Some Statistics

One of the biggest misconceptions around rape is the “other-ing” of both the criminal and the victim — that a “certain” type of man rapes and a “certain” type of woman gets raped (often under “certain” circumstances). The overwhelming complicity of perpetrators in familial positions of power, or those who are known to victims, is grossly understated.

Therefore, sexual assault, most often than not, becomes an under-reported crime not only because of the stigma attached to it and a broken justice system but also because of the additional barriers that a collusion of familial, social power structures, shame and dependency create.

The 2015 National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) data on the proximity of offenders to victims (the most recent data available) shows that in 95 percent of all rape cases, the offender knew the victim. For example, 27 percent of rapes are committed by neighbours, 22 percent involves the promise of marriage and 9 percent are committed by immediate family members and relatives. The data further stated that at least two percent of all rape cases involves live-in partners or husbands (former partners or separated husbands — rape within marriage is not recorded), 1.6 percent are committed by employers or co-workers and 33 percent are committed by other known associates.

According to the data collated by the NCRB, Madhya Pradesh with 4,391 cases, Maharashtra with 4,144, Rajasthan with 3,644, Uttar Pradesh with 3,025, Odisha with 2,251 and Delhi with 2,199 recorded the highest number of reported rape cases. However, it must be noted that a lower rape count could mean a lower ‘reported’ rape count. States that do better on other gender parity metrics (literacy rate, sex ratio, workforce participation etc) are likely to see a higher count of reported rapes because more victims try to access the justice system. For example, Kerala reported 1,256 rapes while Bihar reported 1,041 rapes, despite the fact that the population of Bihar is three times the population of Kerala.

The interactive data dashboard breaks down the numbers by national average, state/Union territory and proximity of offenders to victims.

According to RTI data, in 107 days between March 16 and June 30 this year, 76,416 cases of crime against women were reported, while the National Crime Records Bureau data showed 49,262 cases of crime against women were reported in 2016.

The state reported 17,249 cases of outraging of modesty in these three months, while according to NCRB, the state in 2016 had reported 11,335 such cases. Similarly, 21,077 abductions were reported between March and June this year, while there were 12,070 cases of abduction in 2016. Over 5,600 rapes were reported in these three months this year, while in 2016, 4,816 cases were reported. The state also saw 3,435 dowry deaths in just three months, while in 2016 only 2,473 deaths were reported.

Even in child-related crime, state reported 7,018 POCSO cases in three months of 2018, while in 2016 the number of cases were merely 4,816.

Come and Stand with me ❤😍😘

Come, and stand with me
At the snowclad mountain top
We will wait and watch
Tonight will be dressed
In blue moon and the red stars
The whole universe will dance
with the flow of a magical flute
Our souls will play the music of light

Like the heavy raindrops
On the roofs of cottages
The beatings of drums
Are coming from the village
Of ancient tribes …
Aah …my bold heartbeat takes its speed
like storms
As you slowly painted me
with the colour
you are wearing …golden ..!
I am the new bride
wearing blue moon
and the red stars …
Garland of wild orchid …!!

On the mountain top
You look at me
I am looking at the bright sky
that shining with passions
And amazed like a child !!
How do I leave this journey
Without You
I have been walking with you
Not knowing
It is day or night
Dark or light
I am dead or alive ..???

PS – To My Love, My Goddess.

Camouflage in love ❤ 🔥

Camouflage in lace,
I run my hands all over your the place Wet whispers drop in between In a soft stroke, I touch the tan on your skin Pure sweetness unfolds The perfumes in the air – Arouse every sexual intention inside Without a care, I’m lost in the moment, Every feeling at this point, feels erotically insane, In a seductive way– the night whispers my name, A freedom flight – into the night

Like a gentle wind on a warm bed

Caressing your breast, your legs tremble Beyond the haze, into another world Never pointless – A new sensation My fingers slither, a play tonight Circles in motion, Vibrations and self-soothing lotion, I touch you gently, Thinking of you relentlessly, Looking around, The night echoes a whimpering sound, Embracing the secrets inside I squeeze the dark damp sheets- Moaning and moaning, repeatedly. Holding my silk pillow, groping your knees, I run my finger on your lips – Satisfaction complete! Back into the realm of dreams tonight.

