That Lounged Heavenly Beauty ❤😍😘

Like the
Song of angels on a morning wind
You are the lyrics of elysium’s light
Like the
Oceans tide of twilights rain
You are the steal of my heart in flight
Like the
Wild meadow petals of seasons adrift
You are the rose of sapphire eyes Like aurora
Kaleidoscopes guiding the darkness
You are a thousand dawns on starless night
You are love, my serenity of beauty
In a timeless moonlit invite
A breath of heaven that enchants my soul
In desire stroked fire wind cries…

PS – To My Goddess, My Love, My Soulmate, My everything.

Happy Karwa Chauth ❤😍😘

The festival of Karwa Chauth is celebrated enthusiastically in majority of Hindu Families. Falling 9 days before major Hindu Festival Diwali, Karwa Chauth is a Vrat (fast) observed by married woman praying for the welfare of their husband. This fast goes on till the Moon appears in the sky in the late evening.
On Karwa Chauth, married Hindu women observe fast from sunrise to moonrise to pray for the long life and safety of their husbands.

A married woman celebrates Karwa Chauth by observing a fast for the long life of her husband. And above all is the ‘Shringar’ that includes applying henna and adorning the bridal makeup.

A fast that ensures the well-being, prosperity and longevity of their husbands, the festival of Karwa Chauth provides an opportunity for all married women to get close to their in-laws. Possessing a tremendous social and cultural significance, this festival is celebrated by keeping fast, applying henna and exchange of gifts.

Karwa Chauth Celebrated mostly by North Indians, the event of Karwa Chauth is growing bigger with each passing day. Along with traditional items such as henna, beauty products and fashionable clothes, the demand of special eateries are also gearing up. Nowadays, Karwa Chauth is more of fun than a serious festival.

The festivities surrounding Karwa Chauth encourage people to gather and socialize with friends and family, exchange gifts and share home-cooked meals. The gifts exchanged on this occasion reflects joy, splendor, brightness and happiness of a married life.

Henna symbolizes luck and prosperity. Thus, decorating hand and feet by creating beautiful designs out of henna paste is one of the most common tradition on all occasion. As Karwa Chauth is meant for married woman, the significance of henna increases manifold.

A spouse is not a destination but a fellow traveller. The day seems long and the moon doesn’t show. Thirsty, hungry yet on the go. Salute Indian women for their sacrifice and love. They are an incarnation of goddesses from heaven above.

Why only married women, why not married men/unmarried lovers/boyfriends?
I think Karwa Chauth Its not only about women fasting today, Nice to see so many husbands/unmarried lovers/boyfriends do the same for their wives/girlfriends/lovers. It’s a wonderful day full of Love, Emotions & Sentiments. Shows the richness of our culture and Tradition.

This festivals strengthens the bonds between husband and wife, two lovers, two soulmates and makes them remember the promises made at the time of their marriage/relationship.

I’m fasting too for my goddess, my soulmate, my jaan, my everything.
I love & worship her more than anything, more beyond my existence. I’m fasting for the long life of her, for her safety, security, good health. A fast that ensures the well-being, prosperity and longevity of her. This fast (vrat) will go on till the moon appears in the sky in the late evening.

Wishing you all a very Happy Karwa Chauth
Lets celebrate this beautiful ‘Indian Valentines Day’.!!


The celestial emperor’s ideal beauty:

She was a slender luscious woman, youthful with a measured gait, owing to the weight of her hips, and ceasing her from the weight, [of her bosom]
She, with pointed teeth, and a red lips like a bimba fruit had a glimpse of a stupefied deer.
Her lower lip blushed, like a tender leaf.
Her arms resemble flexible stalk!
Eventually, youth was bewitching [like a blossom]
It had shined in all her lineaments!

Profound portrayal:

She had, V shaped figure with, [imp-thin] wasp waist with, [glossy skin] slender eyebrows with [velvet eyelash] sea-nymph ears with [dainty nose] halo white teeth with [varnished fingernails]
Flame red hair with [rapture blue eyes] captivating lips with [noble personality] soothing voice with [grungy clothes]

Metaphorical description:

She is more beautiful than rose because she remains close her eyes are glowing light which will imprison the night her lips are sealed with love that makes her superior than Jove
Her tears are treasures of love!

Alluring characteristics:

Her hips are beautifully beatific! Lustrous guise with charming smile! She is a flower that no one has ever smelled! [Delicate as like a jasmine flower]

With all the above description, its crystal that, she must be the first being in His way of making a female]
[Walked out of His shop]

Reminiscence of that beauty:

{Like a journalist:
She is in motion with an air of certainty, and
Like an investigator:
She unfolds the crux of an enigmatic story line}
[Her voice is sarcastically sweet]
She also fumes and frets!
When it comes to human mind, she is the best to understand.
{The resigned and fatalistic mentality is her Achilles heel}
This is her courageous way of confronting the challenges of the world!

