With your infinite Mercy water in the river ceaselessly flows

With your boundless Mercy man abundantly incessantly grows

With your illimitable Mercy away misfortune in an instant flees

With your endless Mercy happiness smiles as the verdant trees!

Fathomless mains of sorrows turn into nectar at Your graceful glance

Health, wealth, prosperity and contentment do steadily enhance,

Your bounty rains to dispel the dark, bleak and deadly ignorance

Your generosity keeps pouring on earth the much needed sustenance!

May Your celestial blessings shower on all till eternitty

May Your panacean blessings remove all futile negativity

May Your rare blessings infuse purity, loyalty and integrity

May Your unique blessings establish love, harmony and humanity

May Your sublime blessings end malice, jealousy, violence and cruelty

May Your sweet blessings protect the Earth from all evils till perpetuity!