Lord Krishna : Multidimensional Personality

Janmashtami also known as Gokulashtami, Saatam Aatham, Srikrishna Jayanti, Sree Jayanthi marks the birth of Super Soul Lord Krishna- considered to be 8th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This year it will be celebrated on 2nd September 2018. Janmashtami is among the biggest religious festival in the world due to several reasons.

Lord Krishna’s life teaches everyone. Portrayed as someone’s son, someone’s lover, someone’s husband, even someone’s brother and father his acts were a model for people in days past, the modern world and surely for those in ages to come.

He is seen as a mischievous child who steals butter yet gifted child of Mata Yasodha who protected the village from natural calamities. The boy who uphold entire mountain with one finger to save the villagers from Lord Indra’s anger. He is the establisher of order and justice in society by killing Kansa and his associates.

Krishna the eternal Charmer –every girl’s dream man, the cowherd is the love of all gopies making them leave all their duties to follow him. The eternal love of Radha-Krishna is known to everyone. Theirs was the highest love—a love to inspire mankind forward on the path to God.

A true friend of Sudama, who was living in sheer penury visited his Friend Krishna for help. Even without him asking for help Sudama has loaded him with material that stayed with him forever. Krishna’s grace turned Sudama from rag to rich.

By being an able teacher of Arjun in epic Mahabharata he spreads the universal message of Karma Yoga- everyone existing on this earth is bound to get the fruits as per his or her actions. ‘As shall you sow so shall you reap’. Hence one should always follow the right path and never tolerate injustice. The perishable body, immortal soul, concentration of the mind, undisturbed equanimity– was all described and explained in detail by Krishna to Arjun

As a dutiful and responsible ruler- Dwarikadheesh Sri Krishna, he spread the message of right karma, Justice, love and respect for each other.

It is believed that paying reverence to Lord Krishna’s various roopa’s with true faith and devotion on Janmashtami help the worshipers to get their desires fulfilled in no time.

Those looking for stable, happy and prosperous married and family life can offer archanas to Yugal Jodi: Radha-Krishna.

Those aspiring for salvation, peace, harmony and satisfaction in life can offer pujas to Yogiraj Krishna.

Krishna holds all the colours of the rainbow of human life, represented by the peacock feather he wears.

If there is any single figure who represents India, its yogic spirituality, vibrant culture and ancient history, it is Sri Krishna. This is not any easy choice, as India is also the land of Buddha, Rama, Shankara and many sages and rishis of the highest order.

Similarly, if there is any single book that conveys the wisdom of India to the world, with its synthesis of yogic teachings and practical life wisdom, it is Krishna’s Bhagavad Gita. The Gita remains the most read and published book from India in thousands of years.

The Bhagavad Gita is the prime source book of Hindu Dharma, and Sri Krishna is its most visible teacher. Yet, this is not because Krishna gave us a simple dogma or en-masse prescription, or claimed to have the last word — but because Sri Krishna brings together all that is profound, challenging and wonderful in human thought and action, and links it with the Supreme Divine.

Sri Krishna is a multisided personality, a renaissance man who mastered every domain of life according to the highest vision. He is not simply a monk, prophet or saint, but a master of our full human potential in the world and beyond, illumined by an unlimited Divine Light from within the heart.

Jai Sri Krishna!

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