She wore her body like the crown on a red thorny rose, shimmering on the ocean, reflected in silver bright light.. the moon spreads open for her. I am sharpening my senses.. I see her walking on the water toward the frightening depths in elegant and sensual movements.. My eyes awake… Delightful she swings to the darkest place and the only thing I see is her .. her shadow as seductive, like a gaze burning so hard her beauty I freeze down to nothing. Awake to all. I wake like an animal. Wild and out of control. I want her.. I need all my forces not to drown in her moves.. Her hair is playing with her body.. her dress is falling. I am shut down..exploding. Fire all around me..inside me.. I can not stand still.. I lose my control.. my head spins.. I run wild.. there’s nothing around me I notice.. she whispers… I shiver.. dark desires wake inside..How can she be this cruel to me..teasing my intuition to the core.. she smiles.. my body shakes .. my teeth are baring.. my thirst tasted blood .. grows in waves.. my pupils open…to see all of her.. I become the need to devour her.. I need to taste her.. I am out of my senses.. I run ..I swim.. I drown.. I climb.. I am not losing my eyes of her.. I want her.. she’s all that is existing.. my veins show up through my skin.. my blood boils .. it’s heat is making me become a wild beast craving her.. I smell her.. my full strength is showing.. her softness.. I need to lick taste soft she is.. sweet and the most beautiful prey…she’s my holy grail. My air..she is full of all I need.. the more I am .. the closer I am.. she is moving her lips.. what does she say.. my brain doesn’t work anymore.. she’s there.. with open lips.. I cannot stop falling inside of them.. my fingers.. my juice.. it’s mine.. for all that I know.. now it’s all or nothing.. I am fuller than I ever was.. she moves.. I ache.. her legs snuggle up against their own soft silk .. how come her skin shines so bright…what a beast she is .. she deserves to feel my strength wrapping around her.. my hands need to tame her sharp teasingful mouth.. she must be tortured by me.. ruled and taken..
I become so full.. I want her more than I want myself
My strength takes over.. I am in front of her.. disturbing her provoking dance.. she’s lustfully aching..I am in…more than she is but that’s her game….her gaze is making me losing control.. In front of her… out of breath…I grab her arm on her wrist.. too tight.. she’s feeling it.. I pull her close to my body..I stop breathing for a while.. gazing at her.. her chest is moving so radiant.. her breasts are moving for me.. dancing… she’s insane of doing this to me.. she’s in fear.. in delightful, irritating fear, aroused….her cheeks brighten for me.. her breath does’t calm down.. our bodies collide in rythm and waves.. I take her .. she is mine.. she will feel it.. I will make sure she does. I will show her what it’s like to be mine.. my thumb is sliding and this is all that I will do.. along her skin.. her jaw.. her chin.. down… along her middle..I want her to pay for making me this wild.. I want her to be mine.. she needs to be mine.. her breath is not enough.. her taste is making me so hard I need to make her feel me.. I need to let her know me.. she’s so fine in my arms .. honey and vine … how she moves.. she is roped by my gaze…my lips.. my demand.. she’s exploring.. I need to feel her breaking will…. she needs to be my softest petals.. my nurturing nectar.. I bring her closer to me.. she’s aware .. she is becoming a language of moans and breaths.. of my power… the way she moves.. she shakes…I am taking all of her.. and I hope it’s not just a dream.

PS – To My Goddess, My Aaradhya, My Soulmate, My Love, My Life, My Oxygen, My Everything.


My Voluptuous Curvaceous Bombshell Goddess ❤😍😘

The Bewitching Beauty

She is the sum total of life.

She is the embodiment of human kindness and compassion.

She is the manifestation of the positive vibes hovering around this world.

She transcends above all barriers, boundaries, bridles and controls to propagate the fragrance of her inner sweetness to all around.

She reaches that domain of elevation which can be termed as blissful state of affairs.

She defines what is beauty in this world.

Her physical structures can be described as simply scintillating to say the least.

She is the amalgamation of worldly attractiveness and Godly elegance.

She is a numero uno sensation living in the face of this world.

She is the best wonder in the world than the wonderful aspects of this world.

She stands redeemed as the touchstone of supplness and delicacy.

A Goddess of tremendous physical features and mental vibrancy.

