Seven years ago, on this same day, 16th December, 2012 on that day a 23 year old girl was returning home after watching the film ‘life of pie’ in Saket, South Delhi with her friend Awindra Pratap Pandey on a chilly December night around 8pm. After trying their luck for an auto rickshaw, they boarded a white bus at a busy bus stop.

The bus had 5 male passengers apart from the driver. Everything seemed ordinary, but things soon turned out to be straight out of a horror fiction. One of the men, a juvenile Mohd. Afroz told her that the bus was going towards their destination.

But the bus deviated from its route n the doors were shut firmly. The men on the bus started taunting her, a scuffle endured between Pandey and them, he was beaten black and blue, gagged and knocked unconscious with an IRON ROD. Meanwhile others took the girl to the rear end of the bus.

Hit her with the same ROD, raped her brutally on the moving bus, inserted the a wheel jack handle into her, pulled out her intestines, uterus and causes unrepairable damage to her genitals n internal organs.

But this girl was a fighter. She fought with all the 6 men with such guts that it left bite marks on their hands and bodies. But it was not enough. They over powdered her, threw her and Pandey off the moving bus and even tried to drive the bus over her but Pandey pulled her to safety.

The partially clothed victims laid on the road cried out for help, but no one. At around 11pm a kinder passerby called the Delhi Police n they were taken to Safdar Jung Hospital by 19th December she had her 5th surgery, removing her 90% intestines.

But she was intubated, had sepsis, had high fever and on a critical condition. She was in ICU, scheduled for organ transplant in a few weeks. Then GOI decided to fly her to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for further care. CM of Delhi, Sheila Dixit was behind the decision.

HM Chidambaram had earlier rejected the plea to transfer her. But she had to take a 6 hour flight by air ambulance on 27th December, during which she went to “near collapse” or “cardiac arrest”. Doctors on board tried to stabilise her but she never regained consciousness again.

The staff at Singapore hospital said she suffered brain damage, pneumonia, abdominal infection and she was steadily deteriorating. She died there on 29th December, 2012.

Delhi Police arrested Ram Singh (driver), his brother Mukesh Singh, Vijay Sharma (gym instructor), Pawan Gupta (fruit seller), Akshay Thakur (unemployed) & Mohd Afroz (The Juvenile). All were arrested from different parts of the country. The juvenile had met them that day only.

They were eating, drinking and had a party earlier that day. They ventured out in the bus with tinted windows and yellow curtains. During the day they had also robbed a carpenter Ram Adhar, it was the juvenile again who lured him into the bus.

After they were arrested they were sentenced to death. Mukesh was assaulted by his inmates in Tihar Jail, after arrest Ram Singh was discovered hanging in his cell on 11th March, 2013.

Mohd Afroz was released after 3 yrs, spending in a juvenile home. He was GIFTED a sewing machine and Rs.10,000 a financial aid from DCW of Delhi CM, the juvenile home has kept his whereabouts secret, but sources say he was influenced at home and has become a fundamentalist.

I know you have guessed rightly that I am talking about “NIRBHAYA” (Real Name – “Jyoti Singh”). Yes she was instrumental in changing our country’s laws, the Criminal Law Act 2013, Jevenile Justice Bill 2014. A fund was set up to ensure women’s safety – Nirbhaya Fund.

It was not that late. She was not alone. She & her friend took a public transport. What wrong did she do? Many of the urban women travel the same way DAILY.

However it was not enough for her. A gruesome incident that would shook the nation, she would symbolise women’s struggle to end atrocities on women. And a juvenile that would get scot free even after doing some of the heinous crimes men has ever done.

A high profile case like this was thought to at least deter men from committing such gruesome crimes. But Every Single Day we see women to be subjected to sexual cruelty & brutality. Statistics say a woman raped every 20 minutes in our country. But that’s not the whole story.

Most rapes are never reported because of fear of social stigma & perpetrators go scot free. In a country where a law maker says “Ladke se Galati ho jati hai” its obvious that the victims are often viewed with contempt and hate.

