She is my everything ❤

As an Angel she came into my life
Showing me the glimpse of heaven
When I looked into her eyes
I saw a heavenly light
Making my heart sing and dance
Amidst clouds, flying with her
On the wings of her love
Giving me the strength
For doing the things I like to do.

She created magical effects in me
Like a muse soothing my heart and soul
What a melodious song it was
I enjoyed with utmost pleasure
The feel was everlasting and mesmerizing
Giving me a pleasure sublime.

She is the pain I hold in my heart
The tears I cry every night
She is the scars I never tried to get rid off
I am wearing these scars like I’m loving her.

She is both my pain and my joy
The pain and the joy I write
She’s the beauty in my poetry
And everything to me
In heaven or in hell
I will always love her
My beautiful angel of the heaven.

PS – To My Love


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