To you,the eternal bow of respectability.

I love you so so much, and I’ll love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.

PS – To My Goddess, My Life, My Oxygen, My Oxygen, My Soulmate, My Jaan, My Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Everything.



My Seductive Goddess of the Heaven, the fair one who may be there,
Possessing slender form, of pointed teeth, of a lower lip as red as a ripe bimba fruit,
Of a slight waist, of eyes like that of a frightened fawn,
Of a deep navel, smoothly curved inward, of a graceful and tender movement
Through the weight of hips and voluptuous breasts, a slight bend in stature,
She rises, holding her head high, revealing a delicious neck.
She is as the Creator’s first effort making a woman (or the supermost woman from the celestial workshop of God, made of stars and sky).

She is draped, robed in the scent of wild roses, wrapped in sweet aroma. Life, seen swimming in the nectar pool of her restless eyes; a thousand dawns were sleeping on her glowing face, and drowning were countless setting suns in the waves of her tresses. She is the pearl of my frothen sea. She is the water resting, surrounding me as a bed of calm. Beautiful hips, enticing smile, the assertive, complete woman of epic. A flower none have smelled, delicate as jasmine. A lotus is beautiful even in the midst of muck; the blemish on the moon despite its darkness, only highlights the moon’s lustre. Her simple bark attire only enhances the loveliness of this maiden. Indeed, what will not serve as decoration for that which is intrinsically beautiful?

Creator’s prototype of a sensual woman, slender and youthful, with pointed teeth and lips red like bimba fruit, a thin waist, and a glance like that of a startled deer. She has a deep, soft navel, a dune to sweep across, a measured gait, owing to the weight of her hips and full bosom. Her lower lip glows like a tender leaf after a shower, the moisture speaking unspoken words. Her arms are flexible stalks, and youth, a blossom bewitching, shines in all her lineaments. She has a shapely figure, imp-thin and wasp-waisted.

She had glossy skin and slender eyebrows, curving over their prize, those sensual eyes, mesmerizing, tantalizing, shadowed by velvet lashes. She had a dainty nose and shiny, halo-white teeth. Her fingernails were varnished clear and inviting for the brave and the dreamers. Her hair was molten-red or sunrise-gold, coils of leaf-brown hair. She had rapture-blue eyes, pools to gladly sink in. She had syrup-sweet lips purer than pure, silently speaking her feminine secrets. Her demeanor was that of joy personified by a soothing and whispering voice.

Her fingers long and sleep, even they require attention, he would be blessed, he who would lay hold of her smooth sweet hands. Her touch is deep, often warming, often bringing chills, all complex as her soul. Her angelic feet barely touch a grateful earth those times she does land and live among mortals. Invisible wings are places by her side, unneeded, as she soars in fact, in her thoughts and in minds of audience. She has lines of limb, arms and legs, curves drawing eyes to see and plan the routes to take if given the opportunity for touch. She has a dimpled back. Could there be an imperfection in this beauty? No, the symmetry and placement only add to the exoticism of this rare lady.

Her smiles are a dessert, a sweet dish filling the senses supreme. No food nor sight can compare. Her eyes, blinking, are glittering with rainbows and suggestions, daresay commands. She lights the nights with her countenance, she and the moonlight. Her lips are pursed as a Valentine, a welcome display. Her tears are treasures. Worlds fall, landing at her feet. Words come, slowly, distinctly, as she shows empathy and sympathy. No temporary treasures are ever needed. She is there.

The crux of it all lies within an enigmatic storyline as she surges ahead, wonderful, voluminous tales left behind, ever and ever alive.

Her hair, her airs, enhance her rare beauty. All showing is beyond imagination. Her voice is now sarcastically sweet, each cell, each call, is in itself, herself! She fumes and frets, but when it comes to understand Human minds, she is the best. A resigned and fatalistic mentality is her Achilles heel. It is her way of confronting, even if confounding, no clues given.

The fair one, who may be there, possessed of slender form, of pointed teeth, of a lower lip red as a bimba fruit, a slight waist, eyes of a frightened fawn, a deep navel smooth and shimmering, and graceful movements, locked into observer’s eyes, her fullness of lips and wondrous breasts, awesome indeed, alert and full. She is elegant as if she were the Creator’s first effort in making a woman (or as if she is the supermost woman from the heavenly workshop of God).