A country where a juvenile can go scot free, given aids to rehabilitate, victim can be as hapless as anything. We need stringent laws.

No one, even a juvenile should be acquitted if a crime is proven. A juvenile who can dare to commit such heinous crime should be tried as an adult. There should be no expectations.

After seven years they are still not hung. Her parents are still waiting for justice.
Justice is too bloody slow in this country. Inhumanly slow.
Sentence has been given but appeal after appeal. They’ll go to higher court and higher court. Mercy petition and all crap.
His whole life he’ll spend in prison and we’re paying taxes for him. And also There’s no hangman because all the human right activists and everybody said no capital punishment to rapists. So all the hangmen have been fired. So there’s No hangman. Even if you give the sentence nobody is there to pull the rope.

As for girls, you should learn to fight for our safety and security. Don’t crawl in shame, fight, face the world and be brave. Its they who have sinned, not you. Be a Goddess Kalika or Mahishasurmardini. You have it in yourself to prove that you can fight. Fight for justice and yourself.

Dear ladies, be a woman of substance, one with a spine. And dear men, be proud of the ladies in your life, they are shakti.

The Female Population of Our Country

The female population of our country wants society to change their attitude towards women and girls to make the country a better place to live in.

After every once in a while a horrible case of child rape comes in news. i was thinking how can people stoop so low? How can someone be so insensitive & beastly? How can they even think about it? & in my opinion it all started with normalisation of ‘Child Marriage.

This is because our society was okay with a 8-9 yrs old getting married to a man thrice or even 5 times older than her. It’s becos of our society who thinks a woman’s only purpose is to satisfy a man’s sexual need, men see women as an object to satisfy them. Not all men but most.

It’s not just about females (kids) being sexually violated, it’s male children too, some men are so violent, they can’t control their lust,it doesn’t matter who or what is in front of them. And tbvh, the punishment that Islam gives to rapists is the only way left to control this.

The question remains where is the woman really safe if she’s not safe even at times inside her own home.

Bringing out a culture of respect for women requires redefining the concept of masculinity.
We have to tell men that if you do not treat women as equals, if you do not treat you son and daughter as equals, if you hit a woman, if you molest a woman then you are not fit to be a part of this society.

It is never enough! Every day, the crime rate grows.

We wake up every morning to the horrifying incidents of rapes and sexual violence across the country. The Nirbhaya gang rape in 2012 drew intense public outrage with the entire nation taking to the streets, yet the rise in the rapes since then has been quite alarming.

There are, on an average, six rape cases reported per day in Delhi alone, and one rape is reported every 20 min across the country. And even more so, hundreds of rapes of women majorly go unreported.

While there is a public outcry over the state’s failure in combating sexual violence against women, what we tend to elude is the fact that – it is we, as a society, who are complicit in rape culture.

The real problem arises from the prejudice rife about women in our society. A man’s thinking and outlook towards the opposite gender has a huge influence on his actions. So, when a child observes that the women in the family or around him are regarded as a soft, submissive and docile entity, denied of autonomy, who must impart their duties of household chores without questioning, he presumes it to be the most natural way to deal with women in the society. This brings about a notion that women are subordinates to men and hence, don’t deserve to be treated equally. That’s how the roots of a patriarchal society are further strengthened – a society that normalizes violence against women, trivializes rapes and indulges in victim-blaming.

Secondly, women are most often identified by their physical attributes – disregarding their individuality and capabilities – which further dehumanizes and objectifies them. The media and popular culture play an important role in the formulation of a society’s perception or at least a subconscious attitude. But, unfortunately, objectification of women in popular entertainment is a truth we can’t deny – movies, music, advertisements and reality shows portray women in poor light, showcasing them as mere objects of pleasure and sexual gratification. The way women are generally portrayed in media exposes sheer cultural profiling – they are portrayed as objects to be ogled, catering to the “male gaze”. Slang terms such as item, slut, and maal are used to dehumanize them.

