MAHASHIVARATRI : The night of eternal wakefulness

The word Mahashivratri consists of three words, Maha – Shiv – Ratri, where Maha means Great, Shiv means Lord Shiva and Ratri means Night.

The Festival of Mahashivratri is celebrated on 6th night of dark Phalgun (Hindu month which falls between February to March) every year.

It is mentioned in Hindu scriptures that Lord Shiva performed the ‘Tandava’ on this day. Some scriptures also note the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati was conducted on this day.

Shivaratri is night of Destruction & night of Creation. Night of the lord of lords.

Shivaratri is the sacred night of the year when we are meant to wake up to our inner reality and connections with the whole of life. Lord Shiva’s ever wakeful presence is most accessible at this time.


Shiva is the truth, Shiva is beautiful, Shiva is infinite, Shiva is Brahman, Shiva is Shakti, Shiva is devotion, Shiva is Adi Yogi, the first yogi. Shiva is Dakshinamurthy, the greatest teacher. Shiva is Rudra, the destroyer of evil. Shiva is Nataraja, the Lord of Dance. Shiva is everything, Shiva is nothing.
Shiva is God of the God,
Destroyer of Evil,
Passionate Lover,
Fierce Warrior,
Consummate Dancer,
Charismatic Leader,
All Powerful yet,
Fearsome Temper.

Lord Shiva is the supreme deity of ever-wakeful awareness, the veritable consciousness of immortality. Connecting to his energy is essential for our optimal well-being and deepest understanding of life.

Shiva is the deity of cosmic dissolution, who returns the manifest universe back to its unmanifest origin beyond name and form. This is not an act of destruction but of transformation. Yet Shiva also represents the Absolute or Supreme Brahman that inherently transcends all time, space and karma.

Shiva is Mahayogi, the great Yogi, who is the master of life and death, existence and non-existence. The Shiva consciousness within us never dies and never feels any sorrow. He is Mrityunjaya or the one who takes us beyond our own death and suffering.

Lord Shiva as the ever-wakeful state of pure consciousness is our guide to waking up from the human dream to our greater reality in the self-aware universe. Shiva is the supreme deity of the cosmos that modern science is looking for to explain our magical universe in which time and space have no ultimate reality. Shiva is also the supreme deity of eternal life that modern medicine only faintly suspects, who can guide us to total peace and Ananda beyond any dependency upon the external world.