I visit my temple of love,
get you there as my idol of worship
offering my devotion
as propitiousness,
I seek your affection.

miser never be your favour,
blooms it with open heart
in the garden of feelings,
I cautiously pick them up.

Your amour shapes my eccentricity,
Your sweet words send me to 7th Heaven,
You navigate my romance in right direction,
Your ora of attachment is tireless.

O Goddess! My beloved goddess,
Thank you very much for being my master,
Thank you for holding my breathe,
Bewitched by your gracious attire.
Glued in smoking eyes,
You are the angel drawn in my mind.

O Goddess! My beloved Goddess
Your bashful expressions made my heart,
Lurking and growing in starlit night,
Your dazzling appearance soothing,
Me like dew drops on fresh roses,
In a garden of Eden, I could smell you.

To you, the eternal bow of respectability.

{I am your unmotivated servant lover and sex slave worshipper, and you are my eternal master goddess. There is no need of our being anything other than master and servant. You are naturally my master, owner, goddess and I am naturally your servant, sex slave lover and devotee. My head bows down worshipping her.}

PS – To My Goddess, My Aaradhya, My Life, My Oxygen, My Soulmate, My Jaan, My Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Everything.

55 thoughts on “MY DEVOTION TO LOVE ❤

      1. Ohh. Everything will be fine. Do you think life is easy after death?
        Not at all, it’s like one try to escape from the prison nd now ready for harsh punishment. You r lucky enough to be appreciated here, loved by your dear ones. Exam pressure is totally fine. Hota hai sabhi ko

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Subah late hoti h ..
        Dupahar m self care.
        Sham ko dosto ko saath maze ya shopping .
        Raat ko jab kuch nhi hota to thori dar gaming aur phir jab nalli hoti hu to devdas ban jati hu😂

        Liked by 1 person

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