PS – To My Love, My Soulmate, My Goddess, My Everything.



Looking into her eyes
Her eyes her eyes
I drown in her deep pools of blue that shine brighter than a thousand suns
Blinding me by her immense radiance
Immediately my living hell turns into paradise
The fire in her eyes full of a sought after passion by all mankind
Here I am caught in her mesmerizing glance
An everlasting glance
Everything vanishes except for this divine apparition
That imprisons me and frees me at the same time
The sight of her beauty
Stirring passions juices
A taste of eternity
My heart thumping rapidly in my chest

Every cell in my body dances with pleasure

This Goddess that walked into my life
Her eyes her eyes
They were on fire and yet soft is her gaze
Sets my body ablaze
I knew in an instant I would allow her to burn all my desires
Melting away my yesterdays and tomorrow’s
Except my desire for this, this tall slender elegant sexual Goddess
standing before me
This divine feminine
I would bow to I would honor
For eternity
I was under her spell
She could tell
Her full lucious lips moist like the morning dew
Temptingly partially apart

I wanted to place my mouth upon

The sight of her luscious
curvaceous breasts peering out from her ravaging low cut elegant red velvet dress
Weakens my entire body
And yet I never felt so alive
By this stunning beauty
This Goddess of Heaven
Sent from Heaven itself
Her well defined waist I wanted to hold
To pull her close
To feel her against me
To touch her
Everything vanished except my desire to caress this delicate
creature with the inner strength of a raging lion
I wanted her more than I’ve wanted anyone more than anything
The love she awakened in me
I would embrace forever

Our lips meet

Softly softly
Full on
My love for this Goddess deeper than an ocean
I wanted to make her mine
An impossible dream
However, I still dreamed
Our love stripped us bare
Standing in our nakedness
We wanted to share
In an intimacy so rare
Pleasuring each other
In nights candle light
Swimming in loves sweetness
A union of infinite delight.

PS – To My Aaradhya, My Goddess, My Love, My Life, My Soulmate, My Everything.


My Angel of Pain

She is an angel of pain
Allowing a glimpse
Behind Heaven’s curtain.
When I look into her eyes
I see behind the disguise.
She teaches me the pain
That a life of love
Is truly made of.
She is misery upon my wings,
A burden of all things.
My angel of pain.
She is the curse of my soul
That sings songs in dark D mol.
Melodies that call to the night.
That blot out my light.
With all my heart,
And every tear stain.
I love my angel of pain.
She is the scars I am never rid of.
The scars I wear from painful love.
She is my joy and my pain
She is the poetry in every vein.
I will always love her
Through Heaven and Hell.
My beautiful angel.
My angel of pain.

PS – To My Love, My Goddess.



My Dear Aaradhya (Goddess),

Once I had a heart of stone, For it had surely lost it’s home, It could not love or wanted too, But in my life then came you, The stones began to fall away, As happiness began to fill my day, A feeling so sweet and happy too, My First Love ❤

From the day I met you, I knew it was not the first time I knew you. We have known each other before the time began and existed. You are the angel in my life gifted from heaven. My world could have ended the moment we would not be any longer on this earth.

Until the day I met you, I did not know for sure If I would ever find love So awesome, perfect and pure. But ever since that day. All my doubts were put to rest For me, it’s no one but you. Because I’ll have nothing but the best.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The first time I fell for you. The way you looked at me.The things you’d say, It was too good to be true. I promised myself I would stay away. Then you made it where I couldn’t breathe Now this is all I have to say I’m crazy about you. Your eyes & your smile.

I am here to protect you from every evil vibe. I’ll let no vibe touch you. We could be far from the distances yet our souls move parallel to each other.

We’re like the parallel lines that move together yet can never intersect each other. When I look into your eyes, I have watery eyes that can never let you go anywhere.

I may move far away from you, we may not know where we both are yet my soul will remain incomplete without you.

Everytime I look at you, I thank my stars for giving you birth. You are engraved here in my soul. For all the rest of my life, I’ll wait for you to be with me.

I love the feeling I get when I’m around you. I feel you everytime even when you’re not beside. I love you more than I can ever show.

