Come and Stand with me ❤😍😘

Come, and stand with me
At the snowclad mountain top
We will wait and watch
Tonight will be dressed
In blue moon and the red stars
The whole universe will dance
with the flow of a magical flute
Our souls will play the music of light

Like the heavy raindrops
On the roofs of cottages
The beatings of drums
Are coming from the village
Of ancient tribes …
Aah …my bold heartbeat takes its speed
like storms
As you slowly painted me
with the colour
you are wearing …golden ..!
I am the new bride
wearing blue moon
and the red stars …
Garland of wild orchid …!!

On the mountain top
You look at me
I am looking at the bright sky
that shining with passions
And amazed like a child !!
How do I leave this journey
Without You
I have been walking with you
Not knowing
It is day or night
Dark or light
I am dead or alive ..???

PS – To My Love, My Goddess.

Camouflage in love ❤ 🔥

Camouflage in lace,
I run my hands all over your the place Wet whispers drop in between In a soft stroke, I touch the tan on your skin Pure sweetness unfolds The perfumes in the air – Arouse every sexual intention inside Without a care, I’m lost in the moment, Every feeling at this point, feels erotically insane, In a seductive way– the night whispers my name, A freedom flight – into the night

Like a gentle wind on a warm bed

Caressing your breast, your legs tremble Beyond the haze, into another world Never pointless – A new sensation My fingers slither, a play tonight Circles in motion, Vibrations and self-soothing lotion, I touch you gently, Thinking of you relentlessly, Looking around, The night echoes a whimpering sound, Embracing the secrets inside I squeeze the dark damp sheets- Moaning and moaning, repeatedly. Holding my silk pillow, groping your knees, I run my finger on your lips – Satisfaction complete! Back into the realm of dreams tonight.

When you stepped in my door, I realised you was Paradise in my heart and soul. You were so surefooted because you came up from the high. So long I longed for it. O you, only to kiss your feet! The time was so sweet, beyond anyone’s dream only in pure beauty I was rendering, screaming to new highs. I did it my way! Lovely bouncing on my polished pitch, the rivers forget to flow back to the seas. But no one knew where my toe melts! Until you did and took me for a tread closer to your spring, my sweet dream: O you, only to kiss. your feet!



You are, irrefutably, the eternal source of Art, Music and Speech,

To be bestowed by You, with the gifts of language, all humbly beseech!

None can, without Your phenomenal and generous Grace, perfection reach,

Who can dream to preach, as Sir Oracle, until You miraculously any wit teach?

May Your Light of Knowledge dispel, from the globe, all the glooms of ignorance,

May the whole world, to the sweet tune of Your sensible Symphony, ever dance,

May Love and Peace grow in abundance with Your beautiful benevolence,

May, at Your sacred and celestial Glance, flee violence, poverty and indolence!

May Your benediction of enlightenment illuminate the dark and dim world,

May the Panacea of Your Favour, cure all maladies; health and wealth herald,

May all learn, with Your blessings, to cultivate the crops of refined culture,

May all plant the saplings of happiness to end sorrows, and relish infinite rapture!

O Maa Saraswati! May the stems of my wishes be laden with Elysian Success-Fruits,

May they be poured upon the desired nourishment from You, the Root of all the roots!

When Barriers Fall

One day all the difference barriers
Between all human will be removed
We can not be unjust to humanity
We can not less dignity of humanity
The eternal rules of love submission
Can only save lives on earth
When will the frenzy of violence
Remove from our earth
What is the use of knowledge
What is the use of religions
What is the use of languages
If we can not greet with smile
Let the eyes only talk
Let the hearts only feel
There is plenty for survival
Why quarrel like beasts
Restore the nobelness
Restore the understanding
Restore the cord of love
Restore the order on earth
Let not the race of time
Not extinguish our existence
Awake from the slumber
Rise to the occasion of survival.

The Glory of Mother Goddess Lakshmi 😊🙏🏻

I attempt to discuss the glory of Mother Goddess Lakshmi also called Sri. In Srivaishnavism Lord Narayana and Sri together constitute the “Paratatva” or supreme reality.

Lord Narayana is also referred to as “Sriyahpathi” or Consort of Goddess Lakshmi or Sri. Taittiriya Samhita also refers to Lakshmi as “Ruler of the Universe” (Asyesana Jagato Vishnupatni).

