A Beauty Beyond Description ❤😍😘

Every action, every word carries a dimension of beauty hitherto unheard of.

It’s once in multiple generations that witness the epitome of perfection…you are it.

Every feature is an inexplicable virtue that transcends above all barriers & boundaries.

Others stake claim to nirvana by ridding their desires..mine comes from worshipping your shadow.

From the moon seeking guidance from your illumination to the stars learning from the twinkle of your eyes…you imbibe every aspect of nature the universe houses.

A mere sigh of yours whispers infinite melodies of which the world dances to day & night.

Such a force your beauty, your presence is that’s incomparable to anything in this realm or outside of it.

You’re a galaxy in yourself whose essence to be compared to anyone or anything would be a grave sin

You are you…an entity that time has bowed down to and will continue to do so beyond centuries!

Moon Amour ❤

Oh, what a sight.
You wearing only the moonlight.
You wore it just right.
Voluptuous curves flowing in the night,
Like a gentle breeze.
Through the trees.
Cascading in rapturous silverlight.

The gods personified desire.
Dressed you in silver fire.
Created you to inspire.
Setting hearts afire.
With the moonlit.
Your only attire.

Glistening dew on your skin.
Like the stars in the sky.
Dance at the shiver of you quiver.

I beg for your touch.
For my soul needs a crutch.
Please come and kiss my sin.
And let us start again.

But even the gods fell short.
In capturing your essence.
The moon turned away,
Blinded by your luminescence.
Who was this entity so lucid and free?
It was you, the creation of beauty, and lover of me.

My Divine Other Half 😍❤😘

The night you turned me on
it feels erotically insane.
The way you caressed my back
it calms down the chaos of mundane;
your melody of breath,
silently whispers my name.

Not all places I wander
are the realm of dreams.
Sometimes I want to see the sunset where
the river does not flow back to the seas.
Sometimes I want to spend nights with
the stain of our love on damp sheets.
Sometimes I want to wake up with
sunshine embracing your lips.

You enlighten my night,
as if the oasis in the desert.
In the pleasure of melodies
I found art.
The day you stepped
in my soul;
I became a part of you.

PS – To My Goddess, My Life, My Everything.

Gifted Between Her Thighs ❤😍😘

Supple graces waltz
quietly while eager
juices flow amidst
soft walls of pleasure
sheltered by curvaceous
thighs once defined
by lonely men
as the greatest creation
Just a drip of the
warm and white nectar
oozing out of her
Gives me more life than
Swimming in 1,000 rivers of ambrosia
Just a single thrust inside her
Gives me more euphoria
than infinite endorphins
Deep inside her with buckets of sweat drenching me,
The dance of her tongue
on my lips cools me more
than the most fierce winds
I pray, I plead, I cajole,
I offer a lifetime of servitude
In exchange of eternal habitation…
in the caves of her vagina!

The Galaxy of My Existence ❤😍😘

Like the
Song of angels on a morning wind
You are the lyrics of elysium’s light
Like the
Oceans tide of twilights rain
You are the steal of my heart in flight
Like the
Wild meadow petals of seasons adrift
You are the rose of sapphire eyes Like aurora
Kaleidoscopes guiding the darkness
You are a thousand dawns on starless night
You are love, my serenity of beauty
In a timeless moonlit invite
A breath of heaven that enchants my soul
In desire stroked fire wind cries…

I need you very much my jaan ❤

I need you like the sun needs the moon,

I need you like the eyes need the balls,

I need you like the dark needs the black,

I need you like the blood needs the red,

I need you like the nerves need the veins,

I need you like the depth needs the core,

I need you like the skin needs the bone,

I need you like the volume needs the silence,

I need you like the river needs the flow,

I need you like the mountain needs the top,

I need you like the shining needs a star,

I need you like Breath needs air,

I need you like the sea needs sand,

I need you like the sky needs clouds,

I need you like a song needs a melody,

I need you like the ghosts need the spirits,

I need you like the letters needs the paper,

I need you like the most needs the less,

I need you like a heart needs blood pumping through,

I need you like the atmosphere needs to wrap it’s arms around creations,

I need you like the flower that needs to be seen In all the rhythm that it’s transforming,

I need you to look into my eyes for they are the windows to our souls and only than will you find where the deepest love lies.

I need you like the beat needs a heart Like a lost place needs to be found Like lips that paint love on yours.

I need you like a boy needs a girl,

I need you like a man needs a woman,

I need you like a husband needs a wife.

She is my everything ❤

As an Angel she came into my life
Showing me the glimpse of heaven
When I looked into her eyes
I saw a heavenly light
Making my heart sing and dance
Amidst clouds, flying with her
On the wings of her love
Giving me the strength
For doing the things I like to do.

She created magical effects in me
Like a muse soothing my heart and soul
What a melodious song it was
I enjoyed with utmost pleasure
The feel was everlasting and mesmerizing
Giving me a pleasure sublime.

She is the pain I hold in my heart
The tears I cry every night
She is the scars I never tried to get rid off
I am wearing these scars like I’m loving her.

She is both my pain and my joy
The pain and the joy I write
She’s the beauty in my poetry
And everything to me
In heaven or in hell
I will always love her
My beautiful angel of the heaven.