PS : To My Gorgeous Goddess Wifey, My Aaradhya, My Ravishing Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Heavenly Jaan, My Pretty Princess of the Paradise, My Soulmate, My Owner, My Master, My Everything.

My Moon Goddess: The Mirage of Heaven ❤😍😘

How beautifully deceitful is the moon?
Alluring us & bringing with tales of eternal romance in one moment
Only to break our hearts in the next moment
Shining a light to make my lover’s breasts more attractive,
Only to take them away! Such contradictory tales that warm & anger the soul:

The Moon of my life.
The Moon came to the night’s celebration dressed as a bride
I don’t know if beauty is absolute or relative but a goddess I love is always the most beautiful woman in the entire universe. Power of my goddess lies in her gentle touch, her breath, her smile, her essence, her whole femininity.
A lotus is beautiful even if it is in the midst of muck; the blemish on the moon, despite its darkness, only highlights the moon’s lustre; her simple bark attire only enhances the loveliness of this maiden.Indeed, what will not serve as a decoration for something that is intrinsically beautiful?

The moon
Bringing me in the arms
Of a newlywed bride
Just a bit wavy
Drops of Ganga
dripping from the hair
Binding vermilion shining
like saffron
With a mix of a blush
that is unique to her cheeks

The moon
Bringing forth salacious vampires
Bloodthirsty for her flesh
Swelling pale necks with milk-white teeth up & down
Ready to “pounce”
To spice up lush
Like rose-colored flesh

The moon
Showering such hypnotic moonlight
That all famish is gone
No matter how lavish the meal
Shunned by the stomach
Imprisoned in the refrigerator
Next to the dark chocolate
Blushing like the reddest cherry

The moon
Lying under the dirty covers
Null at its best
In between the virgin destinies of soft palms
Fallen deep in depths
Not unlike the nightly dose
Of the blue tablet

The moon
Reminding me of the isolation
Producing roar-like screams
The naked walls…one more ugly reminder
Full of anguish
Pouring out en masse
Now in the form
of tears of blood
The increment of those found
In a newborn baby

The moon
Bringing forth the darkness of agony
Waterfall tears to drench the sand
Taking the ever restless turns
Rolling in the eternal screams of anxiety
Breaking piece by piece

The moon
Now also targeting
The depressed angel
Soaring in isolation with a broken wing
Barely hanging on
Burned by with the fire of torment as shiny as golden beans
Left to rot…who can comprehend such pain
But a jackfruit robbed of its taste?

This is the moon & its moonlight
Putting illusions of romance in the fairytales
To destroy the realities of our hearts…forever!

PS – To My Goddess, My Life, My Oxygen, My Soulmate, My Jaan, My Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Everything.

Oh My Love! Without You

Oh My Love! Without You…..
Sun’s warmth seems so rude
The life is no more refreshing
Replicating all failures; assuming
So shadowy and spurious

Oh My Love! Without You…..
All seems Lustreless that looked
Once glorious and sobre
Fathomless sea turns shallow
And flame of curiosity hollow

Oh My Love! Without You…..
Mellowed life turns dull
Spark of glass blades pearly dew
Soundness of much relieved sleeps
Now seems dry and sore in a wood

Oh My Love! Without You…..
Remoteness crossing edge
Touching the pleasing symphony
Bringing joy of a blithe, worthy company
Concoring long reigning harmony

Oh My Love! Without You…..
The dryness of life’s desert soon sorely multiplies
The remoteness of life crosses the edges of the skikes,

Oh My Love! Without You…..
The sweetness of the sugarcane of life is really stolen
The firmness of the knots of life’s intereset does slacken,
The flame of curiosity of life does enfeeble and weaken
Oh! All the golden dreams of life, alas, turn painfully leaden!

Oh My Love! Without You…..
Life stgnates as if it were robbed of its vital pulsation
Life replicates a failure, full of disgusting indignation,
Every reality of life assumes so shadowy and spurious
Oh! Seems everything lustreless that looked once glorious!

Oh My Love! Without You…..
The mellowed life turns dull, drab and hollow
The fathomless sea of life turns indeed shallow!
But, sanguine I am, one day, will be gravid my sterile stem
When you become mine, the breath of my life, my enviable Gem!

