She melted into my arms; a dripping candle flowing into a pool.
Her lips beckoning a kiss besoothing me to be their tool.
We locked in embracement; an unbreakable link.
Her gentle sighs were a poem etched into my soul.
No other words can I think.
No other dream could I hold.
I would watch her sleep; like wild flowers opening to dawn.
The drapes of night would fall and be gone.
Only her naked radiance, a lamp luring a moth’s dance.
Her satin smothered hills a restless landscape.
I could but stare in deep trance.
My heart and mind unable to escape.
The years passed like a river frozen in time’s eye.
No more than a soft sigh.
We clung like orchids to bark.
Two fireflies in the dark.
She was always the sweetest poison in my veins.
Sanguine honey for my sweet cravings.
My narcotic drenched chains.
My heart’s wildest ravings.

Forever forlorn to her scent, leaving me wanting more.
Opium on the brisk breeze of the sea shore.
With just a brush of her nectared lips,
I drift off with heaven at my finger tips.
Where poetry is the silence of her skin.
The sweet song of her gentle sigh.
Where time never grows thin.
With her laying on my mind’s eye.
Not a second sneaks past.
My heart beats so fast,
Hummingbird wings are time frame.
So fast my pulse catches flame.

Winsome Slave of a Beauteous Goddess ❤

“She demanded me and my obedience. I gladly accepted. I am her marionette, my goddess pulls each string with utmost perfection.She frowns in disgust with my immediate response, even though she knows that I am a proud slave of her. Her cologne, a chain dragging me into her arms. That majestic beauty tormenting me to drudge to cherish her charm. I should beg her on my knees to forgive me, but I only infuriate her more. I tell her pleasingly I’ve been a bad boy and to mistress of mine with an impish look, I plead, she however does not take the bait and leaves me. I sit there on my knees, heartbroken and without her to tell me what to do or say, knowing that I am lost in the wilderness of perpetual heartache. My heart remains a slave for life with no master. Sobbing like a little boy whose mother has chastised him for the first time”

{I am your unmotivated servant lover and sex slave worshipper, and you are my eternal master goddess. There is no need of our being anything other than master and servant. You are naturally my master, owner, goddess and I am naturally your servant, sex slave lover and devotee. My head bows down worshipping you}



I visit my temple of love,
get you there as my idol of worship
offering my devotion
as propitiousness,
I seek your affection.

miser never be your favour,
blooms it with open heart
in the garden of feelings,
I cautiously pick them up.

Your amour shapes my eccentricity,
Your sweet words send me to 7th Heaven,
You navigate my romance in right direction,
Your ora of attachment is tireless.

O Goddess! My beloved goddess,
Thank you very much for being my master,
Thank you for holding my breathe,
Bewitched by your gracious attire.
Glued in smoking eyes,
You are the angel drawn in my mind.

O Goddess! My beloved Goddess
Your bashful expressions made my heart,
Lurking and growing in starlit night,
Your dazzling appearance soothing,
Me like dew drops on fresh roses,
In a garden of Eden, I could smell you.

To you, the eternal bow of respectability.

PS – To My Goddess, My Aaradhya, My Life, My Oxygen, My Soulmate, My Jaan, My Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Everything.

A Beauty Beyond Description ❤😍😘

Every action, every word carries a dimension of beauty hitherto unheard of.

It’s once in multiple generations that witness the epitome of perfection…you are it.

Every feature is an inexplicable virtue that transcends above all barriers & boundaries.

Others stake claim to nirvana by ridding their desires..mine comes from worshipping your shadow.

From the moon seeking guidance from your illumination to the stars learning from the twinkle of your eyes…you imbibe every aspect of nature the universe houses.

A mere sigh of yours whispers infinite melodies of which the world dances to day & night.

Such a force your beauty, your presence is that’s incomparable to anything in this realm or outside of it.

You’re a galaxy in yourself whose essence to be compared to anyone or anything would be a grave sin

You are you…an entity that time has bowed down to and will continue to do so beyond centuries!