When you stepped in my door, I realised you was Paradise in my heart and soul. You were so surefooted because you came up from the high. So long I longed for it. O you, only to kiss your feet! The time was so sweet, beyond anyone’s dream only in pure beauty I was rendering, screaming to new highs. I did it my way! Lovely bouncing on my polished pitch, the rivers forget to flow back to the seas. But no one knew where my toe melts! Until you did and took me for a tread closer to your spring, my sweet dream: O you, only to kiss. your feet!



You are, irrefutably, the eternal source of Art, Music and Speech,

To be bestowed by You, with the gifts of language, all humbly beseech!

None can, without Your phenomenal and generous Grace, perfection reach,

Who can dream to preach, as Sir Oracle, until You miraculously any wit teach?

May Your Light of Knowledge dispel, from the globe, all the glooms of ignorance,

May the whole world, to the sweet tune of Your sensible Symphony, ever dance,

May Love and Peace grow in abundance with Your beautiful benevolence,

May, at Your sacred and celestial Glance, flee violence, poverty and indolence!

May Your benediction of enlightenment illuminate the dark and dim world,

May the Panacea of Your Favour, cure all maladies; health and wealth herald,

May all learn, with Your blessings, to cultivate the crops of refined culture,

May all plant the saplings of happiness to end sorrows, and relish infinite rapture!

O Maa Saraswati! May the stems of my wishes be laden with Elysian Success-Fruits,

May they be poured upon the desired nourishment from You, the Root of all the roots!

When Barriers Fall

One day all the difference barriers
Between all human will be removed
We can not be unjust to humanity
We can not less dignity of humanity
The eternal rules of love submission
Can only save lives on earth
When will the frenzy of violence
Remove from our earth
What is the use of knowledge
What is the use of religions
What is the use of languages
If we can not greet with smile
Let the eyes only talk
Let the hearts only feel
There is plenty for survival
Why quarrel like beasts
Restore the nobelness
Restore the understanding
Restore the cord of love
Restore the order on earth
Let not the race of time
Not extinguish our existence
Awake from the slumber
Rise to the occasion of survival.


Complexion that conquers storm clouds gathering
Lord of lovers and great sea of all ecstasies
Peacock plume in his crown angled auspiciously
Worship Krishna dark jewel son of Vrindavan’s king ||1||

His eyebrows like rainbows both broadly bending
A million full moons fail to match his beauty
Sparkling speech on his lips ever smiling sweetly
Worship Krishna dark jewel son of Vrindavan’s king. ||2||

Due to Cupid’s confusions his limbs shivering,
Ever dazzlingly dressed for Vrindavan’s delight
Like two blue lotus blossoms his eyes shining bright
Worship Krishna dark jewel son of Vrindavan’s king ||3||

He whose ears are embellished by shark shaped earrings
Curling fringe frames his forehead of fairest beauty
Yellow silk hangs on hips that sway gracefully
Worship Krishna dark jewel son of Vrindavan’s king ||4||

On his ankles are bells which bewitchingly ring
Jingling gems driving bees fully into frenzy
Thunderbolt, fish and flag on his feet there we see
Worship Krishna dark jewel son of Vrindavan’s king ||5||

Sandalwood smeared upon his body so charming
Glowing with the Kaustubha eclipsing the sun
Among Braja’s bright youths the most brilliant one
Worship Krishna dark jewel son of Vrindavan’s king ||6||

Crest jewel of all lords, leading every being
Praised by sages and devas Mukunda Hari
Giridhari Murari to Shambhu supreme.
Worship Krishna dark jewel son of Vrindavan’s king ||7||

With Sri Radha forever in love revelling
Seen impeccably dressed as the best enjoyer
Within all of the worlds most exalted master
Worship Krishna dark jewel son of Vrindavan’s king ||8||

The Bhagvad Gita Simplified 🙏🏻


Why do you worry without cause?

Whom do you fear without reason?

Who can kill you?

The soul is neither born, nor does it die. 

Whatever happened, 

happened for the good;

whatever is happening, 

is happening for good;

whatever will happen, 

will also happen for the good only.

You need not have any regrets for the past. 

You need not worry for the future. 
The Present is happening… 

What did you lose that you cry about?
What did you bring with you, 

which you think you have lost?