And then a process follows,
Filling my life so hollow
Rising above the likes of Eden
Challenging every known credence

Of what lies in a world
Of beyond even perfection
Your greatness putting a halt
Of every life sorrow’s traction

Giving me a continuous flow
Of every wonder of this life
Never allowing even a moment
Of a mere doubt or strife

Even thinking about your shadow

Gives me ALL of this to endow:

The mellowness of the juicy fruits
The sap of the deep roots
The aroma of the fragrant flowers
The life in the refreshing showers
The buzzing of the industrious bees
The tickling of the enlivening breeze
The kernel of the sustenance grains
The sweetness of the sugarcanes
The serenity, quietude of Everest tower
The coolness of the relaxing bower
The joy of a blithe, worthy company
The touch of the pleasing symphony
The concord of the long reigning harmony
The amenity by the magical gift of money
The relish of the mouthwatering honey
The spark of the grass blades’ pearly dew
The captivating Rainbow’s multifarious hue
The soundness of the much relieved sleeps
The redness of the shy, rosy lips
The cosiness of the abundant wealth
The matching rhythm of the life’s rhyme
The smooth gait of the unceasing Time,
Appear sombre, missing, that’s not due.

I am THIS & much more with you
And lesser than dust without you
For my heart & mind & soul
Is NOT just about you

They ARE you!

My Beauteous Goddess of Nirvana 😘❤💋

A Goddess that sits before me,
She doesn’t need to be draped in the choicest of ornaments to look divine,
Scantily dressed, the fabric runs in thin threads, leaving nothing to imagination,
I undo her necklaces and piece by piece, discard her amulets,
With invigorating receptivity, she taunts me to touch her more,
To kiss her everywhere.

I squeeze her breasts,
Not for lust,
But out of devotion,
So soft and tender,
It’s incomparable to everything else,
She makes me worship her,
Converts me to her staunch follower,
The flower that she is,
She blooms just for me,
A nectar that seeps from between her thighs,
The finest of wines that gets you tipsy in the first sip.

I fall in her delicate arms,
She pulls me in closer and holds me next to her chest,
With eyes closed and snuggling into her,
Not for foreplay,
I just want to see what it feels like,
To be accepted by the most decorated deity,
To seek sanctuary in the gates of heaven.

The sweat that drips off of her lascivious body,
I bathe in the water of her drenched hair,
Even her impurities are an oasis,
Mixing bodily fluids, she makes me clean,
Not to make love,
But to purify myself,
To cleanse my soul in her surreal presence.

With water that’s more pure than Ganga,
She caresses me with her milky fingers,
Letting me into her sacred forest,
Giving me respite by casting her beguiling shadow over me,
I’m so attuned to her needs,
Just the slightest of touches from her transports me to the highest Elysiums.

PS – To My Goddess, My Life, My Oxygen, My Soulmate, My Jaan, My Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Everything.


Creators of the blueprint of a luscious goddess.

Elegant, a fusion of perfect curves.

Her bosom an hourglass tickling with natures perfection.

A crescendo of mountains scenery sits her lips, her smile radiates the morning golden rays.

Mermaid she is wasp-waisted, glossy glass skin…

Juxtaposing her Syrup sweet lips…

When she whispers it like the rush of a flowing stream…

Don’t be fooled an avalanche she is…

Drowning your desires.

Seeded lips with love, so Valentine’s hearts are not required.

Her tears are treasures of love, empathy, and sympathy, so no more temporary pleasures are required.

She gyrates with an air of certainty unfolding the crux of an enigmatic storyline…

A Medusa of unoiled hair stoning beyond imagination.

Her voice is alluring beguiling every heart who lust….

But then that’s her way of confronting this world of mystery…

Perfect crafted teeth of a master sculptor…

Lips adore in crimson the bombs fruit envy…

Navel deeply welled in Bermuda pits…

She sways gracefully with the burden of her hips.

Her breast hung full and tight unto her coconut tree in rhythmic Dance with each wave.

A creator’s first effort in a way of a perfect Goddess…

So lost in lust…

Endless with time.

PS – To My Goddess, My Life, My Oxygen, My Soulmate, My Jaan, My Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Everything.


The most beautiful goddess on the earth leaning against a white wall
in a moment that was never before seen in the entirety of the cosmos
As an unforeseen gust of wind touched her glowing face where it died
Spellbound, a thousand cosmic eyes keep falling before her
As her incandescent red lips tremble in her ardor
And behind her closed eyes there is a moment burning in the flames of a late autumn rain
Oh that sweet pain oozing from her arching eyebrows
A sudden tremor in her body crackles at the wall
As she parted her lips
Entering into those red flames of her lips are the honeyed drops of rain
that in this moment remain glowing in its immortal white heat even if the sun has fallen
Drenching the wall in red
As the most beautiful goddess on the earth opens her eyes and moves the earth as if it is at her command

PS : To My Gorgeous Goddess Wife, My Aaradhya, My Ravishing Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Heavenly Jaan, My Pretty Princess of the Paradise, My Soulmate, My Owner, My Master, My Everything.