PS : To My Gorgeous Goddess Wife, My Aaradhya, My Ravishing Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Heavenly Jaan, My Pretty Princess of the Paradise, My Soulmate, My Owner, My Master, My Everything.


Looking into her eyes
Her eyes her eyes
I drown in her deep pools of blue that shine brighter than a thousand suns
Blinding me by her immense radiance
Immediately my living hell turns into paradise
The fire in her eyes full of a sought after passion by all mankind
Here I am caught in her mesmerizing glance
An everlasting glance
Everything vanishes except for this divine apparition
That imprisons me and frees me at the same time
The sight of her beauty
Stirring passions juices
A taste of eternity
My heart thumping rapidly in my chest

Every cell in my body dances with pleasure

This Goddess that walked into my life
Her eyes her eyes
They were on fire and yet soft is her gaze
Sets my body ablaze
I knew in an instant I would allow her to burn all my desires
Melting away my yesterdays and tomorrow’s
Except my desire for this, this tall slender elegant sexual Goddess
standing before me
This divine feminine
I would bow to I would honor
For eternity
I was under her spell
She could tell
Her full lucious lips moist like the morning dew
Temptingly partially apart

I wanted to place my mouth upon

The sight of her luscious
curvaceous breasts peering out from her ravaging low cut elegant red velvet dress
Weakens my entire body
And yet I never felt so alive
By this stunning beauty
This Goddess of Heaven
Sent from Heaven itself
Her well defined waist I wanted to hold
To pull her close
To feel her against me
To touch her
Everything vanished except my desire to caress this delicate
creature with the inner strength of a raging lion
I wanted her more than I’ve wanted anyone more than anything
The love she awakened in me
I would embrace forever

Our lips meet

Softly softly
Full on
My love for this Goddess deeper than an ocean
I wanted to make her mine
An impossible dream
However, I still dreamed
Our love stripped us bare
Standing in our nakedness
We wanted to share
In an intimacy so rare
Pleasuring each other
In nights candle light
Swimming in loves sweetness
A union of infinite delight.


O luscious and lustrous Damsel of my Cupid’s Heaven,
Thou art there a glowing Star, shining ‘pon my rapt heart’s gloomy craven!
Thou art there to end my hunger for thy love, and the bounteous beauty with thou entertain.
Thou art there to irrigate the barren lands of my deserted life with thy eternal enlightening rain.
Thou art thou to feed a hopeless hunger never satisfied by thine foods.
Thou art thou mind, body and soul without disdain connection or myth.
Thou art thou life, you seem to giveth and taketh simultaneously.
Thou art thou regimen, thou prescription and thou medicine.
Thou art thou past, thou present and thou future.
Thou drencheth me in joy so pure, naught dare pollute.
Thou art everywhere my dreams wander; ever lucid, infamously absolute.
Thy smile gleams with the light of the rising sun.
Thou art, for my heart, the only one.
Thou art the fields of Heaven ; Golden peace waving in celestial breeze.
Thou art the feather that can force me to my knees.
Thou art the wings that lift me to journey the sky.
Thy soft whisper makes my heart fly.

PS : To My Gorgeous Goddess Wifey, My Aaradhya, My Ravishing Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Heavenly Jaan, My Pretty Princess of the Paradise, My Soulmate, My Owner, My Master, My Everything.


The bewitching beauty with that cleansing pedigree makes that first move like floodgate opening to mesmerize everybody in tenterhooks.

There is no recipe for this ongoing chaos intermixed in variegated ways culminating in discordant forces clashing.

Each vying for the inevitable glory which is in short supply owing to the bits and pieces realities pounding and pouncing mother earth to get into that upper chamber

Where pinnacle of glory is notched beyond any restriction by energy levels of indomitable nature which doesn’t budge an inch,

But the persistence is well in force to evoke an emotion of overwhelming degree which can not be set aside at any stretch of the imagination.

Amidst this chasm of life,the glorified beings do function like echoing sensations of paramount scope and scale.

PS – To My Aaradhya, My Goddess Wifey, My Life, My Oxygen, My Owner, My Master, My Soulmate, My Jaan, My Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Everything.


