Waiting is over.

I want this day to come
everytime, so I can thank God and my Parents, family, relatives, friends, well wishers, everyone everyday for bringing such a wonderful life to me.
Another Happy Year of Smiles, Happiness & Joy.

Birthday is when People make me feel like a Celebrity 😍👻😛


2020 is the first Deepavali with Sri Ram fully honored in Ayodhya. It is the first Deepavali of a new and spiritually independent Bharat that will become a light for the entire world and the future of all humanity

The darkness to be removed is that of avidya, the lack of Self-knowledge or absence of Atma-vidya. That Atma-vidya alone destroys all darkness, death and sorrow. Is the light behind and beyond your own body and mind, extending into the Infinite and Eternal.

This Deepavali let us pause, ponder, circumspect.
Maybe we can rediscover what we want as a human being & slay our inner demons & celebrate truth, hope & justice.

May Diwali take us from the darkness of spiritual ignorance to the light of Self-realization and universal consciousness.

Obliteration of Darkness is the nature of light. May the light arise in your life, to light you up and all that you touch on this festival of lights. A Dazzling Diwali to you.

Wishing you an abundance of goodness in life, Richness of soul, Peace in the mind, Happiness in your heart, Joy & Laughter on your face & May it all reflect in the sparkle of your eyes. May you have a Splendid Festival Season & an equally Fantastic New Year.

May your festive season be punctuated with revachism whose magnoliquence can only be theatropistically analysed by the use of reminiscent exacerbation.
I know your arquistic impedance might not engulf this kind of debauched pedagogy because of its repuginatious tolecentrism.

Application of above Blessings and enriched Selflessness will surely drive away all the malicious Vibrant realms of the Mind and the Brilliant Sparks of Righteousness and Humaneness devoid of all Barriers will come into Existence.