Looking into her eyes
Her eyes her eyes
I drown in her deep pools of blue that shine brighter than a thousand suns
Blinding me by her immense radiance
Immediately my living hell turns into paradise
The fire in her eyes full of a sought after passion by all mankind
Here I am caught in her mesmerizing glance
An everlasting glance
Everything vanishes except for this divine apparition
That imprisons me and frees me at the same time
The sight of her beauty
Stirring passions juices
A taste of eternity
My heart thumping rapidly in my chest

Every cell in my body dances with pleasure

This Goddess that walked into my life
Her eyes her eyes
They were on fire and yet soft is her gaze
Sets my body ablaze
I knew in an instant I would allow her to burn all my desires
Melting away my yesterdays and tomorrow’s
Except my desire for this, this tall slender elegant sexual Goddess
standing before me
This divine feminine
I would bow to I would honor
For eternity
I was under her spell
She could tell
Her full lucious lips moist like the morning dew
Temptingly partially apart

I wanted to place my mouth upon

The sight of her luscious
curvaceous breasts peering out from her ravaging low cut elegant red velvet dress
Weakens my entire body
And yet I never felt so alive
By this stunning beauty
This Goddess of Heaven
Sent from Heaven itself
Her well defined waist I wanted to hold
To pull her close
To feel her against me
To touch her
Everything vanished except my desire to caress this delicate
creature with the inner strength of a raging lion
I wanted her more than I’ve wanted anyone more than anything
The love she awakened in me
I would embrace forever

Our lips meet

Softly softly
Full on
My love for this Goddess deeper than an ocean
I wanted to make her mine
An impossible dream
However, I still dreamed
Our love stripped us bare
Standing in our nakedness
We wanted to share
In an intimacy so rare
Pleasuring each other
In nights candle light
Swimming in loves sweetness
A union of infinite delight.


My Voluptuous Curvaceous Bombshell Goddess ❤😍😘

The Bewitching Beauty

She is the sum total of life.

She is the embodiment of human kindness and compassion.

She is the manifestation of the positive vibes hovering around this world.

She transcends above all barriers, boundaries, bridles and controls to propagate the fragrance of her inner sweetness to all around.

She reaches that domain of elevation which can be termed as blissful state of affairs.

She defines what is beauty in this world.

Her physical structures can be described as simply scintillating to say the least.

She is the amalgamation of worldly attractiveness and Godly elegance.

She is a numero uno sensation living in the face of this world.

She is the best wonder in the world than the wonderful aspects of this world.

She stands redeemed as the touchstone of supplness and delicacy.

A Goddess of tremendous physical features and mental vibrancy.

To you,the eternal bow of respectability.

I love you so so much, and I’ll love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.

PS – To My Goddess, My Life, My Oxygen, My Oxygen, My Soulmate, My Jaan, My Queen, My Luscious Lioness, My Everything.


Beatific Beauty ❤

Ah! Looking at your ravishing and bewitching beauty

The Moon at times may develop a green-eyed anxiety

The Rose may bashfully and disgracefully blush

The mad hearts may for you pine for, tumble and toss!

Ah! Glancing at your maddening and intoxicating beauty:

My senses sense well your enjoyable significance sweetie

My stationary feet run faster even than a super-sonic flight

The gloomy alleys of my life receive much radiating light!

Ah! Glimpsing at your golden and enrapturing beauty

I roam, in the realm of oblivion, O my dearest cutie,

I yearn so much to suck greedily your love-honey as a butterfly;

Yes, to catch hold of your attention I may bid the world a goodbye!

Ah! To be blessed to make you mine, and to be your very own

I will blissfully long for longer than many an exasperating eon!


Rapture ❤

Her hair, a molten red sunrise
Illuminating her lustrous skin.
Her smile, a halo shine where heaven lies
Rising from her angelic complexion,
Bejeweled with rapture blue eyes.

