My Dear Love,

Once I had a heart of stone, For it had surely lost it’s home, It could not love or wanted too, But in my life then came you, The stones began to fall away, As happiness began to fill my day, A feeling so sweet and happy too, My First Love ❤

From the day I met you, I knew it was not the first time I knew you. We have known each other before the time began and existed. You are the angel in my life gifted from heaven. My world could have ended the moment we would not be any longer on this earth.

Until the day I met you, I did not know for sure If I would ever find love So awesome, perfect and pure. But ever since that day. All my doubts were put to rest For me, it’s no one but you. Because I’ll have nothing but the best.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The first time I fell for you. The way you looked at me.The things you’d say, It was too good to be true. I promised myself I would stay away. Then you made it where I couldn’t breathe Now this is all I have to say I’m crazy about you. Your eyes & your smile.

I am here to protect you from every evil vibe. I’ll let no vibe touch you. We could be far from the distances yet our souls move parallel to each other.

We’re like the parallel lines that move together yet can never intersect each other. When I look into your eyes, I have watery eyes that can never let you go anywhere.

I may move far away from you, we may not know where we both are yet my soul will remain incomplete without you.

Everytime I look at you, I thank my stars for giving you birth. You are engraved here in my soul. For all the rest of my life, I’ll wait for you to be with me.

I love the feeling I get when I’m around you. I feel you everytime even when you’re not beside. I love you more than I can ever show.

I love you, I love your soul. I want to be with you forever alone where everything beautiful can touch our connected souls.

I love to see the hidden blush in your eyes. I love your smile. I am so much addicted to you, your soul is beautiful because it’s connected to mine.

You bring me close, close to your heart. I can get lost in you and never let you know how beautiful the love is between us.

You make me go crazy. You light me on fire I can’t hold back. When I get overcome with desire. I think about you all day long. Do you think about me. How madly I am in love with you Baby, can’t you see.

In the nights of thunder, where the clouds merge, the oceans meet, I want to be with you and hold you in me and never let you go anywhere. I love you.

Everything dark, I just want to get lost in you, lost where my love will get hidden but it’ll bring you closer to me.

I still remember that moment when I randomly met you on a social networking site without knowing who you are yet I knew you are old to me. No destiny, no distance, no death can separate us.

I want to share my life with you for me to show, My love is true I want to hold you in my arms Showing you, how love truly feels Loving you, is what I want to do although I know, We are apart Tears in my eyes, U can take away If I’m with you, That’s all I care For that, to you, I give all of me!

I promise my love, I will love you with all that I am. Always look upon you, Even when you don’t know it. Never give up on you, Even if you give up on me I promise my love, I will love you with all that I am I promise my love, That I will love you always.

Every breath I take I dedicate to you. You are the reason for Everything that I do. Every day that I am alive I live by your name. Without you, my life Would never be the same.

Stupid Winsome Worshipper

P.S. Let the shower of rain from your soul reign over my heart.
Let the light of my eyes rest upon a tuneful start.
From the drizzle of your mind’s poetic appearance.

Happy birthday to my dear elder brother 😍😘😊

“Your Brother will never say he loves you, But he loves you more than anyone else in the World”

After the divine relationship of mother,
Next important relation is of Brotherhood.
There is eternal presence of friendship.
Sunshine shadow rain joys or sorrow.
There is always presence of an Elder Brother.
Relation of blood or family.
The bonds of heart, mind, soul is friendship.
The difference of age and thoughts.
Does not hinder relation of us.
Beyond the horizon of the world.
All the wealth of world can not buy,
The relationship of Brotherhood.
My sibling is my lifeline,
Feelings of emotions and relations as lifelines,
No substitute for his commendable support and love,
We share and celebrate our birthdays, our achievements with same enthusiasm and passion to lit the hope of candle,
We’ve not grown up in our childhood fights, remain united and close knitted in layers and flairs of love and blessings,
Hugs a d prayers for well being is our motto of life to fly high and mighty!

Wishing you a very very very happy birthday dear elder bro.
Always Stay Safe, Secure and Happy 😊

Wishing you An abundance of goodness in life, Richness of soul, peace in the Mind, Happiness in your heart, joy & laughter on your face & may it all reflect in the sparkle of your eyes.

May my lord krishna illuminate your life with countless blessings of happiness, love and good fortune.

My Dear Elder Bro ❤

This guy deserves a better baby bro than me. He told me, advised me, pleaded to me everytime to focus on my studies and stay away from social media; to stay away from girls.

He repeatedly said that everything and everyone will come if you work hard. Money. Name. Fame. Girls.
Focus on your life, goals, studies. Plan for a good career.

He warned me that the world of social/virtual media is a fake world and never make me happy.

I broke his heart. I hurt him. I failed him.

We both are 180 degrees different from each other. Complete opposites.
And now, he’s not talking to me because of the roads our different beliefs have lead us.

He’s on the top in his life and career and I’m just an average one.
He is special. He is the best. He is everything.
He is my elder brother.

He’s 92% holder.

EC Topper from VGEC.
GATE 94% The highest of our region.
He was an Engineering Professor,
then after Software Engineer at COGNIZANT (US GIANT MNC),
Few days ago he cleared his First telephonic interview round of GOOGLE, at CANADA.

I love him dearly.