PS – To My Love


Eyes of the deepest blue

Mirroring an ocean at the beach to dive in


The waves mixing a cocktail of ecstasy & intoxication,

Bringing forth Nirvana with in just a mere drop

This Goddess who…

Makes no effort to enhance herself,

But rather…

Has marvel & beauty themselves worshipping her shadows

Desperate for her acceptance

Her each breath transcending time

As all of humanity watches in envy

Lips so alluring, the wind itself dying to touch them

Having already accepted the new ordinance of direction

Dictated by the flow of of her hair…now the habitat of all the silk & velvate of the universe

She speaks…

Each word seeped in invigorating melody

Nightingales listen in tears…knowing their time is gone

Her breasts being soft, smooth, perfect circles…the ultimate & sweetest forbidden fruit

Bringing hours of anguish to the heart & mind,

To look or not to look?

To touch or not to touch?

Destruction at each path

Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t

Electric charges flow from each quiver of her fingertips

Bringing forth a tantalizing swag as the quiver continues down the body to hips, thighs, ankles, toes

A swag that cannot be done justice to…in the real world or a fantasy of a play, text, book

For mere words themselves look at her & have no retort

The sunshine has already died in shame as she awakens

For what is its rays in front of the twinkle of her eyes

Come nightfall, it is now time

For the stars & the moon bow down before her surreal beauty

A goddess in disguise?

Perhaps, perhaps not

But the such a radiance emanating from a mere human…never happened before & will never happen again…they just don’t make them like that in this

Lucidity is a nymph ❤

She smelled of wild roses
Wrapped in an aura of lotus.
Life swam in the nectar pools
Of her restlessly vibrant eyes.
No place for fools
To wander without sacrifice.

A thousand dawns slept
Upon her glowing face.
Countless setting suns drowned
In the waves of her grace.

She was the pearl of frothen sea;
The water rose that rest upon me.
She was my lustrous beacon afar.
My shining morning star.

She touched the restless sea
And it rose in wild ecstasy.
The waves hugging her luscious form
With their longing weight.
The sea foaming in an ecstatic storm;
Never did they hesitate.

The sky raged with jealousy
Over the luck of the sea.
The heavens whined a storm
Over her glorious form.

She was the dream of a dream.
Curves flowing in an astral stream.
She was my lustrous beacon afar.
My shining morning star.

Oh My Love! Without You

Oh My Love! Without You…..
Sun’s warmth seems so rude
The life is no more refreshing
Replicating all failures; assuming
So shadowy and spurious

Oh My Love! Without You…..
All seems Lustreless that looked
Once glorious and sobre
Fathomless sea turns shallow
And flame of curiosity hollow

Oh My Love! Without You…..
Mellowed life turns dull
Spark of glass blades pearly dew
Soundness of much relieved sleeps
Now seems dry and sore in a wood

Oh My Love! Without You…..
Remoteness crossing edge
Touching the pleasing symphony
Bringing joy of a blithe, worthy company
Concoring long reigning harmony

Oh My Love! Without You…..
The dryness of life’s desert soon sorely multiplies
The remoteness of life crosses the edges of the skikes,

Oh My Love! Without You…..
The sweetness of the sugarcane of life is really stolen
The firmness of the knots of life’s intereset does slacken,
The flame of curiosity of life does enfeeble and weaken
Oh! All the golden dreams of life, alas, turn painfully leaden!

Oh My Love! Without You…..
Life stgnates as if it were robbed of its vital pulsation
Life replicates a failure, full of disgusting indignation,
Every reality of life assumes so shadowy and spurious
Oh! Seems everything lustreless that looked once glorious!

Oh My Love! Without You…..
The mellowed life turns dull, drab and hollow
The fathomless sea of life turns indeed shallow!
But, sanguine I am, one day, will be gravid my sterile stem
When you become mine, the breath of my life, my enviable Gem!

And then a process follows,
Filling my life so hollow
Rising above the likes of Eden
Challenging every known credence

Of what lies in a world
Of beyond even perfection
Your greatness putting a halt
Of every life sorrow’s traction

Giving me a continuous flow
Of every wonder of this life
Never allowing even a moment
Of a mere doubt or strife

Even thinking about your shadow

Gives me ALL of this to endow:

The mellowness of the juicy fruits
The sap of the deep roots
The aroma of the fragrant flowers
The life in the refreshing showers
The buzzing of the industrious bees
The tickling of the enlivening breeze
The kernel of the sustenance grains
The sweetness of the sugarcanes
The serenity, quietude of Everest tower
The coolness of the relaxing bower
The joy of a blithe, worthy company
The touch of the pleasing symphony
The concord of the long reigning harmony
The amenity by the magical gift of money
The relish of the mouthwatering honey
The spark of the grass blades’ pearly dew
The captivating Rainbow’s multifarious hue
The soundness of the much relieved sleeps
The redness of the shy, rosy lips
The cosiness of the abundant wealth
The matching rhythm of the life’s rhyme
The smooth gait of the unceasing Time,
Appear sombre, missing, that’s not due.

I am THIS & much more with you
And lesser than dust without you
For my heart & mind & soul
Is NOT just about you

They ARE you!