Torrential Rain

Parched Earth,sweltering Sun
Desolate land,deserted despair
Dilapidated life,spent forces
And diminished returns are
The hallmarks of life and landscape.

Into that,the sensation of rain
Is let in drenching and soaking
The land with elixir of purity
And love transforming it
From a rudimentary one to
The one adduced with fertility.

The creative energy is peaked,
That love is drunken to the brim,
The cup of joy is filled to capacity,
And the life is redefined for good.

The only missing piece of
This jigsaw puzzle is the
Dissapperance of that rain
Of love after showering the self
With that bountiful bliss.


Last night
I lost the shadow of my soul
The vibration of your heartbeats died away.
You used to play on the harmonica
In every moonlight night
You used to console me
With your pink love songs
In every chilly rainy night

Yes watched me closely
How I played with the fire
How I was drenched in the torrential rain .!!
And one by one how my dreams got shattered !!

The deep silence will kill me tonight
The voicelessness pain will become fire
It will burn me tonight
Sharp sword of your words will cut me thoroughly
tonight …
I will not be alive tonight
Dream will not fly with me tonight …..

Day by day I m dying happily
As I know for sure
You will see me by the shores of the Ganges
With the hymns of divine light at twilight
When day and night meet through the
light and darkness
Dying for me is loving your soul .
Today I am dying
With all the aspirations I had
Just for the sake of my rebirth .!!

The Ballad of Night Lovers

They were two individuals
Not knowing each other
They started to follow their minds
Distance did not bother

When it was all about passion
Between two unknown hearts
Future had nothing to do with
Their spirits secret parts

One by one they counted those drops
Of faithful love to share
Where desire drizzled with the rain
Under the same hope’s care

Moonlight stopped conversing with them
For they welcomed the stars
To sprinkle holy borrowed-lights
As mere balm on their scars

The night whispered to influence
Their hesitated ‘touch’
The warm touch of those fingertips
Breath’s silence longed to clutch

Night after night on starry wings
Night lovers soared so high
Miles apart, across the oceans
Their love forgot to sigh

In heavenly flight’s timelessness
That highest height treasured
Into the deepest of all blues
Their depth of love measured.

PS – To My Love, My Goddess

Thistle Flowers

Oh, Glamorous Thistle flower!
How can I express how gorgeous you look?
Many are more scented than you,
But none as glamorous as you.

Bees and butterflies hover over you,
Even the wind feels exotic
Touches smoothly you,
Flying birds get attracted to you.

All eyes are one with you,
Passing on the rocky way in early spring
Saw plenty of multicoloured Thristles Dancing on the way.

Marveled at your stunning faces
Eternally attracted to all of you,
To whom I love and how I love
My heart wished to love all of you.

One by one I will tell all of you ‘I LOVE YOU,’ One by one I will embrance all of you,
One by one I will kisses all of you,
I will love all of you no more no less
Like a true lover does with no separations.

I will blame my fortune
If you all won’t like me as your lover,
But still you all are connected with me
From my eyes to heart
From my heart to my soul,
And I will continue loving you all.