Rapture ❤

Her hair, a molten red sunrise
Illuminating her lustrous skin.
Her smile, a halo shine where heaven lies
Rising from her angelic complexion,
Bejeweled with rapture blue eyes.

Her impish figure with wasp waist
Flows like a river’s curves.
A slow current without haste,
That cascades and swerves.
No curve misplaced.

Kisses light the skies
With her narcotic lips.
She can hypnotize
With her psychodelic hips,
And her radiant thighs.

And the attributes that captivates
Holding my attentions span
First her eyes their delicate lines
Then the softness of her hands
In those moments we collide

Hand in hand, body and soul
We intertwine becoming whole
I taste her in her prime
Her fire, her need, her desire
Each drop fuels our lust
Each second builds with each thrust.

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