“Dear MOM, you grew me from a seed, You’d sacrifice your meal so I could feed, you gave me air so that I could breathe, The person I turn to in times of need. How on earth can I thank you? For all the selfless things that you do, Not giving up on me, seeing this through, Unrivaled dedication, you were my medication still you are, without any hesitation, My saviour, my salvation.
DEAR MOM, thank you. For being there every second still you are with me, supporting me, protecting me. I was the most naughitest, stubborn, mischievous child still I am, noone can handle me only you. Superwoman of my life. Strongest and very Strict Hitler (solly 😂) Mom. I remember all your slaps and scoldings for my betterment. Your voice melts my worrying. Thank you for teaching me how to walk on my own, You were been my life’s greatest teacher and even now. You have colored my days with your guidance, affection, care and attention. Thank you for teaching me how to write, count and read. I love you and respect you more than you’ll ever know. You are the greatest; you are my everything. And I will always see you in every wonderful experience that will happen to me.
Mom’s LOVE for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things, crushes down remorselessly all that stand in its path.”

Wishing you a very happy birthday to my dear producer and creator ladydon mummy 👻😍😘😛❤😎🙏🏻



Creator’s prototype of a luscious woman,
Slender and youthful
with pointed teeth,
and lips red like bimba fruit.
A thin waist glancing like that of a startled Deer;
Deep navel, with a measured gait,
Owing to the weight of the hips.
Her lower lip glows like a tender leaf.
Her arms resemble flexible stalks.
Youth, bewitching like a blossom.
Shines in all her lineaments.
Lustrous appearance, Charming smile,
She is the assertive woman of epic.
Stealing heart of whole mankind.
Flower that no one has smelled.
Her essence can no one get.
She is as delicate as a Jasmine.
She’s more beautiful than rose,
because she remains close.
Her smiles are sweetdish
so sweetdish is not required after dish.
Her eyes are blinking lights.
So glittering and uttering lights,
And nights are not required separately…
Her lips are sealed with love hug.
So Valentine hearts are not required,
Her tears are treasures of love,
And empathy and sympathy.
So no more temporary pleasures are required!


3rd Anniversary 😍❤😘👻😛🙃

Dear All,

I am very happy to inform all of you that I am completing 3 years my third anniversary, with almost 300 blog posts with 1500+ followers on this most awesome platform.

I started writing blogs as a kind of therapy. To help me express my love, feelings, emotions, pain, tears, agony, and sorrow that was making me dangerously depressed.

My story with wordpress is one of respectful reciprocation, warm human amity, fruitful cultural and intellectual exchange, endearing buoyancy, passionate literary embellishment and endowment, let alone friendship furtherance and beefing up!

Thank you to all of you, dear friends, who have contributed to, and been part of my journey.
I am very proud of Some of my blogs. Others didn’t work out as well as I had imagined. Such is life..

I don’t have all answers to life. But I hope I have gained some wisdom from my tiny little life experiences, which if nothing else, are varied and somewhat unique.

Thank you very very much each and every one of you for reading, appearing my posts.
Thank you for your immense love, blessings and support.

I shall appreciate you all always.You all have made my writing journey exciting, thrilling and memorable for me.

Twinkle Sharma Story 😭

Around 20 days ago, A 3 year old Twinkle Sharma brutally murdered in Aligarh, Uttar Prades.

Twinkle was Shilpa and her husband Banwari Lal Sharma’s only daughter, born five years into marriage, after several medical complications. Her death comes just eight months after Shilpa suffered a miscarriage and lost a fetus she’d carried for nine months.
The couple last saw their daughter alive on 30 May, a Thursday, when she left the house around 8.30 am to play with her friends. Forty-eight hours later, her decomposed, maggot-infested body was dragged out of a garbage dump near her house by stray dogs, who then ravaged the body further.
Her eyes were popping out, right arm had been cut off, left leg, ribs, nose fractured, and the corpse nibbled by insects and rodents, in some parts down to her bone.
Failing to get that image out of her head, Shilpa rubbed her eyes vigorously and shook her head every five minutes. “The stench of her body is still fresh in my nose. That image of her lying in a garbage heap, in that condition, haunts me,” she said, “I do not think I can ever get it out of my head.”

Postmortem report of girl is horrible. Now, 3 year old girl sexually abused & raped in Barabanki. Accused Saleem is arrested. Wake up Yogi Govt., This is law & order of Uttar Pradesh. Shameful.


Among the thick leaves’ rustles
In the rolling waves’s ripples
In the minute sore pimples
I notice Your Mighty Robes Purples!

Under barbars’sharp shaving razors
Between the doctors’s operating scissors
Beneath the myriad comforting geysers
I feel Your gifted, unusual Pleasures.

On the swift wheels of the trains
In the mysterious bloackboxes of the planes
In the ever evolving human brains
I realize Your unceasing benevolence Rains.

In the green golden corn fields
Behind the warriors’ protective shields
In the weeds and in the water reeds
I perceive Your bestowed blissful Yields.

In the laughters of the joy brides
In the grins of the victory rides
In the salvation of the ultimate flights
I behold You shower infinite Delights.

In the faithful prayers of the needy
In the honest sweats of the steady
In the decrees of the judges’ just
I find Your Presence is a must.

In the Moon’s cool, silvery shines
In the sky-kissing peaks, lofty pines
In the sands, stones, shrubs, and herbs
I view only Your Omni-pulsating Throbs.

In the incalculable Light years’ distance
In the forests dark, dangerous, dense
In the gorges, icebergs, stars and grains
I watch Your all permeating, generous Lens.

In all the so-called man-made inventions and discoveries
In the great visionaries’ dreams and lovers’ reveries
In the known- unknown, human-Natural treasuries
I observe Your Mercy Oceans and Bounty Seas.