We all sit, laugh and enjoy when the protagonist of a movie stalks, flirts and teases a girl and finally ends up wooing her. This follows up with the derogatory portrayal of a woman in item sequences surrounded by a bunch of men. The perception that such movies create, “that women are sex objects and are willing to abide by the man’s fantasies” is long-lasting and gets ingrained in our minds. A woman’s consent is no longer considered important, and it makes it easier to harm them since they are perceived as mere objects.

Unarguably, such an outlook on women results in a social structure that tries to dominate, oppress and exploit them. Our responsibility lies here – to stand against all kinds of objectification, and strive towards building a society that is based on equality, freedom, and justice.

Not Safe Anywhere

Not safe in the womb.
Not safe on the street.
Not safe drunk. Not safe sober.
Not safe in dark. Not safe in light.
Not safe in skirt. Not safe in burqa.
Not safe in college. Not safe in office.

Let’s not kill her in the womb as a “burden”.
Let’s not cut her wings for her gender.
Let’s not shatter her dreams for “society”.
Let’s not sell her love her for family’s “honour”.
Let’s not keep her caged as a “caretaker”.
Let’s not judge her for being free.
Let’s not raise a future bride.
Let’s groom a warrior.

You never own her
Not when you raise her as a father.
Not when you protect her as a brother.
Not when you love her as a boyfriend.
Not when you marry her as a husband.

She needs you, yes.
But she is never your property.
Only she owns herself.

No girl in this world is safe
Because every single day a girl becomes a victim of rape
Shame on such men
Who don’t respect women
Can’t see any full stop to this dreadful storm
And each day days ends with mourn
Even girls of below the age of five years are being harassed
And the satans are still roaming feely even after doing such monstrous attacks
Where is the humanity gone
Why every day a new rape case adds on
The society says she must drape herself
But what about those little angels who were helpless
Why the heck those bogging men cross the line
Brutal death should be given to those who do such crimes.


Who can a girl trust if not her own father, brothers, grandfather, uncles, relatives, well wishers, close family friends, gurus, so called godmen? This constitutes a total breakdown of the moral fabric of our society. It is also symptomatic of the hypocrisy in the holier than thou attitudes of many seemingly orthodox our country men. Of course, the emperor of all heinous crimes is the father raping his own in fact child.
The Raping of a small child is obviously the worst possible crime imaginable. The mind boggles at the ghastly physicality of the crime. The child’s body is not yet unformed.
She was helpless, fragile, unaware and above all, trusting & in no way able to fight or resist the attack. The damage is not only to the psyche of the victim but would by its brutal nature, tear apart her very innards. This crime is tantamount to murder, how can such a rapist be let loose on society ever again?
Recently of a men who have raped a 8 year old.
Being let out after 10 years only to do it once more, this time ending with murder.
The litany is relentless & gets more frightening by the day.
Driving around the capital their repressed libidos finding brutal release in helpless women on their way
Home from
The mean streets of urban india are getting meaner, while young women are stall feed by fear & depraved men.
The tragedy lurks not so much in the crimes but among the perpetrators.
In the rising crescendo of the blame game, one has lost sight of one disgusting but crucial fact that the majority of sexual assaults in our country occur in the seemingly safe haven, behind closed doors with the family. This is our national shame.
No police force can predict, preempt or protect a woman or child from such an onslaught. All that can be expected from the system is swift justice after the event & such harsh punishments that may act as deterrents for the future. At the moment the prevailing national anger is directed against the authorities rather than against the perpetrators; & the perpetrators are often right there in our own offices, homes & schools.

