Waiting is over

I want this day to come every time, so I can thank god and my parents, family, siblings, school/college friends, all the virtual world friends, well wishers, everyone everyday for bringing such a wonderful life to me.

Another happy year of smiles and joys!

Birthday is when ppl make me feel like celeb.


You are my Life ❤

You’re the reason

I feel alive here

The moment you’re apart,

The beat of the heart stops

All that runs my mind is you

I need to hold you here in my arms

For today and forever

I wish I could explain you the feeling I get,

When you’re beside me

The moment I listen to the beat of your heart trembling, I feel the rhythm in your heart

When I look into your eyes,

And your blush, I fall all the more

I swear to the stars running in the sky, I cannot see you apart

You’re the special someone to me

You are a part of my soul

You are too good, too pure, too full of life.

You’re here and I can feel you.

You’re in me.

I promise I’ll wake up every day with that same feelings and love

I’m really hoping that you are the one meant for me.

I’m really hoping that it will be me and you at the end of this journey.

I don’t know I deserve you or not.

The moon fell in love with the sun knowing that she’ll never love him back.

I have loved you all my life; it has just taken me this long to find you.

You came at the right timing.

Everything just suddenly fall in its perfect places.

You’re the one that lights up my world.

You make my nights and dawn.

I’ll be here truly loving you and worshipping you. I’ll love you till my last breath.

I cannot share you. I cannot share you with the skies that come between us

From the serenity of the loneliness in the night, from the moment that sets my life apart, we’ve recognised each other’s souls, our souls for eternity

There’s nothing more beautiful to me than the beautiful fragrance of your breath

I already am touched with the truth that it’s the beat of your heart that sets me alive

The place I step is nothing to me without the touch of your immortal existence. My heart stops beating the moment yours apart from mine. When the rhythm of our hearts feel each other and the souls meet, there’s no heaven in the world apart.

We shall meet when the setting sun and rising moon appear together in the sky.
The sky will change colour, and all will be bathed in an orange glow.
Winds of desire will blow, And thundering clouds will fill the skies.
Dry leaves will murmur and untimely rains will wash the earth.
There will be no shackles of religion or relationships to tear us apart.
All that will remain will be the fire of love in our hearts.
On that day
We will become one for eternity.

I want you. All of you. Your flows. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want you and only you.

You are by far the most amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, ravishing, sexy, loving, kind and compassionate woman in the world.

I destroyed and ruined myself because of you.

I wish I could live without you. I’ll try.

You know, I love you. I’ll always make myself available for you, even though the distances.

It does not matter how the future gonna be, but I’m never gonna stop loving you.

I’ll wait for you till the day I can forget you or till the day you realize you cannot forget me.

If I had a second chance

If I had a second chance

If I had a second chance.
I’d do the things I wish I had.
To let you know how much I cared about you my goddess.

If I had a second chance.
I’d hold you close and hug you tight my wife.
And tell you you’re my shining light.

If I had a second chance.
I’d let you know how proud I was.
To have you be my guide in life.

If I had a second chance.
I’d thank you for the things you’ve done.
To make a difference in our lives.

If I had a second chance.
I’d let you know how much it meant.
To gaze upon your smoking face.

If I had a second chance.
You’d always know that I’d be there.
To hold your hand and kiss your lips.

If I had a second chance.
I’d fill your heart with words of praise,
For you were strong and always brave.

If I had a second chance.
I’d whisper you the names of every star in the sky.
For it would take an eternity.

If I had a second chance.
I’d trace every part of your body over and over
With touches of feather dust.

If I had a second chance.
I’d dance on your arms in the bare grass.
Resting my head on your strong chest.

If I had a second chance.
I’d listen to every hole and dream your mind could conjure.
And promise to make them come true.

If I had a second chance.
I’d record your voice in the depths of my mind.
So I could hear you when you were far away.

If I had a second chance.
I’d make you believe I was your soul mate.
So undeniable
You’d never leave.

If I had a second chance.
I’d let you know I love you more than my lord krishna and my parents
And beg you not to go.

But second chances are rare,
So I’ll tuck these “ifs” deep in my soul
And pray for your return.

When I can make them a reality. Hoping that second chances aren’t just a fairy tale.


I once believed

I once believed

I once believed the sky was blue.
I once believed in the good of mankind.
I once believed in the purity of hearts in love.
I once believed in the promises made from one lover to another.
I once believed in the hope of an exciting future.
I once believed in the excitement of learning and growing together.
I once believed in the possibilities that lay ahead of us.
I once believed in the innocence of our untainted minds.
I once believed in the creativity of energy.
I once believed in the spontaneity of desire.
I once believed in the light peaking through my darkness.
I used to believe.
I once believed in all that was good.
I once believed in all that was holy.
I once believed in passion.
I once believed in me and you.
I once believed the sun would shine.
I once believed you time after time.
I once believed the trees gave shade.
I once believed we had it made.
I once believed the moon would rise.
I once believed in all your lies.
I once believed the rain would fall.
I once believed that you would call.
I once believed the clouds would pass.
I once believed our love would last.
I once believed the fog would lift.
I once believed you were a gift.
I once believed in miracles.
I once believed in the impossible.
I once believed in oceans deep.
I once believed our vows you’d keep.
I once believed in destiny.

