श्रीकनकधारास्तोत्रम्  (Shri Kanakadhara Stotra)

The dark Tamala tree in full bloom attracts the female beetle and even so MahalakShmi is attracted and finds happiness in the fragrant and dark-complexioned body of Hari and makes it tingle with joy. May she bestow on me prosperity by her auspicious glance.Note: The poet in Shankara compares the dark Tamala tree to thedark beautiful form of Vishnu, the dark beetle to the black lustrous eyes of Mahalakshmi. The glance of Lakshmi’s eyes on Vishnu gives him great happiness. A mere momentary flash of her eyes on anybody will bless him with prosperity..

The shy love-laden sidelong glance of the beauteous dark eyes of the daughter oof the Milky Ocean, returns again and again to the beauteous lotus face of Murari, just like the black bee constantly returning and flitting about the beautiful blue lotus flower. I pray that these glances be bestowed upon me to bless me with prosperity. Note: The dark beauteous face of the Lord is likened to the blue lotus. The dark glance rests upon the handsome face of the Lord and out of shyness the eyes are turned away but love again makes the glance rest upon the Lord. This series of sidelong glances are likened here to a string or Mala and they further look like the series of trips which the honey seeking black bee makes to the blue lotus. The devotee hopes taht he will be prosperous if a sidelong glance of the Goddess of Wealth falls at least momentarily on him…

The eyes of Mukunda remain closed in ecstasy. The beauteous dark eyes of LakShmi remain fixed on Mukunda in love and wonder and remain open without blinking. May these eyes of MahalakShmi fall on me and bless me with prosperity and happiness..

Lord Vishnu whose chest is adorned by the Kaustubha Mala is also adorned by the series of the beauteous glances of Goddess MahalakShmi. This string of glances resembles a necklace of precious blue stones of Indraneela and they are capable of fulfilling all the wishes of Hari Himself. May this string of glances be directed towards me so that it will bring me auspiciousness..

MahalakShmi shining on the dark broad chest of Mahavishnu is like the streak of lightning illuminating the dark rain clouds. May she, the daughter of the Sage Bhargava worshipped as Mother by the entire universe, bring me auspiciousness..

The God of Love, Manmatha, could gain access to Madhusudana (the destroyer of the demon Madhu, i.e. Vishnu) only because he was favored with the blessing glance from MahalakShmi . May her auspicious indolent sideglance fall on me (May she bless me with prosperity by looking at me in passing at least for a moment ..

The status of the king of kings or the exal;ted position of an Indra are given effortlessly by MahalakShmi by a mere momentary glance. Murari (Vishnu) who is supreme bliss itself is made happy by it. May this glance from the blue- lotus eyes of LakShmi fall on me for a moment at least. Note: The beautepus lotus eyes flashing momentarily on someone is capable of making him a king of kings ir even an Indra. Murari the seat of all bliss is thrown into ecstasy by it. Will she not glance at me , even for a second?..

The higher worlds like Swarga which are difficult of attainment and for which great sacrifices like Ashwamedha are performed become easily attainable by the compassion filled look of the lotus eyes of MahalakShmi . May she look at me so that I may attain my heart’s desires. ..

The dark rain clouds driven by the monsoon winds releases rain on the parched earth and quench the thirst of the Chataka bird and brings prosperity on the earth. In like manner may the dark eyes of MahalakShmi resembling the rain cloud wafted by the breeze of compassion relese the rain of prosperity on this devotee of a Chataka bird stricken with the load of accumulated sins so that the sins are washed away and prosperity bestowed upon him..

We offer obeisance to the Goddess MahalakShmi, the consort of Narayana, the preceptor of all the three worlds. She is variously known as Saraswati the Goddess of Learning, as Goddess LakShmi, the Divine consort of Mahavishnu, as Shakambhari or as Parvati the consort of Lord Maheshwara. Verily it is she who is playfully engaged in creation, protaction and final destruction of the Universe..

O Goddess as the very manifestation of the Vedas, you grant the fruits of godd action. Beautiful in form like Rati Devi you are the very ocean of superlatively beautiful qualities. Having your abode in the beautiful lotus of a hundred petals, you are Shakti personified. O consort of Purushottama, You are the Goddess of plenty. Please accept my obeisance ..

O Consort of Narayana! Whose face is as beautiful as the lotus in bloom, I bow down to thee . Born out of the milky ocean, along with the moon and the Divine nectar, O Goddess! accept my pranams..

I prostrate before you, O Goddess, who are seated on the Golden Lotus, who is Goddess of the earth, the consort of Narayana, compassionate to the Devas..

My obeisance to you, O daughter of Bhrigu, consort of Damadara. O LakShmi, seated on Lotus and adorning the broad chest of Mahavishnu, my salutations to Thee..

O Consort of Gopala, the son of Nanda, you are worshipped by the Devas. You are Jyoti incarnate, I prostrate before Thee. Your eyes are like lotus petals. You have created the world and you bestow prosperity. Please accept my salutations..

May I always have the desire to prostrate before you because a pranam to you is capable of bestowing all prosperity and will bring happiness to all the senses. Worshipping O Lotus-eyed Goddess not only removes all miseries but it confers happiness and plenty..

The devotee who worships your KatakSha (sidelong glance) is blessed with wealth and prosperity. To you, the queen who dominates the heart of Vishnu, my pranamas, through word, thought, and deed..

Seated on the lotus with the lotus flower in your hand, dresed in dazzling white and adorned with garlands and sandalwood paste, you gladden our hearts. O Goddess, the consort of Vishnu you who confer prosperity on all the three worlds, please show compassion towards me..

O mother of all the worlds, consort of Vishnu the lord of the Universe, the Dig-gajas (the celestial elephants guarding various directions) bathe you everyday with waters of the Deva Ganga poured ouitfrom golden vessels. O daughter of the milky ocean, I prostrate before Thee..

O Goddess LakShmi, consort of the Lotus-eyed Mahavishnu, direct your gaze filled with compassion at me, your devotee who am the poorest of the poor, so that I may become the true recipient of the benefits of your compassion..

O Goddess, controller of the Universe and protector of the people, blessing with your limbs, and gazing with your lotus-like eyes, forgive me. With my heart filled with fear of poverty, I surrender myself wholly to you, that you may watch over me every day with unbroken compassion..

Those who sing the praise of MahalakShmi who is the vedas personified, by these stotras everyday will be blessed with all good qualities, unsurpassed good fortune and powers of the intellect which will earn praise from even the learned…

Thus concludes the Kanakadhara Stotra