unrivaled dedication, you were my medication still you are, without any hesitation, My saviour, my salvation.
DEAR MOM, thank you. For being there every second still you are with me, supporting me, protecting me. I was the most naughitest, stubborn, mischievous child still I am, noone can handle me only you. Superwoman of my life. Strongest and very Strict Hitler (solly 😂) Mom. I remember all your slaps and scoldings for my betterment. Your voice melts my worrying. Thank you for teaching me how to walk on my own, You were been my life’s greatest teacher and even now. You have colored my days with your guidance, affection, care and attention. Thank you for teaching me how to write, count and read. I love you and respect you more than you’ll ever know. You are the greatest; you are my everything. And I will always see you in every wonderful experience that will happen to me.
Mom’s LOVE for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things, crushes down remorselessly all that stand in its path.”

Wishing you a very happy birthday to my dear producer and creator ladydon mummy 👻😍😘😛❤😎🙏🏻


“Riddle of a Hue”

I am a crow lover
In the night I hover
Sometimes ‘Jet’- my first name
I’m a hue of fame
The colour of the dark
Into her eyes I spark
The day I swallow
I am the hollow
I am the deep
I’m a creepy creep
I’m the owl’s heaven
I rest on a raven
I can fall
I can crawl
Into the old woman’s lap
I love to take a nap
embracing her cat’s skin
I’m the thick; I’m the thin
I’m a hater of ‘green’
I’m a colourless screen
I’m the canvas of stars
I’m the curer of scars
I’m precious on ‘rose’
I sniff with coloured nose
I feed on Asian Hair
I’m the electricity’s scare!!
I lick the Mercedes-Benz
Loved by Ladies and Gents
I worship the mean
I kiss the ‘Gothic Teen’
On her lips and eyes
And when a liar lies
I flee with the flies
I’m a hue; I’m a hue
Of the hat of a jew
I live in a funeral suit
I shine on the boot
I engulf the light
As the dead becomes white
The sun I fight
You hold me tight
When life has gone
Dusk dims the dawn
Whenever nights you lack
You just call me- BLACK!


Among the thick leaves’ rustles
In the rolling waves’s ripples
In the minute sore pimples
I notice Your Mighty Robes Purples!

Under barbars’sharp shaving razors
Between the doctors’s operating scissors
Beneath the myriad comforting geysers
I feel Your gifted, unusual Pleasures.

On the swift wheels of the trains
In the mysterious bloackboxes of the planes
In the ever evolving human brains
I realize Your unceasing benevolence Rains.

In the green golden corn fields
Behind the warriors’ protective shields
In the weeds and in the water reeds
I perceive Your bestowed blissful Yields.

In the laughters of the joy brides
In the grins of the victory rides
In the salvation of the ultimate flights
I behold You shower infinite Delights.

In the faithful prayers of the needy
In the honest sweats of the steady
In the decrees of the judges’ just
I find Your Presence is a must.

In the Moon’s cool, silvery shines
In the sky-kissing peaks, lofty pines
In the sands, stones, shrubs, and herbs
I view only Your Omni-pulsating Throbs.

In the incalculable Light years’ distance
In the forests dark, dangerous, dense
In the gorges, icebergs, stars and grains
I watch Your all permeating, generous Lens.

In all the so-called man-made inventions and discoveries
In the great visionaries’ dreams and lovers’ reveries
In the known- unknown, human-Natural treasuries
I observe Your Mercy Oceans and Bounty Seas.



Shrouded voices,
Whispered lies-
Bend the spoon
and paint the skies,
Whiskey bent-
Not heaven bound,
Hidden moments
Never found…
Spin and sleep,
Then drift and
Nothing ever
what it seems-
Sliding back,
Or moving in-
Grand illusions
Sin to win…
Flaming footprints
‘cross this realm,
Sinking swiftly-
Slinging spells,
Deadman in the
Voices whisper
Thru his
A meeting with
A memory,
She was the
But now she’s
Nobody seems to
Hear his cries
Tainted skies…
Seasons far
‘tho storms are
A lake of
Blazing Angel
Form as swiftly,
Then erupt-
Drinking from

My Dear Elder Bro ❤

My dear hottest bomb elder bro 😘👻❤
Ex Professor of Engineering.
Ex King of Cognizant.
Ex Prince Charming of Amdocs.
Ex Warrior of HCL.
Now Barclays British Multinational Investment Bank.

Cupid of top IT MNCs 😂👻😛
Popular, Famous.
Guitarist, Dancer.

Coder. Programmer.

Girls were dying to talk to him, still they are.
Married at 26.
Pure Gentleman and Simple human being.
My superman,

my hero,

my protector.

He has each and every qualities. I don’t have any 😂
Vr 180 degree opposite.

I love to tease him so much.
He always taught me stay away from girls, never fall in love and relationship, don’t waste your time behind girls, love, relationship kind of drama, just focus on your studies, career, do hard work, follow your dreams, you deserve best, everything will come and follow you at right time, but I always ignore his every advices. 🤣😂😅

I love and respect you more than anything. God Bless you 😊

Happy birthday to my dear elder brother 😍😘😊

“Your Brother will never say he loves you, But he loves you more than anyone else in the World”

After the divine relationship of mother,
Next important relation is of Brotherhood.
There is eternal presence of friendship.
Sunshine shadow rain joys or sorrow.
There is always presence of an Elder Brother.
Relation of blood or family.
The bonds of heart, mind, soul is friendship.
The difference of age and thoughts.
Does not hinder relation of us.
Beyond the horizon of the world.
All the wealth of world can not buy,
The relationship of Brotherhood.
My sibling is my lifeline,
Feelings of emotions and relations as lifelines,
No substitute for his commendable support and love,
We share and celebrate our birthdays, our achievements with same enthusiasm and passion to lit the hope of candle,
We’ve not grown up in our childhood fights, remain united and close knitted in layers and flairs of love and blessings,
Hugs and prayers for well being is our motto of life to fly high and mighty!

Wishing you a very very very happy birthday dear elder bro.
Always Stay Safe, Secure and Happy 😊.

Wishing you An abundance of goodness in life, Richness of soul, peace in the Mind, Happiness in your heart, joy & laughter on your face & may it all reflect in the sparkle of your eyes.

May my lord krishna illuminate your life with countless blessings of happiness, love and good fortune.