I was scared that this day would come

When me sitting on a tree is nothing
But an invitation for my tears

That trees would only shade the light in me

And the oceans would drown me with my thoughts

That sea breeze would be toxic for me

And silence won’t give me peace anymore

But now that this day has come

My tears do not only fall to the ground

They water my feet and I grow
More connected…

To myself… to nature…

It opened my eyes and I see a different perspective

I climb the trees and from there I let my troubles fall

I see the ocean as my pain and I learn how to swim

And silence… silence doesn’t silent me anymore

Thoughts keep coming, I let them be

But I don’t let them drown me
I use them to lift me up instead

And my tears…

Well, my tears remind me I am human πŸ™‚

And with each tear that falls I become braver and stronger !

Now I’m no longer afraid to get hurt

I welcome pain as I welcome adventure

And in each adventure
I am deeply connected with nature

I feel her as she feels me

I’ve learned we’re more or less the same

He is darkness, he is light
he gets sad, he gets hurt

At times he gets weak
But it never lessens his strength

Let everyone ignore him
he doesn’t care

And when people trample him
He doesn’t trample them back

Not that he’s a coward
He just knows when to fight back

And when he’s sick
He knows how to cure himself

He knows how to pull himself up

He doesn’t need anyone to be happy
As he is happiness himself

So now I’m no longer scared of today
I’m even thankful for it

Because now I know I don’t need you

I’ll remember this day
But I won’t remember you

But what I’m more thankful of this day
Is I get to know nature and I know me

33 thoughts on “REJECTED BY HER πŸ˜’πŸ˜“πŸ˜·πŸ˜ͺ

  1. Nicely done, the one on whom the poem is written should move on, if love is not on two sides it cannot be a bond, and if it is not heart is where it should be, compelling, forcing even through words or mental, moral, spiritual and physical could never lead to the bond which it can through normal process something not forced in any form, trying is different from forcing, may the soul understand it, liberation when ego hurts is difficult and sometimes love is liberating even if one ended. So it’s value is what makes love so surreal..

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  2. Rejection is painful, but God can work through the deepest pain and bring us into strength and beauty greater than we ever imagined! Your gift of expression is truly beautiful, my friend. πŸ™‚

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