Twinkle Sharma Story πŸ˜­

Around 20 days ago, A 3 year old Twinkle Sharma brutally murdered in Aligarh, Uttar Prades.

Twinkle was Shilpa and her husband Banwari Lal Sharma’s only daughter, born five years into marriage, after several medical complications. Her death comes just eight months after Shilpa suffered a miscarriage and lost a fetus she’d carried for nine months.
The couple last saw their daughter alive on 30 May, a Thursday, when she left the house around 8.30 am to play with her friends. Forty-eight hours later, her decomposed, maggot-infested body was dragged out of a garbage dump near her house by stray dogs, who then ravaged the body further.
Her eyes were popping out, right arm had been cut off, left leg, ribs, nose fractured, and the corpse nibbled by insects and rodents, in some parts down to her bone.
Failing to get that image out of her head, Shilpa rubbed her eyes vigorously and shook her head every five minutes. β€œThe stench of her body is still fresh in my nose. That image of her lying in a garbage heap, in that condition, haunts me,” she said, β€œI do not think I can ever get it out of my head.”

Postmortem report of girl is horrible. Now, 3 year old girl sexually abused & raped in Barabanki. Accused Saleem is arrested. Wake up Yogi Govt., This is law & order of Uttar Pradesh. Shameful.

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