Kashyap Bhatt

(Nicknames: kash, kash baby, kashu, kanha)

I am a cocktail mixed of Fire & Ice. I can be an angel & become a devil next moment, But trust me if you are good to me you will see my wings. If you hurt my soul then I can swear on your parents I can give exactly as much as I get.

I’m Proud Indian, Proud Hindu, Proud Gujju, Proud Brahmin. Vegetarian, Cultured, Virgin by choice and committed to it until I get married to my future Goddess Bride, Neither Drink, Nor Smoke, Pure Gujju chhora (boy). Electronics and communication engineering student.

I’m Unpredictable, Emotional Fool, Extra sensitive, Bossy, Stubborn, Moody, Mischievous, Mirthful, Rebellious, Adventurous. Sometimes Serious Sometimes Naughty. And I love to tease ppl. I trust people blindly, I forgive people easily, I forget all the bad they did easily. I am an idiot and then people hurt me, break me, ruin me. I repeat same mistake again and again. And I do cry sometimes.

And I’m madly in love with world’s most beauteous, sexiest, hottest, luscious goddess of the heaven. I worship her. She’s my life,my love,my wifey,my oxygen, my soulmate,my aaradhya, my queen, my master,my owner .







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