I met a beauty today ❤

I met a beauty today
A masterpice of God
so to speak, in other words
She was not walking like us
She was like flying on ground
I don’t know how to describe her
How to start, from where?
She was carrying all features
And colors of mother nature
Her face was a budding rose
She was so charming from head to toes
Her eyes were painted by oceans
Her looks were piercing and seductress
Her nose was dainty and neat
Her cheeks were flushed in heat
Her lips were like sunk in a red ink
She had a cute dimple on her cheek
Which was the world’s sweetest thing
Her bosoms were so plump and erect
She had a waist slender and sleek
She was Just like a flawless sculpture
Which is carved and shaped
By the most skilled architect
Her smile was promising
Her voice was so soft
As if it was like velvet
But at the same time wry
I had the feeling that way
I do not know why
Her eyes, her looks were inviting
Her cynic voice, her mocking words were discouraging
I do not know what to do, where to go
I am so undecided, confused so.

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