She melted into my arms; a dripping candle flowing into a pool.
Her lips beckoning a kiss besoothing me to be their tool.
We locked in embracement; an unbreakable link.
Her gentle sighs were a poem etched into my soul.
No other words can I think.
No other dream could I hold.
I would watch her sleep; like wild flowers opening to dawn.
The drapes of night would fall and be gone.
Only her naked radiance, a lamp luring a moth’s dance.
Her satin smothered hills a restless landscape.
I could but stare in deep trance.
My heart and mind unable to escape.
The years passed like a river frozen in time’s eye.
No more than a soft sigh.
We clung like orchids to bark.
Two fireflies in the dark.
She was always the sweetest poison in my veins.
Sanguine honey for my sweet cravings.
My narcotic drenched chains.
My heart’s wildest ravings.

Forever forlorn to her scent, leaving me wanting more.
Opium on the brisk breeze of the sea shore.
With just a brush of her nectared lips,
I drift off with heaven at my finger tips.
Where poetry is the silence of her skin.
The sweet song of her gentle sigh.
Where time never grows thin.
With her laying on my mind’s eye.
Not a second sneaks past.
My heart beats so fast,
Hummingbird wings are time frame.
So fast my pulse catches flame.

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