You are, irrefutably, the eternal source of Art, Music and Speech,

To be bestowed by You, with the gifts of language, all humbly beseech!

None can, without Your phenomenal and generous Grace, perfection reach,

Who can dream to preach, as Sir Oracle, until You miraculously any wit teach?

May Your Light of Knowledge dispel, from the globe, all the glooms of ignorance,

May the whole world, to the sweet tune of Your sensible Symphony, ever dance,

May Love and Peace grow in abundance with Your beautiful benevolence,

May, at Your sacred and celestial Glance, flee violence, poverty and indolence!

May Your benediction of enlightenment illuminate the dark and dim world,

May the Panacea of Your Favour, cure all maladies; health and wealth herald,

May all learn, with Your blessings, to cultivate the crops of refined culture,

May all plant the saplings of happiness to end sorrows, and relish infinite rapture!

O Maa Saraswati! May the stems of my wishes be laden with Elysian Success-Fruits,

May they be poured upon the desired nourishment from You, the Root of all the roots!


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