A life devoid of the mundane.
A life filled with connection.
A life lived to the full.
I used to believe.
But now I’m broken
And just focusing on gathering my pieces back together.
Searching for that one morsel that still feels an ounce of hope.
That piece that will restore the belief.


Dear Love I miss u :-(

I want to hold your hand & walk for long time

Don’t want to miss you, even a While Dear, it’s you. My Life.

Hug me for my worries to die, my tears to dry and, my loneliness to fly.

It hurt to me know how I sometimes can be little selfish when it comes to you.

I’m getting sentimental over you! For god sake explain me why all these time I miss you every moment of the day.

I keep me awake just to listen you,

I keep me empty just for you to fail,

I keep me alive just to see you.

My mornings miss you,

My evenings miss you,

Where were you all these years,

Why you weren’t there to wipe my tears.

Fear of future is worse than pain of the past still I bother the least coz you are there.

Even second are too long to miss you

I want to hold your hand & walk a smile

Don’t want to miss you even a While.

I love and miss you so much.

Nothing makes me happier and nothing makes me sadder than you.

Physically Gone.. Yet Still Lingering In My Soul 😓😭😞😢

That crazy love
uncensored and without measure
guided my life
made me want more
a kiss was enough
a tight hug
and nothing else seemed to matter
That our madness
love and passion without cure
I was pushing for you.
I could never contain myself

That old feeling
An addiction, a torment
Squirted on the chest
meeting of perfect souls
Born, did not leave me and grew up
Not for a moment did he die
Between so many comings and goings
hidden or fortuitous meetings
Just to see you, just to have you
And at the same time I needed to not want you

I want to look at you even from afar
Have you in my power
desire to smell you, to see you
Things I’ve never felt for so long
It never lasted so long, just you.
An eternity … For eternity …
I could not get you out of my life.
The more I tried the smaller the output
All the ways lead me into your arms
Every day I was tied in your bonds
And at each meeting a new farewell

Getting worse and getting worse
wishing, dreaming …
… hoping one day to be one
Our lives eternally given no
But that’s not what happened
Every future got lost
And I did not want to leave the past.
It was a way to be by your side
With so many good memories
So many memories and stories
So many crazy notions
Feeling without explanation
Of those who take us off the ground
Whether it’s right or not

And it was not easy to tear you away from me.
Forget this love that seemed endless
Marked on my skin as a tattoo
Unforgettable, Infinite, insane, unique, unparalleled
Source of inexhaustible love
Future planned, desired and so dreamed
It would not be realized any more
You marked in my life.
For reunions and farewells
And that could not be enough for me
Time passed and dreams drifted through the air.
I could no longer stay or leave.
I did not even know where to go.
I tried to pull away, but I gave up.
Countless times I prayed, I begged
so that you stay or go for good
I needed to remember what made me
I could no longer suffer and cry
My life needed to continue …

And everything changed – My conviction passed
I already know that we will not meet again
And just where we stop – continue …
But I can still see you today.
in a gesture, a look
a way of walking
In an unintentional dream
there you are
Beautiful, smiling
Dare me not to want you
Daring me to forget you.

I’m Tired 😪😓😷😔

I’m tired of crying.
I’m tired of yelling.
I’m tired of being sad.
I’m tired of pretending.
I’m tired of remembering.
I’m tired of being alone.
I’m tired of being angry.
I’m tired of feeling crazy.
I’m tired of feeling stuck.
I’m tired of needing help.
I’m tired of missing things.
I’m tired of being different.
I’m tired of missing people.
I’m tired of feeling worthless.
I’m tired of feeling empty inside.
I’m tired of rejection.
I’m tired of broken promises.
I’m tired of burying my dreams.
I’m tired of never being a priority.
I’m tired of the struggle.
I’m tired of giving up on expectations.
I’m tired of getting hurt.
I’m tired of holding pain.
I’m tired of smiling while I die inside.
I’m tired of collecting the pieces of my broken heart.
I’m tired of begging to be loved.
I’m tired of not being loved.
I’m tired of stretching out.
I’m tired of not being able to just let go.
I’m tired of wishing I could start all over.
I’m tired of dreaming of a life I will never have.
I’m tired of emotions.
I’m tired of getting ignored.
I’m tired of chasing you.
I’m tired of myself.
I’m just tired of everything.
But most of all, I’m just tire of being tired.

Broken Dreams

If you could see into my eyes
Looking through the tears
You might get a glimpse
Of all my darkest fears

Time grudgingly passes slowly
I lay in bed at night alone
Staring at pictures of you
In the dark my heart groans

Watching you walk away
Seeing you leave that day
Feeling my life decay
Becoming a homeless stray

My Love if you cut me open
You would see how empty I am
My broken pieces turn to ash
My misery has broken the dam

I fake my smiles to others
To hide my inner pain
If you could see into my soul
You would see black tears like rain

Watching you walk away
Seeing you leave that day
Feeling my life decay
Becoming a homeless stray

The ink in my pen now dust
My pallet colors dried
My canvas now un-paintable

If looking at a broken soul
You can not bear to see
Or witness a man crumble
Then don’t watch Me