No democracy is a democracy when half of its population lives in fear. Yet men are surprised when they hear this from women. Their common reaction is: “You must be mistaken.” The paradox is that women have protected men and their families by keeping quiet. This is honourable behaviour, a part of our “honour society”. But National Crime Records Bureau statistics for 2012 to 2016 show that approximately 40% of female reported rape victims were minors and 95% knew the rapist. The rapists belonged to the “circle of trust” of extended family and friends. Young girls have nowhere to go.What rape statistics really reflect is a vicious cultural agreement that women have little value. Which means in turn that girls must be trained to act as if they do not exist, to minimise their presence to survive, to serve men and not inconvenience them. This sounds archaic in this day and age, but it is true in India and to a greater or lesser degree across many cultures, irrespective of wealth or education.Nobody would ever know the fear and the sacrifice of choices made by a girl and a woman. Every woman lives in fear of being sexually harassed, they always have this fear of which time will it be that such an incident would happen. Life has its own problems but sexual harassment is an added exhaustion. It kills the spirit of millions, woman try to look as if nothing happened but the stares and the touch and body languages buries them alive. Sexual harassment isn’t normal, it needs psychological help. The day people will start thinking as not a normal part of life that will be the day such nasty things will start ending.

Eve Teasing and Molestation

Eve-teasing while walking on the street. People ogle nastily at you and pass dirty comments.
Eve-Teasing everytime you’re out for office or when you go home.
“Catcalls, sexually explicit comments, sexist remarks, groping, leering, stalking. Quite a few guys who eve-tease passing women – all over and all the time.

The data is speaking for itself. It is confirming that everyday women are dealing with harassment from mild to extreme forms on our streets. How long will this menace go on for? What are we supposed to do about it?

49% of India’s registered voters are women, and the Power of 49 together needs to demand a tougher India, yet an India that is sensitive to women. Women’s issues need to be pushed in every lobby until the leaders have no choice but to yield and take a hold on the crisis that looms across every street and every corner of India today.

Every single day single women, young girls, mothers and women from all walks of life are being assaulted, molested, and violated. The streets, public transport, public spaces in particular have become the territory of the hunters. While the ones already hunted down weep in silence or in disdain, the rest fight their way to a basic life with dignity.

There is an unspoken war on the streets. Young school and college going girls use books to shield themselves, other women wear full-covered attire to protect their bodies, and others avoid the mere glance of the roving gaze.

We don’t need to look at statistics to confront the horrid truth. News stories of women from all over Country and world being raped, beaten, killed are flashed across us day after day – and we all are aware of it. The fatal Nirbhaya gang-rape saw an outpouring on the streets of Delhi – protests decrying the fragile status of women in India. Candle light marches, editorials examining the patriarchal and sexist traditions of our country, an awakening on social media – even conversations on streets revolve around the night they cannot forget: the night that took Nirbhaya.

This is the time we own up to ourselves. We stand by each other. Tall and proud. Brave and unfazed. This is the time we own up to India. No more Harassment. We want what we deserve – for us and for our daughters – a safer India for women.

Women’s Rights to Equality

The Indian constitution enshrines women’s rights to equality, including freedom of voice, movement and rights over their own bodies. India’s designation hurts national pride because it is a country where millions of smartly dressed women go to work in high-rise offices every day, where laws have changed to protect women and where women and men have spilled into the streets to protest against the grotesque rapes of toddlers, the gang rape of eight-year-olds, and of young women activists protesting at the trafficking of women.Questions about the gender gap or gender equality into a question about women’s safety and danger. It is no longer a philosophical issue of rights. It simply asks: are women safe and free? It forces us to consider cultural forces and the implementation of laws that impact how women are actually treated in a culture, despite formal law, education, employment or income.Majority of our women do not feel safe alone on the streets, at work, in markets, or at home, even though they have learned how to cope with this existential anxiety. And most of those who said yes had learned to modify their behaviours to feel safe – they don’t go out alone unnecessarily; come home at night before dark; get permission to go out; are always careful and alert; and they censor their speech, their clothes and their body posture, including whether or not they look men in the eyes.Indian women are in a constant state of vigilance, like a country on alert. For rape there is no fixed time: always be alert.”