What did you produce, 

which you think got destroyed?
You did not bring anything, whatever you have, you received from here. 

Whatever you have given,  you have given only here.
Whatever you took, you took from God. 

Whatever you gave, you gave to Him. 

You came empty handed, 

you will leave empty handed.

What is yours today, 

belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. 

You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours. 
It is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrows.

Change is the law of the universe, 

What you think of as death, 

is indeed life. 
In one instance you can be a millionaire, and

in the other instance you can be steeped in poverty.

Yours and mine, big & small erase these ideas from your mind. 
Then everything is yours and you belong to everyone. 

This body is not yours, neither are you of the body. 
The body is made of fire, water, air, earth and

ether, and will disappear into these elements. 

But the soul is permanent – so who are you?

Dedicate your being to God. 

He is the one to be ultimately relied upon. 

Those who know of his support are forever free from fear, worry and sorrow. 
Whatever you do, 

do it as a dedication to God. 

This will bring you the 

tremendous experience of joy and life-freedom forever.


The only ornation of Vraj, who destroys every sin (among us), who is continuous bliss for his devotees, and who is dear one of Nanda. I bow to naughty little Kanha (my nickname is kanha 👻😛), who has beautiful bunch of peacock feathers on head, who has a sweet sounding flute in hands, and who is inseparable from God and is full of colorful actions.||1||

I bow to the lotus eyed one, whose beauty slays the pride of Kamdev, who has fulsome lips and beautiful big eyes, who removed the thoughts of obstacles from cow rearers (gopa). I bow to head-elephant like carefree Krishna, who lifted a mountain in his lotus like hands, whose smile and gaze is enticing, and who slayed the pride of Indra. ||2||

I bow to Krishna, who is hard to get, who has beautiful earrings made of flowers of kadamba tree, who has two beautiful cheeks, who is only dear one of land of Vraj. I bow to Krishna as cow rearing leader, who is Supreme bliss when viewed with Yashoda, cow rearers and Nanda. ||3||

I bow to the son of Nanda, whose lotus feet is always immersed in the maan sarovar like Lake of my mind, who has beautiful curls falling upon his face. I bow to the delight of Nanda. Who is absolver of all defeats (in us), who looks after everyone in this world, and who is the heart of every Gopa or cow rearer. ||4||

I bow to heart stealer, who relieved Earth of heavy weight (of humans), who is support for us to cross the ocean of life and death, who is the young son of Yashoda. I bow to the son of Nand, who has beautiful glancing eyes, who is always accompanied by bumble bees, and who appears new to his devotees, everytime, and leaves them mesmerized. ||5||

I bow to the dear one of Gopas, who is the abode of qualities, mercy and happiness, and does not needs any mercy from anyone, and who relived the problems of demi gods. I bow to cloud colored beautiful one, who is a new cowherd rearer and playful, who is always thinking of new ways to mesmerize the mortals, and who is wearing yellow lighting like robes. ||6||

I bow to Krishna, who roamed amidst the gardens of Vraj, who is dear to every cow rearer in Vraj, who is only happiness for heart, and who has a sun like resplendent face. I bow to krishna, who is the leader of everyone in gardens of Vraj, who is desireless but fulfills desire of everyone, whose glances are like beautiful enticing arrows, and who sings mesmerizing tunes over flute. ||7||

I bow to the consort of Laxmi, who slept in the bed like dreams of young gopikas in Vraj, who swallowed the forest and golden fire inside Vraj to save his fellows, who is surrounded by the divine glow, who is decorated in every way, and who gave moksha to Gajendra, the elephant king. ||8||

O Lord, whenever or wherever I am born, May I be immersed in your beautiful ornate stories. Whomsoever sings the two Krishnashtaka (this one and one more by Shankaracharya), and meditates on it shall be born with Krishna bhakti in every life. ||9||


O dark-complexioned Krishna, O moon of Gokula, hearing from the devotees’ mouths that You are very merciful to the fallen and miserable, I joyfully take shelter of You. If You neglect me I have no place to go.

O Lord Hari, Lord Hari, when will I directly serve You as You enjoy blissful transcendental pastimes? When will that auspicious day be mine?