She wore her body like the crown on a red thorny rose, shimmering on the ocean, reflected in silver bright light.. the moon spreads open for her. I am sharpening my senses.. I see her walking on the water toward the frightening depths in elegant and sensual movements.. My eyes awake… Delightful she swings to the darkest place and the only thing I see is her .. her shadow as seductive, like a gaze burning so hard her beauty I freeze down to nothing. Awake to all. I wake like an animal. Wild and out of control. I want her.. I need all my forces not to drown in her moves.. Her hair is playing with her body.. her dress is falling. I am shut down..exploding. Fire all around me..inside me.. I can not stand still.. I lose my control.. my head spins.. I run wild.. there’s nothing around me I notice.. she whispers… I shiver.. dark desires wake inside..How can she be this cruel to me..teasing my intuition to the core.. she smiles.. my body shakes .. my teeth are baring.. my thirst tasted blood .. grows in waves.. my pupils open…to see all of her.. I become the need to devour her.. I need to taste her.. I am out of my senses.. I run ..I swim.. I drown.. I climb.. I am not losing my eyes of her.. I want her.. she’s all that is existing.. my veins show up through my skin.. my blood boils .. it’s heat is making me become a wild beast craving her.. I smell her.. my full strength is showing.. her softness.. I need to lick taste soft she is.. sweet and the most beautiful prey…she’s my holy grail. My air..she is full of all I need.. the more I am .. the closer I am.. she is moving her lips.. what does she say.. my brain doesn’t work anymore.. she’s there.. with open lips.. I cannot stop falling inside of them.. my fingers.. my juice.. it’s mine.. for all that I know.. now it’s all or nothing.. I am fuller than I ever was.. she moves.. I ache.. her legs snuggle up against their own soft silk .. how come her skin shines so bright…what a beast she is .. she deserves to feel my strength wrapping around her.. my hands need to tame her sharp teasingful mouth.. she must be tortured by me.. ruled and taken..
I become so full.. I want her more than I want myself
My strength takes over.. I am in front of her.. disturbing her provoking dance.. she’s lustfully aching..I am in…more than she is but that’s her game….her gaze is making me losing control.. In front of her… out of breath…I grab her arm on her wrist.. too tight.. she’s feeling it.. I pull her close to my body..I stop breathing for a while.. gazing at her.. her chest is moving so radiant.. her breasts are moving for me.. dancing… she’s insane of doing this to me.. she’s in fear.. in delightful, irritating fear, aroused….her cheeks brighten for me.. her breath does’t calm down.. our bodies collide in rythm and waves.. I take her .. she is mine.. she will feel it.. I will make sure she does. I will show her what it’s like to be mine.. my thumb is sliding and this is all that I will do.. along her skin.. her jaw.. her chin.. down… along her middle..I want her to pay for making me this wild.. I want her to be mine.. she needs to be mine.. her breath is not enough.. her taste is making me so hard I need to make her feel me.. I need to let her know me.. she’s so fine in my arms .. honey and vine … how she moves.. she is roped by my gaze…my lips.. my demand.. she’s exploring.. I need to feel her breaking will…. she needs to be my softest petals.. my nurturing nectar.. I bring her closer to me.. she’s aware .. she is becoming a language of moans and breaths.. of my power… the way she moves.. she shakes…I am taking all of her.. and I hope it’s not just a dream.

PS – To My Goddess, My Life, My Oxygen, My Soulmate, My Jaan, My Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Everything.


She is an illusion!
The celestial emperor’s beloved beauty!
She was emanated from the veiled conflagration of truth [somewhere in the royal palace]
Her luminosity will outrun the beauty of the moon!
{Life always respects her because she is the essence of life}
Even her shadow will tempt my soul!
My eyes cannot handle the power of her beauty!
Her Midas touch will heal the wounds of the universe!
She has that secret! Yes! She has that, the road to immortality.
Trying to possess her equals the dual with Sun!
My heart’s beats are blistering [for a pious beauty]
My lips crave [to portray her]
My soul is breathlessly captivated [by the mirage of her beauty]
I decided to portray her with the magic of words!
Enchanting Beauty!
She is the celestial perfection! She is the celestial emperor’s flower! [She is sprightly lithe dancing in the hands of the zephyr]
After this, I have adored her with many words!
No words could depict that deity of beauty!
[It’s an injustice to her]
No metaphors and personification could outrun her beauty! [Disgusted with myself]
No words could compensate her beauty! [Beauty beyond words]
Universe’s first Beauty!
She cannot not be compared with a woman [ordinary woman] she cannot not disrated to an ideal [mere human]
I began to imagine her profound!
My heart is being dragged into the ocean of temptation!
She captivated my eyes, dragged my soul into abyss, abyss of miracle.
[She illuminated my nights with the wine of hope]

PS : To My Gorgeous Goddess Wifey, My Aaradhya, My Ravishing Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Heavenly Jaan, My Pretty Princess of the Paradise, My Soulmate, My Owner, My Master, My Everything.