The word Lakshmi, according to the author of Etymology Yaska mean the following:

1) She is secured by Lord Vishnu as his Consort – Labhat

2) She serves to identify Lord Vishnu – Laksanat

3) She is sought for by the souls for prosperity and wealth – Lapsyanat

4) She exhibits her identity mark by her presence on Narayana’s Chest – Lancanant

5) She brightens the universe by her lustre – Lasate

6) She is always associated with Lord Vishnu – Lagyate

7) She is always embarrassed that she has not done much for her devotees – Lajjate

In addition to the above seven Sayana adds two more qualities:

1) She possesses all auspicious qualities – Lakshanavati

2) She shows concern for all living beings – Laksyati

3) She is extremely beautiful and referred to as Padmini and has golden complexion – Hiranyavarnam Harinim.

4) Her eyes resemble lotus petals – Padmadalayatakshi.

5) She is also eternal – Nitya.

Vishnupurana refers to her as “You are the mother of the Universe and Hari, the lord of the celestials, is the Father – Tvam Mata Sarvalokanam deva devo harih pita.

Like Lord Narayana She has all the six qualities of Knowledge (Gyana), Strength (Bala), Lordship or Sovereignty (aisvarya), Virility (Vira), Potency (Sakti),

She is also addressed as Bhagavati. She rules the entire universe.

Srisukta says “Iswarim Sarva Bhutanam” Lord Narayana and Lakshmi are inseparable in all the five forms of Para, Vyuha, Vibhava, Antaryami & Archa, Lord Vishnu has.

Goddess Sri while maintaining equality with Lord Narayana has 3 additional roles to play, viz:

a) She intercedes on behalf of the souls before the Lord,

b) She is the direct means for liberation, &

c) She is also the goal of liberation.

Sriman Narayana is the loving consort to You;

Adisesha, the chief of serpents is Your bed, Garuda the chief of birds who has the Vedas as his body, is Your seat and vehicle; the primordial substance which deludes the world is your veil;

Brahma, & all the devas along with their consorts are Your multitudes of servants and your divine name is Shri:

You who are complete in auspicious qualities ; How will we, who are so ignorant, describe You, who has such greatness?


My promises for my Ravishing Goddess Bride:

1. Whenever you have any Problem I’ll always be there for you.

2. No matter what, I’ll always care and
Keep you happy.

3. I’ll always be Honest and Loyal to you.

4. I’ll love you More with Each Passing day.

5. I promise to keep my phone Without password, Because I’ve nothing to Hide from you.

6. I’ll always Reach on time just To spend my Day with you.

7. I’ll never Lie to you or Try to hide anything From you.

8. I’ll never Look at any other Gal apart from You.

9. I’ll speak Without egos, Love without intentions, Care without Expectations.

10. I’ll always Respect you And Your family.

11. I’ll always Encourage you In life.

12 . I promise To stick by you Through the Tough times.

13. I promise To actually listen To you when You speak.

14. I promise Not to ignore calls, Text Unless I’m really Busy in work.

15. I promise to keep all these
Promises 🙌

PS – To My Goddess, My Aaradhya, My Everything, My Love, My Soulmate, My Luscious Lioness, My Master, My Owner, My Heavenly Queen.

Vasant Panchami Greetings to Everyone 😊🙏🏻

Vasant Panchami Greetings to Everyone

Vasant Panchami, also spelled Basant Panchami, is a festival that marks the arrival of spring, celebrated by people in various ways depending on the region. The Vasant Panchami also marks the start of preparation for Holika and Holi, which takes place forty days later.

The Queen of
seasons, “Vasant”, let the
glow of happiness, prosperity and love illuminate your life. Immerse in the celebrations, adorned with ensembles curated
to add a touch of sartorial elegance to your wardrobe.

May Mother Goddess Saraswati removes all obstacles & showers you with bounties, benign, blessings. May happiness & peace surround with your eternal love & strength.

May the glow of a prospering dusk and the gleam of a tranquil lantern wick, Permeate wandering whiffs of a jasmine joss stick, Bless every little sparkling wish you pick, On this radiant festive day, Kindle joyous warmth and wisdom, love and light from jubilance bright.

Wishing You all a Happiness With
Good Health & Wealth.
And a Very Prosperous New
Season “Vasant” ahead.