Oh my Lord Hari! Your lotus feet distribute the nectar of eternal devotional service to the surrender souls, and only by dint of the greatest good fortune can any soul drink such nectar.

O Krishna, Your charming and beautiful form bends in three places and the flute to Your lips. You are delighted to shoot (pebbles) with a sling-shot and You are very enthusiastic to play with a ball.

Beholder of the flute (Vamsi Dhari)! O Krishna Murari! Without You, all is misery, O remover of my distress! Please be merciful to me, O Lord, and protect my modesty. Kindly cause me to remember Your feet that bestow fearlessness, and allow me to chant Your holy name.

O Lord Krishna, accompanied by Lord Balarama and other cowherd boy friends, You delighted in performing various different pastimes in the gardens of Vrndavana. You are very fond of playing Your flute, upon which You produce an amazingly sweet sound.

Krishna who is the Deity of love, who is love personified, gazes at Her. Now all Her sufferings are ended. Respectfully He approaches. He embraces Radha. He holds Her to His chest. With unblinking eyes He gazes at Her for a long time. With His lotus hands He rubs His eyes.

His form was a dark monsoon cloud. His eyebrows were the archer Kamadeva’s two bows. From His lotus eyes Kamadeva fired his five arrows. The saintly gopis’ hearts were gravely wounded. Their lives are now in doubt.

In the morning, you awaken the world with Your sweet smile. Wherever the King of Vrndavana, Syama, walks, new flowers are awakening by each of His lotus feet. May I receive the dust of Syamasundara’s feet.

The sun of the holy name has appeared in the universe to destroy all forms of ignorance. Casting aside all worldly things, the saintly become devoted to Him alone. The sun of the holy name is the remover of the darkness of ignorance. O Harinam, who actually knows Your greatness?

Offer obeisances to Govinda, Who is the supreme bliss, Who is the eternal truth, Who is knowledge, Who is eternal, Who is beyond the skies, Who is the final limit, Who roams in the courtyard of cowshed in Vraja.



With songs and sweet music, strolling gaily through groves, by the Kalindi.
A bee seeking nectar from the lotus-like faces of the gopis.
Praising him are Shiva, Brahma, Indra, Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi.
Jagannatha Swami, Lord of all beings, be visible to me. ||1||

Sporting fine silken cloth, peacock plumes on his head, a flute in his hand.
Sending sidelong glances at his dear devotees, who around him stand,
Most pleased with these pastimes performed in Vrindavan dhama eternally.
Jagannatha Swami, Lord of all beings, be visible to me. ||2||

Standing on the seashore, a blue-spired palace is golden glowing.
There with Balabhadra, and sister Subhadra, he is bestowing
on all pious persons his personal service opportunity.
Jagannatha Swami, Lord of all beings, be visible to me. ||3||

A great sea of mercy, beautifully blackish like the thunder clouds.
A flawless full lotus, pleased by the mild anger shown by Lakshmi’s words.
Worshipped by the Vedas, the sages and the gods in sweet eulogy.
Jagannatha Swami, Lord of all beings, be visible to me. ||4||

Brahmins present praises and prayers of pure love when he mounts his cart.
Hearing those hymns as he rides along the road he is pleased at heart.
Ocean of compassion, caring for all creatures, along with Lakshmi.
Jagannatha Swami, Lord of all beings, be visible to me. ||5||

Eyes like lotus petals, the crest jewel crowning supreme transcendence.
Feet atop Ananta, adorning Niladri; regal residence.
Ever in ecstasy, for the rapturous embrace of Radharani.
Jagannatha Swami, Lord of all beings, be visible to me. ||6||

Most certainly I ask not for a kingdom, gold, gems or great riches.
Nor do I desire a beautiful wife, as any man wishes.
I long for only he, of whom Shiva ever sings the great glory
Jagannatha Swami, Lord of all beings, be visible to me. ||7||

Dear Lord of all gods please remove soon my useless life of worldliness.
Destroy my stock of sins that expands without end causing deep distress.
O Yadu Lord, surely, for the fallen and poor your two feet are free.
Jagannatha Swami, Lord of all beings, be visible to me. ||8||

The self-retrained, virtuous soul who recites these eight verses glorifying Lord Jagannatha becomes cleansed of all sins and duly proceeds to Lord Vishnu’s abode.