Marital Rape

How could it be rape, if both were married?

How could he be jailed, for loving his wife?

It all sounded so unreal, but it still felt true.

He had been raping his wife, for months and years even in her bleeding periods.

He never asked her yes or no.

She had to, is what her parents taught her.

Because no wife should say no to her husband.

Because he says he loves her.

But you could have said to him, when you were on your bleeding periods.

And you could have said no to him when you felt unwell.

And you could have said no to him, because you just didn’t want to.

So many wives have been victims of marital rape since years

So many husbands have turned legal rapists from lovers

So many families have asked women not to speak about this sexual harassment

So many FIRs have never been had option to getting filed.

So many young boys have been taught this crime as a ritual.

So many young daughters have been trained to fulfill their duties towards their spouses.

She never had the option to work, it was an illusion.

He didn’t want her to, that was the truth.

But as the society says,

If marital rape isn’t an actual thing, and being a housewife is a job

Then isn’t this sexual harassment at workplace?

36 thoughts on “Marital Rape

  1. The way you interpret your views is really impressive and trust me as I read it reached to my heart. Every girl must learn to say no and I think every boy should learn that a no means no not yes, and it all starts from their childhood from there house, family,relatives and then the surrounding because today what they saw tomorrow that will be repeated by them and this cycle moves on and on and on.well these are my views. ♥♥♥

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  2. thank you for the poem. A long time ago I was raped by my husband many times as I begged him not to have sex at that time. In tears he would do it with force so, I wanted to have sex less often and this made him so angry that the RAPES, I was raped, it went on until he finally left us, my child and I and when he wanted to come back I said no way!!


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