Taking a short break.
I’m leaving this platform for the short period of time.
My exams are coming.
It’s in May.
I’ll be very busy in my exams.
Guyz, I’ll miss you all.
Keep Supporting me,
Keep Encouraging me,
Keep showering your blessings on me.
Love you all.
I’ll miss you all.

Forever And Together ❤

Nothing can separate us, even death. We are connected with eternal love. Let us stay together in this world and in the heaven.

There are many love stories in this world, but ours is the sweetest. It is sweet because you are in the love story. Will you be with me forever?

Life looks so beautiful, when you are around. The world looks so lifeless, when you are not around. Will you make my life beautiful by holding my hand?

I can’t imagine my life without you. Will you hold my hand tight for the rest of the life? Please be mine.

I adore you, and I love you. I want you for the rest of my life. Please be with me for the rest of my life.

I wanted someone to care, I wanted someone to love, I wanted someone to be true, and all I want is someone like you.

No words can express my love for you. I see love for me in your eyes. Will you be with me for a 7 life time.

If I look into your eyes, will you read my feelings, if I reach out my hand, will you hold my hand. If I ask to spend a lifetime will you marry me

Your smile makes me smile, your cry makes my eye wet. I can share any emotion with you. You are my life. Be with me always.

When we are together, I don’t bother about the world, your heart is my place and I find peace in your arms. Heaven is where ever you are. Please be mine forever.

My day begins with you, my life ends without you. You are everything in my life. Let’s be together to enjoy the magic of love.

Days are brighter, and world is more beautiful when you are with me. Will you be with me for a lifetime.

I want you to be with me till the sun and moon are in the sky, till the water is blue, and stars shine bright. Will you be with me forever?

When I am working, you are in my mind, when I sleep, you are awake you are before my eyes, when I am idle, you are in my thoughts, please be with me always.

PS – To my love.

Her Desire Her Love ❤

Put your hands on my knees, she said,

and think of me as a book you’ve been dying to read.

Look deep into my eyes, she said,

And search for the depths of the ocean you want to dive in.

Hold your mind with only thought of mine, she said

And you will find hidden eternal beauty which your eyes could miss.

Match the beats of my heart, she said,

You will realise how it only longs for the time with you I spend.

Now, turn every page of the book, she said,

You will find every memory a photograph adored with gems.

Shut your eyes down now, she said,

You will see me shining with light of love out of the darkness.

Open your mind to the outside world now, she said,

I promise that I will be the only one you can make an image of.

Switch over to your heart rate, she said,

You will find the burden of something new this time.

Coz my heart is with you now, she said,

And you are mine and remain mine for this generation and then!!

PS – To my love, my goddess, my everything.


You’ll cry for me
Like I cried for you

You’ll miss me
Like I missed you

You’ll need me
Like I needed you

You’ll love me
Like I loved you

You’ll see me in dreams
Like I saw you every night

You’ll search me
Like I searched for you

You’ll be heartbroken
Like I was broken coz of you

You’ll fight to get me
Like I fought for you

You’ll find me
Like I found you that day

And you passed from side
I felt like a stranger with memories
But, when you find me

I’ll be standing there
Will smile like a sky
Coz I loved, love you and will love you forever.

PS – To my love, my goddess, my everything.


લગ્ન : હું, અમે, આપણે…

સ્પર્શ રહી જાય અને આંગળા ખરી જાય એ લવ-મેરેજ.
આંગળા રહી જાય અને સ્પર્શ ખરી જાય એ એરેન્જડ-મેરેજ. (વિવેક ટેલર)

Marriage bonds two people in body and mind,
And allows them to appreciate the treasures they find.
Romance and compassion carry them along,
Respect and acceptance make the marriage strong.
Imparting words and actions of love from deep inside,
Acknowledging each other while standing side by side.
Great marriages are created by husbands and wives,
Eternally being grateful they are in each other’s lives.

ॐ धैरहं पृथिवीत्वम्। रेतोऽहं रेतोभृत्त्वम्। मनोऽहमस्मि वाक्त्वम्। सामाहमस्मि ऋकृत्वम्। सा मां अनुव्रता भव।

I am the sky & you, the earth. I am the giver of energy & you, the receiver. I am the mind & you, the word. I am music & you, the song. You & I follow each other.

ॐ सखा सप्तपदा भव । सखायौ सप्तपदा बभूव । सख्यं ते गमेयम् । सख्यात् ते मायोषम् । सख्यान्मे मयोष्ठाः । ॐ धैरहं पृथिवीत्वम् । रेतोऽहं रेतोभृत्त्वम् । मनोऽहमस्मि वाक्त्वम् । सामाहमस्मि ऋकृत्वम् । सा मां अनुव्रता भव।

No poem in the world can be as poignant as the Vivaha Karmakanda

ॐ सखा सप्तपदा भव सखायौ सप्तपदा बभूव । सख्यं ते गमेयम् । सख्यात् ते मायोषम् । सख्यान्मे मयोष्ठाः ।

You’ve walked 7 steps with me; be my friend. We have walked 7 steps together; let us be friends. Grant me your friendship. May we never part with our friendship


If You are the sky ,

I am the Earth,

If you are the tree,

I will be the shadow,

If you become the flower,

I will be your fragrance ,

If you become the Ocean

I will be your waves,

If you become a plant,

I will be your sapling,

If you become the body

I will become the molecule ,

If you become the heart ,

I will become your mind ,

Living in you forever … ever after ..

