Oh, my life, my love, how you amaze in fascinating ways,
You are grace astounding, solace showering, a dancing damsel,
Spinning spells before my eyes –
How you mesmerize with matchless versatility,
None other excels at your level of grandeur.

You, hypnotic with enticing captivation emanating,
Transforming as life lifted to a plane of another universe,
Your light shines brilliantly, a sun’s substitution at night,
All the same, even what would be the darkest of nights
Are brought to life, and life outstanding brilliantly.

You are a puzzle unsolved, no key, a mysterious mixture,
Charisma’s depths, playing elegantly upon the mind,
Alive and captivating as a sweet cherry,
You are sweetness personified,
Exuding a virtuous virginity everlasting.

A chaste smile on your red-rose lips,
Flawless gestures, you turn life’s desert
Into a welcome, saving oasis. From you
Flows an ocean of ecstatic bliss,
Shared in mystical, miraculous ways.

You dance in my life, for my eyes you spin,
Music extraordinaire; I have to bend and humbly bow
Before your enrapturing dance.
Your dance is like a spring garden,
Swaying in the wind of rapture.

The dark, dangling locks of silk over shining brows,
A feminine loveliness, so scintillating, so satisfying,
My heart moves, hilarity, uplift, it smiles, laughs in delight,
Thy face, dimpled on delicious cheeks, charms.
I cherish it; I cherish you.

Thy deep, dancing, engaging eyes doth delight me in excess overfilling,
The buttery beauty of they pursing, crooning lips is expressed
No simile can match, no matter the trying, what can compare?
Thy crescent moon chin awakens the need for touch, for kisses,
Doth beckon me benevolently and bounteously.

My love, the purity of thy enviable affinity cannot that of frankincense,
The glow of they unshakable credence doth add to my love ever that much more,
The glitter of they constant company doth compel me to thank thee from the core,
Ambrosia of they sweetest smiles doth wane all of my sorrows, intolerably sore!

Oh my love!
Thou dost deserve my genuine and generous applause forever,
For thou hast been, with they commendable contributions,
Coveted as life itself, life everlasting,
In my heart of hearts, your inspiration.

PS : To My Gorgeous Goddess Wife, My Aaradhya, My Ravishing Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Heavenly Jaan, My Pretty Princess of the Paradise, My Soulmate, My Owner, My Master, My Everything.

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