I love you, I love your soul. I want to be with you forever alone where everything beautiful can touch our connected souls.

I love to see the hidden blush in your eyes. I love your smile. I am so much addicted to you, your soul is beautiful because it’s connected to mine.

You bring me close, close to your heart. I can get lost in you and never let you know how beautiful the love is between us.

You make me go crazy. You light me on fire I can’t hold back. When I get overcome with desire. I think about you all day long. Do you think about me. How madly I am in love with you Baby, can’t you see.

In the nights of thunder, where the clouds merge, the oceans meet, I want to be with you and hold you in me and never let you go anywhere. I love you.

Everything dark, I just want to get lost in you, lost where my love will get hidden but it’ll bring you closer to me.

I still remember that moment when I randomly met you on a social networking site without knowing who you are yet I knew you are old to me. No destiny, no distance, no death can separate us.

I want to share my life with you for me to show, My love is true I want to hold you in my arms Showing you, how love truly feels Loving you, is what I want to do although I know, We are apart Tears in my eyes, U can take away If I’m with you, That’s all I care For that, to you, I give all of me!

I promise my love, I will love you with all that I am. Always look upon you, Even when you don’t know it. Never give up on you, Even if you give up on me I promise my love, I will love you with all that I am I promise my love, That I will love you always.

Every breath I take I dedicate to you. You are the reason for Everything that I do. Every day that I am alive I live by your name. Without you, my life Would never be the same.

Stupid Winsome Worshipper

P.S. Let the shower of rain from your soul reign over my heart.
Let the light of my eyes rest upon a tuneful start.
From the drizzle of your mind’s poetic appearance.


You are my Life ❤

You’re the reason

I feel alive here

The moment you’re apart,

The beat of the heart stops

All that runs my mind is you

I need to hold you here in my arms

For today and forever

I wish I could explain you the feeling I get,

When you’re beside me

The moment I listen to the beat of your heart trembling, I feel the rhythm in your heart

When I look into your eyes,

And your blush, I fall all the more

I swear to the stars running in the sky, I cannot see you apart

You’re the special someone to me

You are a part of my soul

You are too good, too pure, too full of life.

You’re here and I can feel you.

You’re in me.

I promise I’ll wake up every day with that same feelings and love

I’m really hoping that you are the one meant for me.

I’m really hoping that it will be me and you at the end of this journey.

I don’t know I deserve you or not.

The moon fell in love with the sun knowing that she’ll never love him back.

I have loved you all my life; it has just taken me this long to find you.

You came at the right timing.

Everything just suddenly fall in its perfect places.

You’re the one that lights up my world.

You make my nights and dawn.

I’ll be here truly loving you and worshipping you. I’ll love you till my last breath.

I cannot share you. I cannot share you with the skies that come between us

I need you like the eyes need the balls, I need you like the dark needs the black, I need you like the blood needs the red, I need you like the nerves need the veins, I need you like the depth needs the core, I need you like the skin needs the bone

From the serenity of the loneliness in the night, from the moment that sets my life apart, we’ve recognised each other’s souls, our souls for eternity

There’s nothing more beautiful to me than the beautiful fragrance of your breath

I already am touched with the truth that it’s the beat of your heart that sets me alive

The place I step is nothing to me without the touch of your immortal existence. My heart stops beating the moment yours apart from mine. When the rhythm of our hearts feel each other and the souls meet, there’s no heaven in the world apart.

We shall meet when the setting sun and rising moon appear together in the sky.
The sky will change colour, and all will be bathed in an orange glow.
Winds of desire will blow, And thundering clouds will fill the skies.
Dry leaves will murmur and untimely rains will wash the earth.
There will be no shackles of religion or relationships to tear us apart.
All that will remain will be the fire of love in our hearts.
On that day
We will become one for eternity.

I want you. All of you. Your flows. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want you and only you.

You are by far the most amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, ravishing, sexy, loving, kind and compassionate woman in the world.

I destroyed and ruined myself because of you.

I wish I could live without you. I’ll try.

You know, I love you. I’ll always make myself available for you, even though the distances.

It does not matter how the future gonna be, but I’m never gonna stop loving you.

I’ll wait for you till the day I can forget you or till the day you realize you cannot forget me.

PS – To My Love, My Goddess, My Soulmate, My Everything.