Her impish figure with wasp waist
Flows like a river’s curves.
A slow current without haste,
That cascades and swerves.
No curve misplaced.

Kisses light the skies
With her narcotic lips.
She can hypnotize
With her psychodelic hips,
And her radiant thighs.

And the attributes that captivates
Holding my attentions span
First her eyes their delicate lines
Then the softness of her hands
In those moments we collide

Hand in hand, body and soul
We intertwine becoming whole
I taste her in her prime
Her fire, her need, her desire
Each drop fuels our lust
Each second builds with each thrust.


Ethereal Beauty ❤

Eyes that see beyond pretence,
Reflective pools of emotion, tender and censuring in turn.
Lips that smile to lift your spirits and
a heart that beats in time with the universe.
Arms that form a protective haven for the slumbering infant
And sometimes a steadfast hold for a
Despairing mate.
A form that is ethereal
And alluringly beyond the reach
of a greedy grasp.
Your beauty beyond compare,
A fascinating creature who brings light and mystery, solace and trepidation.
Who can fathom what forms your core?
You are a woman, the font from which life springs forth.



My Moon Goddess: The Mirage of Heaven ❤😍😘

How beautifully deceitful is the moon?
Alluring us & bringing with tales of eternal romance in one moment
Only to break our hearts in the next moment
Shining a light to make my lover’s breasts more attractive,
Only to take them away! Such contradictory tales that warm & anger the soul:

The Moon of my life.
The Moon came to the night’s celebration dressed as a bride
I don’t know if beauty is absolute or relative but a goddess I love is always the most beautiful woman in the entire universe. Power of my goddess lies in her gentle touch, her breath, her smile, her essence, her whole femininity.
A lotus is beautiful even if it is in the midst of muck; the blemish on the moon, despite its darkness, only highlights the moon’s lustre; her simple bark attire only enhances the loveliness of this maiden.Indeed, what will not serve as a decoration for something that is intrinsically beautiful?

The moon
Bringing me in the arms
Of a newlywed bride
Just a bit wavy
Drops of Ganga
dripping from the hair
Binding vermilion shining
like saffron
With a mix of a blush
that is unique to her cheeks

The moon
Bringing forth salacious vampires
Bloodthirsty for her flesh
Swelling pale necks with milk-white teeth up & down
Ready to “pounce”
To spice up lush
Like rose-colored flesh

The moon
Showering such hypnotic moonlight
That all famish is gone
No matter how lavish the meal
Shunned by the stomach
Imprisoned in the refrigerator
Next to the dark chocolate
Blushing like the reddest cherry

The moon
Lying under the dirty covers
Null at its best
In between the virgin destinies of soft palms
Fallen deep in depths
Not unlike the nightly dose
Of the blue tablet

The moon
Reminding me of the isolation
Producing roar-like screams
The naked walls…one more ugly reminder
Full of anguish
Pouring out en masse
Now in the form
of tears of blood
The increment of those found
In a newborn baby

The moon
Bringing forth the darkness of agony
Waterfall tears to drench the sand
Taking the ever restless turns
Rolling in the eternal screams of anxiety
Breaking piece by piece

The moon
Now also targeting
The depressed angel
Soaring in isolation with a broken wing
Barely hanging on
Burned by with the fire of torment as shiny as golden beans
Left to rot…who can comprehend such pain
But a jackfruit robbed of its taste?

This is the moon & its moonlight
Putting illusions of romance in the fairytales
To destroy the realities of our hearts…forever!


My Dear Goddess ❤

She is a goddess
the earth
Each words she speaks
A divine birth

She the sea
A serene wave
The holy water
My body craves

She is fire
divine art
Igniting passion
In my heart

She is air
Not meant to be
My projected love
Is dust

She is beauty
Quintessence divine
An Eden
My heart can’t defy

Devotion in her words
Her present silence

Who am I to deserve her love
To be her slave, would be

Her scared scent
Makes be ramble and rave

I am proud to be her slave.

PS – To my goddess, my love