The Majestic Beauty ❤

“when the heart beats so hard for a lover
the lips long to give words to describe
how she is everything and the only
yet i am rendered mute
captivated, breathless
i decide to write
to share with her my soul’s overflowing

you are heaven-formed perfection
lithe and sprightly
as magic dancing in the air
and i wrote word after word
seeking to describe her every physical exquisiteness
my hand seized in mid sentence
what was I doing?
All these words, so limiting
only describing what I see with my eyes
What an injustice to her!
for I wish to describe a beauty beyond words
using mere words
ordinary phrases, cliches
in doing so I realized I was reducing her
to an ideal, an object

i sat, disgusted with myself
to turn a paradise-born angel into
a mere human
how could i compel my lover’s attention
if i made her like every other woman

I began to thik more deeply of her wonder
her capacity to love
her powerfulness and certainty
discerning, deep, melancholic
her displays of compassion on each person she encountered
again, i gave pause
yes, was these things and so many more
still, frail, weak words to ascribe to her

my heart grew heavy
how could i ever tell her of
the wonder she was in my eyes
how she quickened my pulse
illuminated my nights
infused me with hope

how could I explain that she was
the rapture beyond rapturous
the joy far surpassing joyousness
the wonder exceeding amazement
the longing transcending passion
how could i find the words when
i stumble to find them to pen

and this is her essence
a beauty beyond all words
so i must speak to her in one way alone
my words unheard will be written with action
i will write sentences of devotion
paragraphs of commitment
pages of faithfulness
books of affection
day after day after endless days
i will write unceasingly

and she will read upon my every act
the love that will bring her to tears
tears of happiness she never imagined possible
I will be her forever scribe
writing a romance beyond words”

65 thoughts on “The Majestic Beauty ❤

  1. Love is beyond words – yet us fool poets all try to find the right combination to express that ecstatic feeling.

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  2. hello, first of all picture it’s breath taking, very beautiful and words just got me deep inside my heart, very beautiful, i’m glad i read it❤️

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