If you marry the right person,
everyday is a Valentine’s Day.

Marry the wrong person,
everyday is Martyrs Day.

Marry the lazy person,
everyday is Labour Day.

Marry the rich person,
everyday is New Year’s Day.

Marry an immature person,
everyday would seem like Children’s Day.

Marry a cheater or liar,
everyday will become April Fool’s Day.

And if you don’t get married,
everyday is Independence Day!

Deceptive Beauty ❤😍😘

She seemed to scorch
the nearby vegetation
with her deep sighs

her beauty, not only faintly discernible

resembled a fire clouded by smoke

she was clad

in a single yellow garment,
resembling a pond without lotuses

abashed and disconsolate

she was like a doe

cut off from her herd
surrounded by a pack of hounds

her hair was formed

into a single braid (ek-veni)
falling like a black serpent on her back

seated on the ground

like a branch fallen from a tree
she resembled a blurred memory

a fortune lost
a faith betrayed
a hope dashed

a reputation lost
due to false rumor

looking here and there

la delicate fawn
she was barely discernible

a Vedic text
once learned by heart

now nearly lost
through lack of recitation

she was a word

whose meaning has changed
due to inapt usage

even then, keeping her faith

the firm lady looked
no more agitated

than the river Ganga
which however heavy the rainfall, never floods

weighed down by grief

she was a ship

at sea burdened by heavy cargo

she resembled a star

whose positive karma
now exhausted
had fallen from heaven

to the earth
her body was covered with dirt

she was adorned
with her own physical beauty


like a tender lotus
stalk covered with mud

she lacked both beauty and possessions
she seemed to be a wave

risen from the ocean of grief

a command disobeyed

or skies aflame

at the time of a catastrophe

she was a river run dry

She resembled a pond
ruined by elephants

its lotus blossoms

leaves torn up
birds frightened away
this was the condition of her

a little girl abandoned
in the midst of desolate wilderness

seeking the unknown

PS – To My Goddess, My Life, My Oxygen, My Soulmate, My Jaan, My Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Everything.

A Letter to My Dear Precious Goddess Wife❤

My Dear Precious Goddess,
From my night to your morning,
I’m writing in return to your lethal mail
The motion of which is like a garden snail
Crawling and hiding, crawling and hiding
Like a shadowy door with mystery sliding

I have been touching your written words

Those are like a collection of morning dews
In a box of emotion that embrace the sky,
Covering the distance of the ocean

I enjoy my timelessness through your words:
Counting the unforgettable, measuring the unspoken.
And the embrace of this obscurity is certainly tighter
Than the lessening grip of my heart
Bringing salt water to my eyes

My own heart now loves missing its beats
The flame of feeling inhales the heats
I breathe your name, exhaling my pain
On your shirt I wish could be a blood stain
As a proof of my heart, it would stay deep red
My heart is writing here, not my head

You are the mark on my liquid heart
where love begins with the beginning’s start
You are the desire of the ablaze fires
the only truth from ten-thousand-liars
You know,
I feel I can let myself enter through a ravine
All alone to be stuck there forever
Only if you stay with me in my mind
I feel I can spend this lifetime in a dark bunker
With only your thoughts surrounding me

Not sure if this is called ‘Love’
But this must be something more,
Where feelings of purity transcend.
And look at the words you’ve sent!
They are staring at me like a feeble harbinger
As my soul touches them through my eyes
Yet my mind exerts not to miss you so much

As I understand,
I am possessed by you beyond exorcism
Your light shines through my heart’s prism
I feel you here, I feel you there;
The vibes of your heart reaching everywhere
I look at the stars and envy them;
As I feel they stare back at you from another sky
I’ve created a milky way through my mind
To feel you closer as I close my eyes

I tumble into my bed
And start staring at the ceiling
For I still can count the stars there
Such is the impact of the marked feelings
Rising and falling deep down inside me

I hear sea sound from your distant shore
However that sound interlaces
With the tunes of your heart
However, my toe draws the lines
In the sand toward the waves of your unknown path
No tide can stop yearning for yours words
I’m drowning, drowning in the blue depths
Where the dawn – briefer than a twinkle
And your presence –longer than a life span
Keep breathing my affections, beloved

Crimson fate will perish soon -you’ll see
In the twilight’s dusky red
For the night is here out and about
And your treasured words beyond doubt-
Under the pillow of my bed

I thank you for the legacy of your soul’s caress
Through your letters for which I wait
(Like a mother bird who awaits the return
Of its young’s father to the nest)
Now your words are touching my bare skin
Denuding my heart

And the flesh wrapped around my lonesome existence
Is now responding to every single alphabet
That you care to send me
As a guide to my aching thoughts

But please, let your heart’s spring sing along
With one hundred birds from your nearby park
Where I fancy I’m sitting beside you
Holding you…
A wordless me…

Let the shower of rain from your soul reign over my heart
Let the light of my eyes rest upon a tuneful start
From the drizzle of your mind’s poetic appearance.