Oh, my life, my love, how you amaze in fascinating ways,
You are grace astounding, solace showering, a dancing damsel,
Spinning spells before my eyes –
How you mesmerize with matchless versatility,
None other excels at your level of grandeur.

You, hypnotic with enticing captivation emanating,
Transforming as life lifted to a plane of another universe,
Your light shines brilliantly, a sun’s substitution at night,
All the same, even what would be the darkest of nights
Are brought to life, and life outstanding brilliantly.

You are a puzzle unsolved, no key, a mysterious mixture,
Charisma’s depths, playing elegantly upon the mind,
Alive and captivating as a sweet cherry,
You are sweetness personified,
Exuding a virtuous virginity everlasting.

A chaste smile on your red-rose lips,
Flawless gestures, you turn life’s desert
Into a welcome, saving oasis. From you
Flows an ocean of ecstatic bliss,
Shared in mystical, miraculous ways.

You dance in my life, for my eyes you spin,
Music extraordinaire; I have to bend and humbly bow
Before your enrapturing dance.
Your dance is like a spring garden,
Swaying in the wind of rapture.

The dark, dangling locks of silk over shining brows,
A feminine loveliness, so scintillating, so satisfying,
My heart moves, hilarity, uplift, it smiles, laughs in delight,
Thy face, dimpled on delicious cheeks, charms.
I cherish it; I cherish you.

Thy deep, dancing, engaging eyes doth delight me in excess overfilling,
The buttery beauty of they pursing, crooning lips is expressed
No simile can match, no matter the trying, what can compare?
Thy crescent moon chin awakens the need for touch, for kisses,
Doth beckon me benevolently and bounteously.

My love, the purity of thy enviable affinity cannot that of frankincense,
The glow of they unshakable credence doth add to my love ever that much more,
The glitter of they constant company doth compel me to thank thee from the core,
Ambrosia of they sweetest smiles doth wane all of my sorrows, intolerably sore!

Oh my love!
Thou dost deserve my genuine and generous applause forever,
For thou hast been, with they commendable contributions,
Coveted as life itself, life everlasting,
In my heart of hearts, your inspiration.

PS : To My Gorgeous Goddess Wife, My Aaradhya, My Ravishing Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Heavenly Jaan, My Pretty Princess of the Paradise, My Soulmate, My Owner, My Master, My Everything.

The Cynosure Beauty ❤😍😘

She basks in summer’s sun,
A co-conspirator to beauty,
Each held high, nothing bound,
Both immeasurable in the realm –

If she would lie next to me,
The air itself would be more precious,
A touch of flesh against flesh,
Sighs resounding, Hearts pounding –

She holds the world in her hands,
Her love and might nourished
By honey-milked skin throughout
Those who can see, they are amazed –

Her eyes are blinking lights,
A beacon drawing me home,
When at sea and drifting,
She shines and rises as I return.

At times, she wore grungy clothes,
No matter, her strong soul seeks sunlight,
Outside of her garb, as a seed grows a tree,
She flows like flowers in a springtime breeze.

PS : To My Gorgeous Goddess Wife, My Aaradhya, My Ravishing Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Heavenly Jaan, My Pretty Princess of the Paradise, My Soulmate, My Owner, My Master, My Everything.


I met a beauty today
A masterpice of God
so to speak, in other words
She was not walking like us
She was like flying on ground
I don’t know how to describe her
How to start, from where?
She was carrying all features
And colors of mother nature
Her face was a budding rose
She was so charming from head to toes
Her eyes were painted by oceans
Her looks were piercing and seductress
Her nose was dainty and neat
Her cheeks were flushed in heat
Her lips were like sunk in a red ink
She had a cute dimple on her cheek
Which was the world’s sweetest thing
Her bosoms were so plump and erect
She had a waist slender and sleek
She was Just like a flawless sculpture
Which is carved and shaped
By the most skilled architect
Her smile was promising
Her voice was so soft
As if it was like velvet
But at the same time wry
I had the feeling that way
I do not know why
Her eyes, her looks were inviting
Her cynic voice, her mocking words were discouraging
I do not know what to do, where to go
I am so undecided, confused so.