Fuck What They Think

People Come And People Go.
Some are special, Some aren’t so.
Some are devils, some are an angels.
Some are an asshole bastards.
Some are friends, Some are more.
Some are Temporary, Some are Permanent.
Some still here, Some long gone
Few for real, Deliberately let gone.
If they block you, Cut off contacts
If they Ignore you, Let them go forever.
If they insult and hurt you, fuck them.
Thankfully I don’t have to waste any more breath on that kind of people.
They are not even worth the calories I burn thinking of them .
Let those who naturally gravitates to you enjoy your energy.
We spend so much time for begging those for who wouldn’t blink twice at the thought of you.
Cherish those who are there by choice and because you chased them. Everytime they decided to escape like an impotent.
Before you ask someone why someone hates you, ask yourself why you give a fuck.
So fuck what they think about you.
Stop fucking care about some faceless strangers.
Don’t get used to anybody.
People come and go like a bombay local train.
Do not attached,
do not ates,
do not promise,
do not stay.
Do yourself a favor
and learn to be alone.


200 Posts ❤😍😘😉👻😛

Dear All,

I am very happy to inform all of you that I am completing exactly 200 posts on this most awesome platform.

I started writing blogs as a kind of therapy. To help me express my love, feelings, emotions, pain, tears, agony, and sorrow that was making me dangerously depressed.

My story with wordpress is one of respectful reciprocation, warm human amity, fruitful cultural and intellectual exchange, endearing buoyancy, passionate literary embellishment and endowment, let alone friendship furtherance and beefing up!

Thank you to all of you, dear friends, who have contributed to, and been part of my journey.
I am very proud of Some of my blogs. Others didn’t work out as well as I had imagined. Such is life..

I don’t have all answers to life. But I hope I have gained some wisdom from my tiny little life experiences, which if nothing else, are varied and somewhat unique.

Thank you very very much each and every one of you for reading, appearing my posts. Thank you for your immense love, blessings and support.

I shall appreciate you always. You all have made my writing journey exciting, thrilling and memorable for me.


I challenged Death


I challenged death!

I had no desire for engaging battle,

Neither agreed to meet her to settle

She blocked my road in moment so fatal

Wondered whether she made life belittle

What’s the age of death? A wink?
Life runs long, days, years to think

Have lived merrily, never died by soul

Will return anew, not afraid to march when called

Please avoid stealth, be bold on me

Come face to face and challenge me

Life travel had always been exciteful
Pleasant evenings and nights peaceful

Not that never had share of trouble

Many sorrows of self and others bountiful

Even strangers and ours endearment

Made me keep no balance of any grouse

To every challenge, I contested to finish

Even in the storms, I lighted the lamps

More bitter tempest today I face

My ferry is facing whirls and haze

Have my determination to overcome always so

The speed of storm makes me embolden lo

I challenge death, and challenged so!

I challenge death, and challenged so!

-Atalji 🙏🏻


When Barriers Fall

One day all the difference barriers
Between all human will be removed
We can not be unjust to humanity
We can not less dignity of humanity
The eternal rules of love submission
Can only save lives on earth
When will the frenzy of violence
Remove from our earth
What is the use of knowledge
What is the use of religions
What is the use of languages
If we can not greet with smile
Let the eyes only talk
Let the hearts only feel
There is plenty for survival
Why quarrel like beasts
Restore the nobelness
Restore the understanding
Restore the cord of love
Restore the order on earth
Let not the race of time
Not extinguish our existence
Awake from the slumber
Rise to the occasion of survival.



This Diwali let us Pause, Ponder, Circumspect. Maybe we can rediscover what we are as a Nation & Slay our inner Demons & Celebrate Truth, Hope & Justice.

Diwali is the occasion to let go of all past misunderstandings & come together in a spirit of Celebration.

May Diwali take us from the darkness of spiritual ignorance to the light of Self-realization and universal consciousness.

Obliteration of Darkness is the nature of light. May the light arise in your life, to light you up and all that you touch on this festival of lights. A Dazzling Diwali to you.

Wishing you an abundance of goodness in life, Richness of soul, Peace in the mind, Happiness in your heart, Joy & Laughter on your face & May it all reflect in the sparkle of your eyes. May you have a Splendid Festival Season & an equally Fantastic New Year.