She will always be mine

Why is it so hard to stop myself from wanting you
From loving you?
Because unconsciously I tell myself it’s okay
That feeling the pain I’m feeling now is okay
That I don’t have to move on from this heartache… from your rejection
Because if I have to, I would have to forget you
And that is not okay

Forgetting you might take this pain away
But will it make me happy?
No, it will only make feel empty
It will only take away
The happiness I feel everytime I see you
The excitement I get whenever I hear your voice
The beautiful dreams I have every night
Oh dreaming of you is what I always look forward to each night

So this pain I will endure
Just to feel all the other feelings my love for you brings
This pain I will endure
Until the day I won’t feel it anymore.

PS – To my love, my goddess, my life, my everything.


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